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  1. No never did a thread, don't think this site was around when I did my first one... However after all the recommendations on here I flew to see Dr Lindsey in DC about five years ago for my second. I wrote a bit of a history here. Should update it as this new Dr in Melbourne Australia (where I live) seems like the real deal, I'm perplexed he's not on here...
  2. I've been on topical minoxidil for about 15 years, this is the first time I've switched, it's "supposed" to be better. We will see, at this stage after two HT's over the years I'll try anything to avoid a 3rd! I see him again soon, maybe a week or two and will see what the progress is.
  3. Great thread, can't believe I missed it. I bought the A6 in August but got the 36 pin cartridges. Might swap to the 12 as you've suggested. I certainly haven't been consistent. I'm currently applying daily Kerastase Densifique on the recommendation of Dr. Rodney Sinclair of Sinclair Dermatology in Melbourne and have been concerned about the needling after application. But probably shouldn't be too concerned if I wait until night time. He also put me onto .45mg Minoxidil Rapid Tabs (dissolves under the tongue) but was always thinking about using foam maybe 6-12hrs after needling. Anyhow, very helpful thread. Thank you.
  4. The oral Minoxidil I was prescribed is 60x 0.04MG Rapid-Tabs. First 4 weeks one under the tongue, then twice a day after that. To be honest, I'm not concerned about oral Minoxidil at all. Been on the topical one for 20 years. Finasteride is the one everyone should be very concerned about.
  5. Ok so have an update. I saw Dr Sinclair and was very impressed. So impressed it's baffling to me how he's not recommended on this forum here as a recommended Dr. What blew me away is the fact that they actually do FUE and FUT and use Mario Marzola - https://www.sinclairdermatology.com.au/dr-mario-marzola/ Anyhow, while it cost me a fortune to see Dr Sinclair, in my estimation it's nothing compared to the cost I've spent over the past 20 years so may as well get the best advice I can at this stage. His recommendation to me was oral minoxidil, 1 per day for 4 weeks the 2 per day after that. Also Krastase Densifique and Kerastase shampoo. He showed me the data and clinical trials on them, I said sign me up. The cost for the 4 months on that is costly ($110 cheaper to buy through him though when you get them all). Notably the other thing he recommended (much to my shock) was a laser cap. He said he had just finished a clinical trial of the Revian Red and it had amazing results. Mind = Blown. He's seeing me again in two months. For anyone in Melbourne, or in Australia for that matter. Go and see Dr Sinclair if you're at the start, middle or fearing it's too late of this journey. I've been around the block and he seems to be very good.
  6. Ok brilliant, this is exactly the kind of response I was hoping for. I'm definitely interested in oral minoxidil and want to know what the patented pill is he's developed. I'll post back here when I've had my consultation. Out of curiosity, what is the charge per month for the pills? Must be cheaper getting a direct prescription than through the website above....
  7. Hi guys, I got targeted on Insta recently with an ad for The Hairy Pill. Curious and sceptical as always, did some digging to see what I could find. The reason that I was interested was because it is claimed that is behind the meds, he's certainly a very experienced dermatologist and has a very good reputation (outside of HT's that is). The huge issue I have with the whole brand and website is it screams of BS and is very, very convoluted about what the hell it actually is. From what I can gather, I think it is an oral minoxidil tablet. But that's the issues in and of itself, how the hell can a reputable Dr be associated with a startup like this that isn't transparent on what the hell it's actually selling. My example is this, imagine if a website was selling a miracle pill for hairloss and after you start taking it find out it's Finasteride and have ED for the remainder of your life. (I'm NOT a fan of Fin if you hadn't worked it out yet). So my concern is that while oral minoxidil might be awesome, without more transparency, what's the potential side effects or other issues? The website also under its is basically saying they take absolutely ZERO responsibility in anything that happens, and that they're basically an internet middle man. "The Hairy Company is not a pharmaceutical research or development company. We are not scientists and do not test or develop pharmaceuticals. We did not invent the underlying intellectual property (IP) and technology of the hair loss treatment. The underlying IP and technology adapted has been developed by its patent owner Samson Clinical Pty Ltd (ACN 607 005 514) (“Samson Clinical”)." This is more of a rant than anything, would be awesome if ANYONE could shed some light on this company and what snake oil they're peddling. I actually called Dr Sinclair's office to talk to him or anyone about it. The receptionist hadn't heard about the company, then after I was on hold said "oh yes, seems that is one of his businesses" or something to that effect. The reason I'm really curious is that it's patented, which could well mean it's worth looking at. However given the amount of research I've done in this area over the past 20ish years, without peer-reviewed double blind placebo tests and probably $100mm in funding I'd say it's no miracle. I have an appointment booked with him, mainly to quiz him on what the heck is going on and if he knows anything new about hair loss, sadly though the appointment cost is $400 so would prefer to get answers and not waste the cash. It may well be that I'm heading into the good old desperate phase before I need my THIRD HT which I would do nearly anything to avoid at this point in my life... Thoughts welcomed from the brains trust. UPDATE: Did some more digging and found the article below, it actually seems very legit. So am now even more curious as to why the brand he's created seems so dodgy. http://www.executivestyle.com.au/a-revolutionary-new-hair-loss-treatment-could-soon-be-available-h18117
  8. Thought that I would jump in and say hello guys. From Melbourne and have been around the relatively large block when it comes to hair loss. Started off about 17 years ago with Advanced Hair. Total scam but I was young and terrified of losing my hair. So off to the lasers and $14k later and nothing changed. Even at the time, I felt that they were basically an awful sales agency, still wish they there would be an expose on them on ACA... I digress. From there, when to good ol' NHI in Albert Park and Con Hatzis did my HT. It wasn't bad, and honestly can't complain that much. The scar was crap as others would attest and Barry White was an entitled old prick but anyhow seems like they've shut down now as I drive past there from time to time and reminisce of the first time I went down this path. That HT lasted me about 12 years, then I just lost too much at the front again and it was getting dire. After all the advice on this forum, I went and saw Dr Lindsey in Washington in 2014. Mainly due to his amazing plastic surgery background to minimise the previous scar. Got 2711 grafts - 1045 singles and 1666 doubles and triples - so around 4,377 from what I can gather. Even at the time he said that I would need the crown done in a year, he was right, it's now been about 3 years and the top is bad. Again I find myself on this forum hoping that there is a good doctor in Aus, but nope. Overseas seems to be the best option, but I can tell you the travel and managing when to come back after the surgery is very difficult. The flights from DC to Mel were a nightmare coming back with a head wrapped and a cap on. I found it incredibly stressful and I'm a very well travelled person. Either you come back straight away (the next morning as I did) or you wait over a week as the way you swell is tough. The next time around I really would prefer to get FUE on holiday in the USA, I'm sick of transplants, they stress the living hell out of me and trying to keep it all a secret is mortifying (hate the stigma, but maybe one day it won't be like this) If I could have my time all again, I would have never had a transplant, but time and all the years can only give you that perspective. As I've always said to my partner, once you start, you can never stop as the scar is for life - unless you take extreme ownership and shave and expose said scar. (which I was interested to see that a keynote speaker had done at a business seminar in 2016) Best of luck to you all on the journey.
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