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  1. EDIT: If there's anyone in the San Diego area that has had FUT done, I'd like to meet you regardless if your surgeon was Dr Carmen or not. Thanks.
  2. Hey there, I've been researching HT for some time and I live in San Diego. I've consulted with Dr Carmen a couple times now and I'm thinking of going ahead with a procedure. My main hangup at this point is that I've never knowingly met anyone that has had a HT so I haven't been able to see it with my own eyes and get an honest opinion from someone in person. In order to trust this whole process, I want to see the results with my own eyes. I'd like to find someone in the San Diego area (or within driving distance) that has had a procedure with Dr. Timothy Carmen and meet them to discuss their opinion of the surgeon and look at their results first hand. I will gladly pay anyone one that's interested in meeting me for their time. Thank you very much.