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  1. I have decided to prospone the surveys for 6 to 12 months to look into it more. I want a good surgeon, but money is a factor. I something think it might be worth taking a bit of a risk, if I can have surgery done for 6k ish rather than 12k plus. I really want it done in the uk. I may look into who is both good and cheap to do it.
  2. Ok you make a good point. I was eager to have it done quick as now is a good time work wise, but maybe I should delay it and research it better. If I can get it done in Spain or wherever at a good price, but by a well known surgeon, then I guess I would be happier than taking a risk. That said, Dr Diaz could be fine. Something to think about for sure. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the comments. I have talked to a few of the popular surgeons and no doubt these people are good, but the treatment will cost approx 12k as opposed to the 5.5k I have been quoted for 2000 grafts. I can get cheaper but I have now met Dr Diaz and he seems nice and knowledgable. He is experienced at FUE and has a plastic surgery / dermatology background. I don’t believe there is any way I can truly find out if he is good or not, but in balancing price against hopefully a good result, I am tempted to go with him. Am still thinking, but I really want to have the surgery soon, so will hold out a few more days just in case anyone has experience of him.
  4. Thanks. He is definitely not new. I have read that he has been doing them for several years, but that does not suggest he is good at it. I was hoping someone must have had Fue done by him. He works UK wide , but mainly in london, manchester and Birmimgham
  5. I am currently in discussions to have FUE treatment (2000 grafts) with Dr Camilo Diaz. I am going it through Elite Hair Restoration based in Birmingham, but he also works for a few other companies and locations in the UK, including Birmingham City Hospital. Does anyone know if he is any good at FUE procedures? I am looking to have my hair done at his Leamington Spa surgery. I can not find reviews of him anywhere, so if anyone knows anything, I would very much welcome your comments. Many thanks Brum1980
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