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  1. I just mean that he's been mentioned on a lot of forum posts and has also posted a number of times.
  2. I see Dr. Frank is pretty prolific on this forum and he's one of the surgeons I am considering. Anyone know what he charges?
  3. Anyone have any experience with Dr. Kevin Ende? He's based out of New York? I'm looking for a New York based surgeon and his before and after pictures are solid and he has a guarantee: GUARANTEED RESULTS Dr. Ende stands behind his work. In the very unlikely event that an area of transplanted hair doesn’t grow, Dr. Ende will perform another hair transplant to that area at a no charge surgical fee. You want results. Dr. Ende guarantees them. Disclaimer: If any transplanted hair does not grow, we will perform the transplant again to that area for a small facility fee. You must have enough donor hair. Also has a lot of experience: LARGE TEAM WITH A COMBINED EXPERIENCE OF OVER 9 MILLION HAIRS TRANSPLANTED!