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  1. "are there good doctors here in the US? yes of course but u will be paying 5-10 times more then over there." When you say that are you saying that the cost will be 5-10 times more in the USA ?
  2. There is only one clinic and its not cheap. Dr Tessler and Aronovitz. Can you recommend someone that is more reasonable. Why is this procedure so expensive. ?
  3. Why is Europe any better than in the USA. Do they have a better procedure ? Is it any cheaper ? Can you recommend a doctor ?
  4. p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } Does anyone know about a Chambers Hair Institute 525 E. Big Beaver rd. Troy Mi 48083 ? The Doctors name is Dr. Salvatore Cavaliere. I had 2100 graphs done April 2013. It has not been a year yet. They charged me $ 3000.00 for 2100 graphs. I need more done. Dr. Salvatore Cavaliere did not do the procedure, his assistants did. Is this unusual ? The doctor that is recommended on this site is Dr Tessler and Aronovitz and they are expensive. Can anyone recommend some one in Michigan that is cheaper ? January 19 2015
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