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  1. I specifically asked Rahal's people if there quoted prices are in Canadian or USD and was told the prices are in Canadian dollars and that I do get the added bonus of the excellent US to Canadian dollar exchange rate along with $500 towards my travel along with a two nights stay at the guesthouse free of charge. I also spoke with Hasson & Wong and was told there listed prices are in USD so no additional exchange rate bonus.
  2. Might want to consider Rahal $6 a graph $4.25 a graph for anything over 2500 graphs plus all future graphs at the $4.25 a graph prices Plus what makes this even sweeter is that this all in Canadian dollars so if your in US $6 Canadian = $4.52 USD not a bad deal like half of what Konior gets
  3. Can Demirsoy speak english well ?
  4. Looks good solid job. May i ask how old are you are and what area you thinking about touching up ? What part of the procedure was Dr Rahal actually involved in i mean did he make the incisions himself ?
  5. Can Dr Cinik speak english ?
  6. No need to be sorry feel just fine zero symptoms been on thyroid meds now for just few months might see see some hair regrowth now that the meds got my levels back to normal is all i can hope for
  7. I don't know how much importance this makes in regards to the final result but from what i read when it comes to Fue Rahal doesn't perform any of the incisions or placement himself Dr. Yaman makes all of the incisions himself ?
  8. Interesting I have defused hair loss and was just recently diagnosed with low Hypothyroid and put on thyroid meds
  9. I was seriously considering Dr Cinik i mean resent reviews here just look great and his pricing can't be beat but after searching around everything I could find on the good doctor i ran across this warning thread and discussion on baldtruthtalk from some dude LostSoldier detailing his personal experience there which literally just scared me off completely . I don't think I'm allowed to post the link here so just search LostSoldier on baldtruthtalk if your interested
  10. I'm strongly considering taking the plunge with Rahal sometime this year but for all his popularity I see very few resent results from him and next to none resent real life user reviews. Here and there we get some posting from one of his associates showing some ad based amazing before and after pictures or video posting but never see anything but his best Just saying for the volume of patients this guy has I think there' should be and wish there was more real user reviews around to help me feel confidence to go with him is all
  11. Literaino Whats going on there your almost at the 6 month point ?
  12. I been taking (Quetiapine) also known as Seroquel @ 50mgs a day before bed for years. The stuff works great as a sleep aid its like what Melatonin should a been I sleep so good on it sometimes I could dream my hairs is growing back but in real life I'm not seeing any noticeable re-growth from it
  13. Markee

    Nizoral Shampoo For Hair Loss

    After using it pretty much every which way possible for over 20yrs my personal opinion is the stuff junk waste of time and money does nothing to prevent or slow hair loss and its not even good at what its actually marketed for Dandruff.