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  1. That’s bcs I had fue implanted within the scar as well as smp. The scar was bad prior. Dr. Soni was the surgeon and i don’t recommend him, at all. Btw, pics never show the truth. Reason I never trust before/after pics anymore. Scar is very noticeable under harsh lights.
  2. Hey guys, Has anyone thought of doing skin tightening (face lift surgery) on the back of the head to further camouflage a thin FUT scar? Reason is, when I stretch the skin on the back of my head, the linear scar almost goes away completely. It gets rid of the excess skin by pulling, making the scar even more flat and look even more like native skin (my scar now is flat/thin and as good as it gets with smp, but pulling my skin makes it look even better). For those that are more informed, does this make sense? Where would the new much smaller scars go? Pics below show my scar as is, then me pulling up my skin (in pics it looks better without me pulling but trust me, looks much better pulled in person). Thanks in advanvce
  3. Yes those are shockloss, I had exact same. Unfortunately mine never grew back
  4. That is true, my problem is on the 1 month mark it looks so bad where I can’t focus at work (no hats and working with many females). Not only do I worry about the sparse spiky looking top, I worry about the scar on the back of my head. This is why I can’t get through a month without buzzing it off again. I’ll probably wait until I can take some vacation time and try to grow it out then. I just wish there were hair transplant guys that can show their hair short and long (I’m sure it’ll be hard for them to do and it’s asking a lot). But all I see are before and after pics of them, so hard to gauge where I stand.
  5. Everytime I do try to grow it out, after 1month it looks so sparse and the hairs stick up making me look like a chia pet with diffuse thinning so I end up buzzing again with a 1 guard or 0 guard at times. My friends tell me if I let it grow out for 3 to 6 months it won’t stick straight up and I can comb it back and layer for thickening effect. I know my crown is too thin, but what do you guys think of my hairline/mid scalp? Thick enough to grow out? It’s hard to commit with my job, but if I know it’s worth it I’ll suck it up. The pic with the shower curtain in the back is a side shot (not sure why it tilted). But you can see how sparse it looks from that shot. Pictures contain different lengths of my hair, they’re either a #1 or #2 clipper guard.
  6. Has anyone gotten this done this with great success? Preferably those that keeps their hair short (#1 or #2 clipper length). Ive seen many doctor post their results, but I don’t trust their advertisement pics (bright harsh lighting before pics to dim lighting after pics). From my experience, any hairtrabsolant can look good in pics from certain angles and lighting. Sneaky! Pictures and/or honest review would be appreciated. I’ve had smp done on my scar, which helped a lot IF it’s buzzed with a 0 guard since I have shockloss under the scar. I like a bit of length. Below are pics of my scar buzzed with 0guard and one with maybe 2guard. Scar looks great in pics and huge improvement from pre-smp but they’re still very noticeable under bright lights. Any advice recommendation is welcomed.
  7. Been trying to contact dr Nader for years now, since early 2016 and he never replies. Multiple emails and phone calls ignored
  8. Thanks for the reply. 1. Yes the scar is only 5 months old, will I not be able to do an SMP in a month or two before the event I have to attend? (The first picture is right after a buzz which made the scar a little more red due to irritation. Second picture is a week after a buzz) 2. I do have fue scars from about 20months ago, and few from 5 months ago. 3. I usually buzz my head with a 0 guard, not shave. Let me know what you think, Thanks again!
  9. Hello, I had an fut procedure done about 5months ago and I'm looking to get my scar camouflaged so I can continue my buzzed style. I'm hoping to get this done in the next month or two for a big event. Few questions; 1. What is a rough estimate price range I'm looking at paying? 2. Any recommended technicians near North Carolina? (Trying to get mine done by Matt Iulo in NY but I hear it's tough to get scheduled with him?) 3. Does my scar look like a good candidate for smp? Below are pictures of my scar, please let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advance!
  10. Yes plan is to get maximum density in frontal and thinner as it gets to crown. My main objective is for it to blend from crown to frontal, getting thicker as it goes to front. I'll get some hairs transplanted on crown and start using rogaine on it.
  11. Thanks California, I'll see what they can do with my bhp and beard, those are very limited as well unfortunately (Asian with barely any body hair with semi average beard). That's probably best if they can mix body hair with it. Thanks!
  12. Thanks John! I'm able to afford the procedures by going overseas. My next one won't be as cheap as my first but I'm still able to save money going that route. And thanks for your help with the archives! -Toby
  13. Not sure yet, I was looking into Dr. Bhatti as I find his work to be top notch and great customer service. I have a few others in mind, I'll find out for sure around July.
  14. Haha agreed, once I'm about 40yrs of age I may just buzz the top short similar to a military cut. But at least by then I'll have a defined hairline and somewhat thick frontal (hopefully). I just want to enjoy life again, it sucks seeing my peers go to the beach worry free while I stay in the hotel. May sound vain but my hair used to be one of my stronger assets and I took pride in it. Next thing I know it's my worse lol. If I can get that thickness back for even 6 years it would mean the world to me. Once again thank you for your input, I hope Our next procedure goes well!