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  1. My hair is super fine but as long as you let it grow and don't have it thinned when cut it'll end up looking like Pitt's after enough cycles! Kind of an amusing problem to have on a HT forum, "hmm, I think i'd like to grow my hair out to look like Brad Pitt's" 😁
  2. Extremely happy for you. You must feel like a new man; you certainly look like one. All the best and congratulations to both you and the clinic.
  3. Looks fairly loosely tied. I think (though am by no means an authority!) that traction alopecia, assuming that's more or less what you're referring to, is only really a risk when the hair is tied very tightly and is kept in said state repeatedly over an extended period. Wouldn't have thought this hairstyle (regardless of it being on HT'd hair) would put you at much risk.
  4. Yup. I brought this up in a thread presented by the clinic and was told I was enacting some sort of agenda against the surgeon. Best of luck to OP and completely agree with JLDD and others that H&W will more than likely set you straight!
  5. Looks like great work. Completely transformed his look with a modest graft count. Job done!
  6. I completely agree that it's OP's prerogative to decide to not take medication. Saying that it's wrong to even mention it though, seems a bit ridiculous to say the least. It's my opinion, I was merely offering some fairly logical advice. Best of luck to OP whatever he decides.
  7. Killer starting point. If this grows in as expected you should be in for a treat! I know you say you have never taken medication but I would highly recommend considering it. You're having a fairly aggressive frontal restoration at only 30 y/o, you want to retain the result (not to mention the rest of your hair) for as long as possible! Add to that the fact that, based on my own anecdotal observations, cases where the PT has a significant amount of miniaturising hair at the outset benefit tremendously from the use of meds.
  8. Said this quite a few times on this site, but I couldn't disagree more. The hairline is not ultra-aggressive (and even if it were significantly lower I don't think it would look 'weird'). I see guys on the street at his age with hair like this reasonably frequently. When I see them I don't think: 'lol must be a HT'; I think: 'lucky bastard, good for you!'. Does having a great head of hair into your 50s put you in the minority? Probably. Does it set alarm bells ringing about possible cosmetic surgery? Definitely not. This work is so refined that I (and I suspect almost no one else) wo
  9. Just watched the videos, pretty good presentation from him. Such a pity he spent 5500 grafts considering his original loss but he definitely has the result he was looking for, now.
  10. If you're not having any adverse reaction to the meds in the form of side effects, stay the course. I'm confident your hair will bounce back! I went through various sheds/cycles (been taking generic for ~4 years, my thread/pics in my profile story) which, although not as noticeable due to having good hair when I started, definitely impacted overall density. Four years down the road (pics of mine are 1/3 years after starting) I don't regret starting and sticking to fin for a moment, and can't help but wonder how much worse my hair would have been if I hadn't stuck it out. I don't know whe
  11. Interesting approach/case Gast! My personal opinion on the "next step" would be to go with option 2 with either Feriduni or Konior (personally I think choosing Konior is about as close as one can get to guaranteeing oneself a great result!). That said, if you are happy to proceed in smaller steps then why fix what ain't broken? All the best, whatever you decide.
  12. I do not wish to discourage you and I certainly hope I am proved completely wrong, but that looks like an awfully large surface area to cover with only 2500 grafts. Given the aggressiveness of the design it would need to be quite dense to maintain a natural appearance, imo. All the best! Edit: I should add the caveat that it's sometimes difficult to tell (for me, at least! I'm sure the Dr. is far more capable :p) when transplanting around existing hair exactly how much of an impact that may have on the number of grafts required, so I could be completely wrong!
  13. Admittedly he'd look older, but the guy in the thumbnail would look like a proper alpha if he shaved his head and ditched the piercings. Looks like kind of a dork with that system
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