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  1. so far no bleeding, but am finding my fingers littered with lost native hairs while doing this crust/scab rubbing. idk if it's shock loss or just kind of normal loss that occurs when a person is rubbing on the scalp as i am for minutes at a time...
  2. Hi all, I am 9 1/2 days post op on a 3000 graft FUT. Contrary to Bernstein and other Dr's, my Dr told me that the first 72 hours are the critical period and to baby the grafts for that time period specifically. I was told that on day 4, I could begin to gently massage the recipient area while shampooing. And on day 5, I could begin to massage away scabs in the recipient area. I was cautious and began with very light recipent wash massaging for days 5-7. I became a bit more aggressive on day 8, and today and tonight I have been more aggressive still. I have used mostly a circular massage technique but i have also used some fingernail to get rid of crusts and scabs that felt ready to go. I have not "dug" and have not seen one drop of blood. Am I doing okay? What I have seen A LOT of are crusts, with much less "scabbing". Is this normal? I'm trying to figure out which technique will result in less pulling out of native hairs. I have been doing some of this on dry scalp tonight (Dr said dry is find) and it seems to put less pull on the hair than if I put aloe gel in first and rub around. Thank you.
  3. thanks for the feedback. i have read exactly what you are saying (on bernstein's site for instance) but my dr gave specific instructions to begin gently rubbing the grafted area from day five onward to remove scabs and crusts. I'm going to follow those instructions, but do so as carefully as possible.
  4. I was told to apply a bit more pressure with my fingertips during my hair washes on day 4 post-op. I did so tonight, and after I was finished I noticed two pieces of "crust" stuck in my hair that were no longer attached to my scalp. i flicked them out into my hand and they appeared exactly like the hair grafts that I have seen pictures of (i.e. a rice looking bit with 2 hairs stuck in them.) Is it possible that these are anything other than lost grafts? Thanks all.
  5. okay. thx for the feedback squatch
  6. Hi all, I had a 3000 graft FUT procedure yesterday. I went in today for a next day check up and was told everything looks good. I am very excited about the future outcome, but am still on edge having been told by the clinic and elsewhere that the first 72 hours are critical (grafts need to be closely protected etc). I have been very careful not to touch the recipient area and slept at a 45 deg angle last night. I am about 27 hours post-op right now and am starting to experience some forehead swelling, as was to be expected. No worries on that front for me. I am about to wash my head for the first time by myself, so I am certainly nervous about doing that. I wish I didn't have to wash my hair lol. I just don't want to mess anything up. However, it must be done apparently... My question, right now, is this; can hair grafts be dislodged or damaged by any other means than contact (i.e. itching, rubbing) ? For example, I have laughed a few times and made a few other facial expressions post-op and felt a twinge in different spots on my scalp area, possibly in the recipient area. Could making a certain facial expression, or laughing, cause damage to brand new grafts? Thanks!
  7. Thanks 1966, It is an FUT procedure. I am hesitant to name the dr. Still mulling it over...But I am leaning toward looking for a different date, regardless of whether the Dr is actually inserting the grafts himself. I think I just feel more comfortable with my surgeon there for the entire process I think. But I will think a bit more on it.
  8. Hi, I have a simple question. I have a procedure booked at a well regarded clinic in California, but was told by the surgeon that he would have to leave at the break due to another obligation that day. He informed me that the procedure would be complete at that point and standard procedure is for the technicians to finish by themselves, doing the actual graft insertions. The only difference would be that he would not physically be in the office as well. I would like to commit because it works with my schedule, but I have reservations paying a lot of money for a procedure where the surgeon is only there for half of the day. Any thoughts would be appreciated, Joe
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