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  1. Yep, exactly......I can tell Baldrick has had FUE because I know what a recipient looks like after also having it done. However, to any other person, no one would ever know. Very glad I went with FUE and not FUT.
  2. Do you have naturally fine hair? If so, this might be why. I have very fine hair myself. When my HT started to grow in.....it was growing in much coarser than the rest of my native hair. That was great because the more coarse a hair is....the more it covers, the more density it gives. However, as my HT matured after maybe a year.....those coarse hairs turned into my normal fine hairs that are on the rest of my head. Unfortunately, this robs you of a bit of the density and coverage that you originally had after, say, 6-9 months. Nothing you can do....this is just normal fine hair problems
  3. Looks fine to me. Very common to have some shock loss in donor for several months after. I had the same and it all grew back by month 4 or so. I feel the trauma of the surgery just screws with the remaining donor sometimes and causes some hairs to stop growing as quickly or even altogether for a few months. They do resume growing eventually. That isn’t pitting in your other pics, either. I got scared about that same pocked appearance after my first HT because I hadn’t noticed it in other peoples’ pics. I soon realized, as you said, that it’s impossible to pick up the surface in such
  4. You both are....no one cares about shi**y Turkey. Come on now...
  5. That would make sense then.....last thing you want to do is get that initial Fin shed right around when you get your HT (2-3 months after you start Fin).....and then stopping it 2-3 months after your HT and probably getting another shed from shedding. Your net gain from the HT might not be very good with 2 large sheds from the Fin and any weak hair being knocked out. When I first started fin, it was about 3 months before my first HT.....I don't think I had much of a shed, but I've stayed on it in the 4 years since.
  6. I've never heard this in my life.....no clue what he is talking about. My only guess is he is talking about people who maybe want to start taking it a few weeks before surgery and then plan on stopping it after. That I would not recommend.
  7. I would have listened to other posters on this forum who actually have done this instead of thinking you were a know-it-all and that you knew some secret that others didn't know. As such, you get what you pay for and, at the same time, no one really wants to deal with your posts.
  8. You are.....possibly the biggest I've ever seen on this site (and that says something). You have issues, dude.
  9. Gee imagine that...you said you didn’t grow at all and now after looking at pics (pics you refused to post because you were so insistant they showed no growth) you have decided you grew a lot in the front. Been on this site 4 years....haven’t met many like you. You are definitely a special kind.
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