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  1. Serious chunk of money I'm surprised Erdogan didn't cut you some slack on your second procedure
  2. 5000 more grafts in the next few months I think things should explode your baseline blues will be just a faint memory
  3. Hows those temple points coming alone thats some serious temple rebuild job you got going there? Will be interesting to see how it turns out Also those extraction punches look super tiny like almost non visible
  4. Here's a good video in English from your partner Dr. Bansal talking about temple points you can see she takes the subject very serious and seems quite knowledgeable about it. I already did a video consult with her and was left with the feeling I would be in good hands with her it was one of the best consults I've ever done. She said she taking family trip this month to US Florida my state i live and would try and meet up with me For me it would be nice if you guys had more HT examples of none Indian patients
  5. I need temple point work done so I'm always in the look out for any good examples of it and believe me there isn't many to be found very very few Seems only a very small hand full of doctors can handle rebuilding temple points most all do a good job with the temple angle closures as a normal part of any HT but when it come to rebuilding the temple points that's a completely different story the majority seem to just shy away from doing them at all I've done quite a few consults and as soon as I start asking there patient adviser to show me some examples of the doctors temple point work that's when things go south and start falling apart they just can't find any to show me several great doctors going back decades with not even one example
  6. If your in India I would defiantly do a consult with Eugenix Check some of there results reviews here pretty impressive https://www.eugenix.in/
  7. Thanks for the honest review when you say he created the hairline are you saying he just drew the lines or he also made the hairline incisions ? Did you also get PRP included ?
  8. Yeah I googled it to me their hairlines do look very similar to Rahal's and Baubac I don't know how much trust you can put behind Yelp but it has some glowing positive reviews there https://www.yelp.com/biz/los-angeles-fue-hair-transplant-clinic-pasadena I think I'll hit them up for a consult
  9. Those are definitely some interesting factoids where did you get that info from about where he was trainer and who he worked under ? The guys site does say Jacques Abrahamian MPAS, PA-C Djshakes what part of procedure is he actually involved in ? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCREE_00jx5pHTgJZzzYGYWg/videos
  10. Dr. Yaman Do you use a microscope to single out the hairline hairs ?
  11. Post Finasteride Syndrome (PFS) is real and many people suffer from it I don't really like to talk about it but Finasteride permanently messed me up the first time I used it about 15yrs ago and with in those 15yrs till now I've seen some of the best doctors on the planet and no-ones been able fix me.
  12. I wonder why also ?
  13. Could you please post some progressive pictures showing how it looked as it was growing in before the 7th month ? Maybe just some normal pictures taken at home ?