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  1. Thanks the Emperor. I had no idea how much of a mental process I would go through after getting this done. Part of me is really glad that I did. Happy in fact. Ecstatic even !! Its really forced me to face my demons. To find the courage to walk about with my head held high and to re=examine what's important in life. I have to remember how afraid and isolated I felt before. How low my self esteem and confidence was. The anxiety is reducing now. I have listened to what you have said and it has really helped. Thank you sir.
  2. Another photo. Sorry guys cant seem to upload more than one photo per message.
  3. Heres an after shot. Couldnt seem to upload two photos to last message
  4. This is going to sound weird to some of you but I almost didnt have my transplant done last year because I was worried what people would think about it. Well I did have it done and the results are amazing. I have soo much more hair but now I am paranoid that the people I work with are laughing at me behind my back. I work in different places each week and it seems that the people that have never really payed me much attention haven't noticed which helps me relax. But others that I see on a regular basis must have noticed.I am beginnin to think that eevrybody knows Ive had it done even complete strangers when walking down the street. I think I am being totally irrational due to anxiety. Anybody else felt like this? Perhaps if I attach some photos you guys would tell me what you think? Ironically i think it looks very natural, an excellent job just a big difference compared to before. Anxiety is awful. Here is some before and after. I think I just need to adjust to the change and be happy with the excellent results really. It does looks good. Love to hear your comments.
  5. Hey thanks for the reply !! I guess that the density achieved from strip work so far at least from the results I have seen on the internet is much better than the FUE procedure. The hair loss that I will suffer in the future is the hair that runs from the front of my hair line all the way to the back. Imagine Phil Collins. This native hair when it disappears will possibly need more grafts than fue can deliver. And also because this hair is in a very prominent position, I would need to get the best density possible there too. Its food for thought. I was thinking fue for the crown as this area is less visible and keep a strip procedure in the bag for later when the more prominent hair falls out. Thoughts?
  6. Hi guys I am on my third hair transplant. I had 1500 grafts in the UK and 4000 grafts in Canada. All of these grafts were placed at the hairline and a little further back. I am only two months in on my '4000' grafts procedure and still waiting for the results. Fingers crossed. My question relates to the crown area which has never received any grafts. Just years of minoxidil and finasteride but no growth has occurred. I hear that 8000 grafts is the average figure for the most number of grafts available from a human head. I have used up 5500 grafts which leaves me 2500. I was wondering if the best surgical plan would be to keep these 2500 grafts for further strip surgeries for future loss at the vertex of the head and harvest grafts using FUE for the crown. Is this possible? Can Fue give me more than 8000 grafts? I am confused. Any help much appreciated.
  7. Anyone recommend a botox alternative to wrinkles especially forehead wrinkles? Thanks
  8. Anyone recommend a botox alternative to wrinkles especially forehead wrinkles? Thanks
  9. Thanks guys. I guess nobody knows where you can get minoxidil without pg. Thanks to Bill though re the suggestion of Rogaine foam. I have to tell you the Rogaine with the the glycol is soooooo unbearable. Itchy beyond anything. I have read bad reports about the foam somewhere but I will start my research again on it and clarify things. Cheers Bill and all who replied.
  10. From what I understand your grafts are not solidly in place to at least 4 days to 11 days post op. Each report varies on this but not the day after me thinks IMO
  11. Any one know where I can Minoxidil without Propylene Glycol apart from Dr Lee? I have ordered from him before but the order always gets lost in transit. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Check out Dr Rahal in Canada. I have yet to find a bad word about him. I went there. Great work. Forget the UK. Seriously.