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  1. Thanks mate! I notice some issues, but it's so minor compared to what it would've been like had I not made the visit. I have noticed all the TP hair in the center retains natural color far more than the sides. My sides are now almost completely gray naturally. I wonder if that means Lorenzo picked hair for the color and health or if it's some sort of side effect. Or simple aging I suppose. Nope, I haven't noticed anything related to the donor areas. There's a thin channel up my temple if I don't arrange my hair a certain way. That's again a minor thing.
  2. Oh she loves it -- sort of takes it for granted now. She does pay for all my haircuts though!
  3. Looks great! He's quite the wizard. How different was the second trip? I was contemplating one more visit to him someday.
  4. Great results! I too remember Lorenzo's taste for heavy metal, ha! He was a working-machine doing so much each day and into the evening. I also had the hairline conversation and thought his original line was wrong. And hey, he proved me wrong because I'm happy with 99% of the results.
  5. And here are some shots later that month after a haircut.
  6. It's been awhile since I posted. Here's shots from May of 2018. I'll get some shots from this year, although it hasn't really changed since then. I'm always happy with the results, even when I have "bad hair" days. You can see from some shots my crown is thin if I brush it forward. The only other thing of note is the hairline on the front right. It can sometimes look like a too-perfect edge. However I'm nitpicking on overall great results.
  7. Here's some random shots from April. I'll take new pictures in the next week or so to mark my 1-year mark! Another messy shot for texture depth and growth Combed back Combed back Combed back After another hair cut After hair cut
  8. Here are shots from last Nov-Dec 2016 when I hit my 6-month mark. I also dyed my hair for the first time. Hair dye in Rinsed and wet Rinsed and wet Combed and wet Combed and wet Dried and fuzzy Dried and fuzzy (blurry)
  9. I'll post some photos in the next couple of weeks to mark my 1 year anniversary! I'll also include some pictures from my 6 month mark.
  10. Here's week 24, halfway through Month 5. There's another cycle of growth with smaller hair coming up. This should help add more density to hide the scalp under bright top lights. I've also included a topdown photo from the day of the procedure to now.
  11. This was my first professional haircut in years. I have a formal event soon and needed some taming. The HT was left pretty much alone. It was only my regular sides taken down. This will also be the first time most people I work with will see me without a hat. It'll be interesting! More than once my wife has said she's really impressed with the results. The stylist did a good job. A little Toppik and hair goop can mask the scalp with some style while I wait for more to grow in the next months. I do not have any Toppik concealer in any of these photos. I also dyed my hair for the f
  12. A lot of growth this past month. It looks solid from the front. From the top down or under sunlight the new areas aren't dense enough to hide scalp. You can still see the outline of my head in the front when looking at the side. Hopefully more density will appear in the coming months. I thought months 4-6 was when most of the new hair grows. At the start of the 4th month, I have what I was expecting with one procedure so I'm curious what will happen later this year. My scalp is no longer numb. There's still some tint to it. I've been actively out without a hat and sticking my he
  13. Sorry... I just saw this post! I'm using Photoshop and some elbow Google Image search grease. Find a hair style you like then take a photo of yourself at the same angle as a starting point. FYI, I just took my 4 month photos and will organize them for posting soon. Before and after my first profession haircut in years.
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