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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Paul Shapiro
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    Rogaine Foam
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  1. Thanks, Curious! I whole heartedly agree w/ the DrK comment -- I trust his word to the highest degree. I entered this thread seeking chest->scalp knowledge, and I believe I've gotten quite a bit more out of the comments here. Appreciate everyone's input! At this time, I would prefer to have an in-person consult with DrK again, to perform a thorough evaluation to determine how much of the mid / crown is txp hairs today + thoughts on the quality of my chest / beard hair, prior to scheduling another procedure. There's only so much detail you can obtain via photos/email. Despit
  2. Interesting. That's a fair contrast to some of the other opinions in here. Based on how it feels when growing it out (it's not always this short), I believe it to be borderline. That said, I believe I could still extract *some* and be happy, but need to plan accordingly. Appreciate the input.
  3. I’d like to pick your brain a bit: - where on your scalp did you have your chest grafts placed? - How many 1’s vs 2’s were you able to extract? - have you experienced any “recipient influence” (chest hairs taking on characteristics of the surrounding scalp hairs) over time? - any noticeable visual difference between scalp & chest hair now that it’s transplanted? - how long can those hairs grow now? - do you have a thread/photos strictly showing the chest hair results? (I.e., did you have a strictly-chest session & have before / after photos of it)? -
  4. curious about this as well, but also want to provide some add'l context on the photo: this was wet + i combed everything vertically "up" + was in direct sunlight (basically: the worst of the worst of the worst for a photo op..which was the intention) i believe that the other 2 photos in that post were not wet or spiked up though.
  5. Mind defining homogenous depletion? I've seen the term tossed around a few times here now, but not 100p on what this means.
  6. early 2015, then late 2016 🤷‍♂️ EDIT: you think I still have 1k left?
  7. No doubt. And the 2nd procedure was performed at a nicely reduced rate (essentially subtracting the cost of what they agreed should have been the expected growth from the initial procedure). In that sense, they handled the post-op situation well, but obviously I'm not overly happy with the final results. We didn't chat about a 2nd refund.
  8. proc 1: no bridge 1k frontal few hundred crown few hundred between your blue and green line + mid-scalp proc2: no bridge 1200 frontal 800 crown -> area between your blue and green line proc3: 350 crown proc4: 350 frontal it's not exactly clear what my growth yield was from proc 1 & proc 2, but i ultimately ended not where I should have been at that point. imo, I got more from konior's 2 small procedures than I did from the other 2 large ones. i'm not sure the policy on calling out surgeo
  9. did a full gamut of photos (wet/dry sunlight/flash/no-flash) yesterday and the repeat pattern I noticed was the thinning in mid-scalp. This terrifies me like crazy because it would be pretty bad if i end up with frontal, no mid, bridge, no crown. I really need to plan accordingly and I believe that the only way to do so is to have an in-depth evaluation to determine where I have txp hair vs non-txp hairs today. I'm pretty scared knowing that my donor capacity is running on fumes tbh. A small FUE (300-500) could be the way, potentially combined w/ chest (even if the transection rate is much
  10. i'm unsure what's typical, but fwiw, i found another chest photo with short stubbs and it looks like I have a pretty decent number of 2's...I'm torn. I'd like to see Dr.K in-person, but current climate makes that difficult.
  11. Mirroring the rest of the group -- would not advise a procedure at this point. Why not take Rogaine alongside the PRP?
  12. Just took a look at your journey...you've had some AMAZING results. I get jealous every time I see someone with results like yours. Well done! 350/350 may be a viable option. I'll need to compromise in some way -- whether that means dipping further into the sides of my head, rolling the dice w/ chest hairs, or accepting thinness... my REAL concern is that I don't know how much growth may/may not be on my scalp from my first 2 procedures. I know it wasn't great (and I get angry every time I think about it, but am also grateful for what I have today). That unknown could mean some not-so
  13. chest hair (not great lighting on photos w/o flash): beard hair:
  14. also worth noting, i have a visibly weak spot in the mid-frontal region today which becomes apparent when floating hair back:
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