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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. I had 5000 grafts. Check my blog post. I am shocked. That's a lot for someone with so much hair! I had NW5 and I had just enough to get a little coverage. I would say 2500 for you. I had 5000 over two days and it is exhausting. Probably too much for you imho
  2. The library isn't the best place for pics and I just got a hair cut today. I'll grow the hair for a week and then post some more pics with higher resolution and lighting so you guys can see a better angle.
  3. Hello all, guess who's back. After recieving some panicked messages asking for updates, I have come back on to post the pics as I felt bad. You can see I am in the library and felt bad for one particular user who thought I left because something drastic happened! I remember being so panicked in the days before my operation! The last couple of months I have left my job and am doing an MBA at University which has taken over my life. Also, the hair really isn't an issue anymore for me so I guess I have drifted away from a forum like this. This goes back to my point about how I felt this was m
  4. I went to the barber after 1 month, told him to be careful and use only scissors. I then started buzzing it after 3 months. I don't use toppik at all. Thanks for the feedback, not sure what a month result should look like but waiting for 1 year is probably the only time you can really judge!
  5. Hey, yes this is in direct sunlight, and also after growing for 2 weeks. When I buzz it down, it looks pretty good. I am still on propecia, but I stopped using minoxidil. I also admit to having a bad lifestyle for the last few months - lots of drinking and smoking unfortunately. I am going to go on a health kick now, and look after myself! Hmm, yes I will admit that the idea of wearing toppik fills me with dread. I will never wear that again. To be honest, all my friends and family have now seen me with a shaved head, so I don't feel the need to hide it anymore. Any further growth is
  6. Hi all, Apologies for the delay. I can't beleive it's been 5 months since the operation. My life is so much better as I can walk around without being concerned about my hair anymore. I keep the hair buzzed down to grade 1-2, and the hairline is very sharp and tight and frames my face which is pretty much all I wanted. For the purposes of the picture, I grew my hair for 2 weeks so that you can see where I am with it grown out. I am waiting for the full 12 months before passing judgement, but I think it looks good at this stage. I hope there is more at the front in the next few months.
  7. I work in the UK, we have 25 days holiday here. I booked 13 days and had two and half weeks off work. Wasn't hard at all with my work place. PLus i have a good relationship with my manager. Not sure about your location or manager, but if it's hard to get time I would suggest speaking to HR first about the issue, position it as a health issue (depression or confidence), and then use their advice to speak to management. Personally I had depression about this, and if my manager were to decline I would tell him the truth and keep it confidential. Good luck
  8. Hi to all those that have asked for an update. Sorry I have only got back to this. I will publish the latest pics by Tuesday. I have an important project deadline and I want to give a detailed update of the last four months.
  9. Hi all, So it's been about 6 weeks since the operation (wow, it has really flown by). Just to update about where I am with the process. In the first 3-4 weeks I had literally no shock loss, or hair falling out. I thought I might be the one who bucks that trend! However, in the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot falling out. I would say over 50%. However, the hairline is holding up and it doesn't look too bad I guess. I am keeping it short (buzzing the donor area to grade 2, and asking barber to use scissors on recipient area - i have been adivsed not to buzz the recipient area
  10. Some people flew back the next day. I don't think pain is an issue when flying. It's more to do with if you want to have a bit of a holiday and be around yourself for a while (which is me) or if you want to go home and recover there. I preferred to stay there as I had been hiding away for so long with that damn hair powder, I didn't know how long it would take for me to psychologically get used to my new face - i didn't know how I would look and if there would be problems etc. So in my own paranoia, I stayed back. So don't worry about the pain, it's not tha bad at all. You will be too excited
  11. Hey, sorry about the late reply. Have been preparing for an exam. Yes I remember having pain for some time. I guess its normal after a 5000 graft procedure, and I had particular pain in the points where I had the anasthetic injections. You need to take some tabs to get rid of the pain and sleep is tough for the first couple of weeks. After that then it depends, but the scalp wiill be scratch and you will feel electric waves time to time. I guess thats a good thing as the nerves are healing.Like when you go from a hot restaurant to the cold night air, you can feel circulation rushing up! A
  12. Yes my donor area is also receding a bit and he mentioned that... He said he could get about 7000 good sized grafts, and decided that 5000 is the right amount to take now, and 2000 for the future. Doctor said he would target a narrow band in the centre of the donor area where it was the thickest. And yes the pics where the hair is slicked back is wet. If the hair is pushed forward then it was dry. When hair was wet, that also incudes donor area. Let me know if you have other questions On another note, It's been a month now since the transplant. Some of the hair has shed now so
  13. No, not really, the recipient area is a bit itchy. Since week 2 i have been feeling little electric waves going through my scalp. I guess that's the nerves growing back. I read that aloe vero helps with post HT, so I have got organic aloe vera shampoo and conditioner. After shower I then use aloe vera gel to run in and leave it in at night. THis feels really cool and is apparently good for keeping the skin with moisture and is a natural cleaner of skin. And also to remove the redness. I have only been using that for a week now and it has reduced the itchiness. I didn't get any pimples, or
  14. Ok just to kick things off. I started losing hair when I was 20 and went from a popular guy, confident around girls to some who lost confidence at an early part of his life. So I was already quite depressed before I started propecia as I was always hiding under a hat. With propecia I noticed that in the first 6 months I had developed a very very strong temper. I snapped at the littlelest of things and was a ball of anger. However I am not sure how much that was down to propecia but perhaps was also a combination of working long hours at an investment bank, alcohol and little sleep. So in
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