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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Sorry! 2nd end up being just under 900.
  2. Comprehensive update nearly 2 years later. I'm 26 now. I got a 2nd FUE procedure to fill in areas, have been on Propecia for 2 years, no side effects, I may go back for another procedure for maintenance in the future - but am overall satisfied with the result. SMG is great.
  3. Hey all, I just wanted to give you all some kind of update. I'm sitting just shy of the 4 month mark; at this point I can feel new hair beginning to grow in, but I'd say there's not been any real aesthetic result (I was not really expecting any at this point). I've also now been on Fin for almost 5 months. 0 side effects, so PTL for that. I've included pictures below. The first picture included is at the one-month mark (right around January 30th) and the corresponding photos were taken yesterday to mark the progress so far. You can notice some filling in the hairline, but it's mainly light, individual hairs popping up at this point. Anyway, based on the pictures, what are thoughts y'all have? How is this progress compared to what you've all seen, etc.?
  4. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you all for the support. It's crazy how comfortable I felt with the expectations set and the procedure, and I know the guys and gals at SMG do such reliable work. I also understand this will not be the last one I have. After my experience, I am really okay with doing that. Again, I know my donor area has plenty left as well, so this gives me hope for that. We'll see!
  5. Consulted with SMG and agreed to start a propecia regimine, and also pursue a modest hairline FUE procedure. On Tuesday I had a 1750 graft FUE procedure with Dr. Josephitis. It went really well, and I am feeling quite optimistic about it. I was also informed I still have significant donor area left, should I choose to get another procedure done in the future. These are the pictures of one day post procedure. I really think, based on my hair loss, I'll have achieved my goals with this procedure and continuing with a propecia regimine going forward.
  6. What then, if anything, would be available options for someone my age with the type of hair loss? Is it typically against industry standards to do transplants over fading follicles, or to fill in gaps that exist now and then do more later in life as the loss progresses? To give a little bit more of my expectations, if it matters right now- I'm not looking for an immaculate, 16-year old hair line, but I'd at least like to stymie the loss and hopefully increase the a little bit. I just have a hard time believing any surgeon of high regard would tell me "tough luck" in that situation. So again, do I have any other viable options?
  7. I'm 23 years old, and have had a pretty-rapid receding hairline for the past 6 years or so. I've tried rogaine, shampoos, etc. consistently for the last 3 or so years with no results in even slowing the loss. I've attached pictures of what my hairline currently looks like. At this point, I've been financially successful (more so than most my age) and know that I could (and I want to) look into FUE. I've discussed with my wife and extensive medication regimens, as well as scarring caused by FUT, are both pretty much out of the question. Doing research over the past two years, I've noticed a pretty consistent warning that I should NOT look into transplants of any kind. However, I feel strongly (obviously) about doing something to not only stop the loss, but restore my hairline somewhat. That all said, has anyone tried the FUE procedure successfully at a younger age, or would anyone have recommendations at this point that I may try? Please let me know.
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