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  1. So, should we expect a response or proper action soon?
  2. He did not change his mind, he just never had intentions of doing fue. Upon arrival to his clinic, before I even spoke to him, I was brought into a group orientation (10 other people in the room looking to get hair transplant). He spent a good amount of his lecture talking about how much better fut is. How it’s a far better solution for re-growth. He didn’t give different scenarios of different people or hairloss type, he literally just talked about how much better FUT is and ALL the positives of fut. He speaks to me in person an hr later, tells me he’s NOT biased to FUT, right off the bat, but jumps right into saying how much happier id be with fut and I’d regret doing fue....
  3. I didn’t notice he needed my permission to give his side, but that’s fine if he posts here. I take the most responsibilty on this, reason I’m so ashamed of the scar (bcs I gave in, making me feel weak). Why did I suddenly agree to fut (after rejecting 3-4 times), well I was pressured. That’s the point of this thread. He made me second guess fue bcs he said I’d be unhappy with results. I said to myself, well he’s suggested dr, I should trust his opinion. This is where I messed up, trusting him after going with my instinct throughout the day rejecting his “suggestion”. I sent the emails to the moderator, no talk of fut was done. All that was agreed on was fue. The fact that I had to say no to FUT, 4x in a span of 9hrs in his clinic in itself was ridiculous. He literally said he can do 2k fue but I would regret it, I did not care and told him fue only. He then proceeds with the following 1. You will not be happy, you flew all this way to go home unhappy. (I reject his offer) 2 few hrs later”he brings in his past patient” calls me down, see this, this will be you if you do fut. you won’t be happy with fue, I’m not biased to fut but you won’t be happy (I reject his offer). 3. Calls me down again, he tells me he’ll give me until tonight to make up my mind and that he’ll call me downstairs for my answer, then mentions once again I’ll be unhappy with 2k fue. (I reject once again) 4. Brings me downstairs, his family is with him. Both his What i assume wife and him tells me if I’m ready for my fut (jokingly), his wife as well agreeing with him. They sit there in the lounge just waiting with wife and kids, this is where I agreed (foolishly). Why would I do fue when the dr. Doing it is saying I’d regret it? Again, you guys recommended him (so I put my trust in this site and took a risk). -i sent Soni detailed pics of my donor, he said he can do 2k fue grafts. -I see him in person, he says he can do 2k fue grafts. Not once did he say he cant do 2k fue grafts. He just tells my I won’t be happy bcs he’d need to go lower on my hairline, so he needs more grafts for density on my midscalp. So he kept saying do fut.
  4. Pics of the scar in sets -24hr post OP -14days post OP -5-6 months post OP -12hr post fue into scar OP -4months post fue into scar OP -today ~1yr after fue into scar + smp
  5. to be fair, I started this thread a LONG time ago and I respectfully ended it there. I only reposted when two other members shared very similar experience with Soni recently. No admin/moderator responded to this thread until now, nor did Soni. I’d say I’ve waited long enough. I have nothing to gain or lose doing this, just simply helping others avoid the hell I went through and exposing that scammer hack. I didnt post pics of my scar bcs im ashamed of it. It reminds me of the day I got taken advantage of, and me falling for it. My main complaint isn’t the poor results, how my scar looks (I’m ashamed and I’m trying to move on),...I’m complaining about the shady practice of Soni. Me posting pics of my scar or results mean nothing, I have a freaking strip scar that’s all that’s needed to know. I never asked for a refund, never asked him to fix it, im just doing what I wish someone did before I trusted this site’s recommendation of Soni. End of the day, I wanted strictly fue. Soni agreed in email. I flew home with a huge strip scar on my head. That itself says it all, I didn’t magically want a strip scar once I landed in India. All this can be verified with the email screenshot I sent to the moderator of my convo/consultation with Soni. As for my 4K graft fue in Turkey, I had it done prior to Soni (which tells you I wasnt new to this when I consulted with Soni, and shows I’m only interested in fue). I got way more growth from that fue for half the price btw. I mentioned I’d be completely bald by now if it wasn’t for these hair transplants today (including the poor result 4k grafts from Soni) as all the hairs up top are transplant hairs + smp. Only FUE I got after Soni was 300 graft to my scaR *Pics posted below, hope everyone can see it
  6. Bro, I feel your pain. He literally did the same to me, and left me a scar. I searched for any negative reviews of him here prior to my procedure, none. If I had seen a post, like this thread I started I would have never gone to him and saved me from permanent insecurities and regrets. i finally call that scammer out and other members try to give me crap. Such a joke
  7. I’ve spoken to the moderator, provided screenshots of my email conversation with Soni proving my point. We’re now waiting for Soni to give his reply (it’s been a week now I think). If Soni doesn’t reply or gives some bs answer, and he’s still recommended here then idk what else to tell you about this site. I trusted that dr. Bcs I trusted this site for recommending him.
  8. Was told to provide pictures of my results even tho my complaint was the terrible antics of pressuring me into doing something I didn’t want after countless attempt to refuse (on top of Soni agreeing with my request prior to my arrival). Regardless here are pics. Can’t go further than 6 months since I had further fue then smp done. -pre Soni -6 month post Soni (4K grafts) -pre Soni Donor area -6 month post Soni scar
  9. Sent pm to moderator of my email with Dr. Soni proving we agreed for fue. Hopefully he can provide unbiased judgement on it. No wonder Soni has been recommended on this site for so long, those that got good results try to discourage those that didn’t from speaking out. Pathetic.
  10. I mean, I have multiple emails between myself and Soni that can help prove i only wanted fue, which he agreed upon inspection of my pics he asked for. Do you want me to send them to you?
  11. I’m putting this kind of words bcs of the experience I went through, go read it if you’re confused. I’ve had 3 hair transplants, I know what to look for at this point and I know when I’ve been screwed over. I hsve the email conversation between myself and Dr. Soni, would back up my claims. His antics in person unfortunately I can’t prove, but the two others that posted here experiences exact same.
  12. On a brighter note, buzz cut, fue, and smp did wonders for me (I’d be completely bald up top if it wasn’t for that). 4K graft Fue from Turkey did it’s job, I’d feel perfect if I had not gone to India to see the scammer (Soni). My scar will forever be there, my shame in full view. I suggest to just stay in good shape, dress well, and make $ and you’ll still be better than most men with hair. Although, I’m not afraid to admit my insecurity with my scar. Picture below for you to see my buzz cut (non edited iPhone pics).
  13. Agree, I should have ran. But to my credit, it’s not as easy to turn away like from a car dealership when I took time off work, flew from US to India, and made plans just to turn away. But I agree, I should have ran, ran as soon as I heard that scammer talk.
  14. No, we were on the same page. I made sure I tell him what I want and don’t want which he agreed upon. Problem is he cant do fue, he lied to me and changed his tone once I arrived. He stayed until night pressuring me, brought his family too and even they started pressuring me. Snake conman.
  15. Holy crap, same exact experience as me. That guy will push and push until you can’t take anymore and pressure you until he gets his way. Which isn’t uncommon in hair transplant industry, but he agrees prior to your arrival to your wants in online consultations like the snake that he is. Soni is a hack conman, like the three of us just stated on this thread. He’s not a good surgeon and will prey on those that fly from out of country (he knows you went through a lot to fly to his clinic). He will take advantage of you. He claims to do fue, but he really can’t. Stay away from him.