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  1. 1) I went to Cooley last year. I would be surprised if you have any issues with the procedure itself. 2) Tough call on going back to work and how your going to handle it. I have heard stories of people going back the next day without issue, so 5 or 6 days seems quite doable, but you will still have scabs and redness and depending upon your skin tone, where the graphs are, the amount of your existing hair, etc.... impossible to give you input. 3) Working out - yeah you are going to go nuts. Dr. Cooley is very good at giving you literature on what to do and not to do. He is going to suggest you not "work out" for a month. Yeah, you can do light stuff after 10 to 14 days, but I would suggest you go nuts for 30 days, and then slowly start back into it. Overall, Dr. Cooley and his staff are top notch, and they can answer your questions and concerns at any point before or after.
  2. Sam, first want to say I am very sorry that you are going through this horrible ordeal. You are not only dealing with the mental side of it, but you are dealing with the physical as well. That sucks!!! Hopefully the physical pain and discomfort lessens with possible alternatives and time with the body slowly adapting. With respect to 'repair work', I would hope you have alternatives. I finally did repair work after 30+ years which included 'debulking' of my original plugs. This is very time consuming and difficult, but this process also allows the relocation of hair. Also, my surgeon used Acell Matristem which to my understanding helped significantly with my cobblestone effect, scarring and healing. I have to belive you have alternatives. I would strongly suggest to you not to 'recoil' and make a rash decision. Consider your alternatives, talk to some highly qualified 'cream of the crop' surgeons, especially those that specialize in dermatology and might immediately understand your situation. I know that when one is in pain, the thinking is often more emotional than logical. I believe and hope things will improve for you, but to put the odds in your favor, try to stay logical and talk to some highly qualified individuals and consider your alternatives. I wish you the very best moving forward.... Best of luck to you.
  3. First curious Ernie what you did.... A couple points: 1) I consulted with Dr. Varona, and although he seemed reasonably capable, the information specified in previous postings about Zierring are correct. I was concerned with the quality of the support staff, and Dr. Varona is fairly young and his experience levels and track record do not compare to some others. 2) If you have not made a decision, I would suggest consulting with Marc Dauer... he is in L.A.
  4. As my pal Scooby Doo would say: PartnerFue... where are you??????!!!!!!
  5. yep, there you go.... hold on to that for the next 2 - 3 months... and try to be patient... I am only 2 weeks ahead of you.
  6. A couple things: 1) Soon as you think you might be one of the few that keeps some of the hair, it falls out. Will start any day now. 2) Cool that you get to see 3 weeks of the initial growth. You might take a pic while you still have it.
  7. Congrats! I was in there with Dr. Cooley recently also. Actually, trying to figure out the best place to get my sutures out. Right now, looking at CVS. Any suggestions in the Atlanta area?
  8. Great success story here! Thanks for sharing. I am curious how your chest looks these days. Any current pics?
  9. uhhh, be very careful shaving it... I would think that you could make it worse.
  10. Wylie, do you mind sharing surgeon(s) that did your Beard FUE to your scarred area? Thanks
  11. Brutus, you look like you will be at least a 6A. You have more your going to lose IMO. It is good, if you are willing to have a bald crown, and if a very conservative approach was taken, then you might find yourself happy. Brutus I personally believe you need to make very sure you want to go this route. IMO, it will be at least 2 procedures over the next 10 years. This means your initial result will degrade as you lose more hair which I think will occur. You would probably be consumed with this for quite some time. We all are different, and so no way to tell you what will make you happy, but if you want to pursue the HT route, make sure you get multiple consults from ethical and well qualified surgeons. Good Luck.