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  1. Thanks guys. Oh ok, Do you guys feel that my hair looks to tightly tied back? I just have the generic one where its tied and flows out the back?
  2. Hi there. I have been using finasteride & minoxidil for the last year. It's definitely slowed down the rate of my hair loss but unfortunately my hair is still falling out. I've heard PRP is good to regrow hair and keep it there. I understand that it is something that you have to do regularly but does anybody know if it actually works? Has anybody here suffering from hair loss had success with PRP? Below are some photos of my current state of hair. Thanks. Wayne.
  3. Hi guys. I am living in Australia and the cost for a hair transplant and DUE is ridiculous compared to some of the clinics around the world. Can anybody recommend a good hair transplant surgeon and a country as well? Dr. Amit Gupta from Divine cosmetic Surgery in Pune, India is saying I will only need to pay $3500 for DUE & Transplant where as in Australia they are saying I will need to pay $20,000. Also, I have quite long shoulder length hair. I don't know how it works, but I have been told as part of the transplant that I will need to shave my hair. Is this h
  4. Thanks guys. Right now I'm just using finasteride & minoxidil. Would you recommend just sticking with that or add in saw palmetto as well?
  5. Hahaha thanks heaps guys! In this photo it looks fine but at the back I have a bald spot unfortunately, however thanks to everyones advice on this site I still have hair on my head
  6. Thanks guys! I also find that a dryer makes my hair look thicker which is another reason why I use it haha. I tend to go over the top of my scalp with a dryer for a small amount of time and focus more time on drying the side and back of my hair
  7. How badly does a blow dryer have an impact on you're hair loss? I tend to have long hair so need to dry it with a hair dryer? I use it on the lowest setting and set it to the cool setting so it isn't Heaty.
  8. I've tried but have had no luck. But the funny thing is here in Australia, Ashley & Martin are giving 7% Minoxidil so wonder why its hard to find this elsewhere?
  9. He guys since I used to be with Ashley & Martin, they used to give me 7% Minoxidil? Do you guys know where I can get minoxidil elsewhere with the same strength? Thanks.
  10. Not a worry at all Mikey. Thanks so much for the replies guys. I don't really tie my hair too tight to be honest. It's more the Steven Seagal look haha. Here's a picture below, so you guys tell me if it looks too tight? I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and unfortunately have to have my hair tied back because of this, but you guys let me know, judging by the pic below if my ponytail will cause hair loss. After work I generally wear it down.
  11. Recently went to the chemist and the person working there said that tying your hair in a ponytail increases hair loss? True or myth? I've heard wearing a hat causes hair loss but I've also been told that's a myth?
  12. Hey guys, can anyone recommend a good saw palmetto brand? One that is effective and more likely to work? Also are there any side effects even though it's just a vitamin? Thanks
  13. Hi guys. What is more likely to work? Applying Minoxidil liquid to the scalp or consuming a minoxidil tablet? Are there more risky side effects if I consume the tablet or vice versa Kind regards. Wayne.
  14. Hey guys. I'm currently using Ashley & Martin but am planning to stop as it is just too expensive. The Ashley & Martin minoxidil is 7%. I went to the chemist recently and there are a few different brands. I am trying to find a liquid one as opposed to the foam. I saw one called 'Hair A-gain' that I'm considering getting although it's only 5%? Are all Minoxidil brands likely to work or is there a certain brand I should purchase? Ashley & Martin is pricey so I assume they are good so would like to switch to a cheaper brand but at the same time it is still effective? Thanks. W
  15. Also does finasteride and minoxidil stop working after a while? Just curious.
  16. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. Yeah I had an appointment with them and they told me that they might put me on something more stronger temporarily. Lol I suppose I felt more safer with them as they have been around for some years now. I remember the doctor tell me something about this foam that can help. Does anyone know anything about that? Kind regards. Wayne
  17. Hi guys. 2 years ago, I started using Ashley & Martin. Weekly laser treatments, saw palmetto & in the first year it was 2mg of finasteride. In the second year, The strength was reduced to 1mg of finasteride to maintain the the treatment. Ashley and Martin worked. It grew back my lost hair. The strange thing is, ever since the strength reduced to 1mg finasteride in the last year my hair has thinned again. I'm not sure what else to do as my hair is falling out again and I really don't want to go bald. I'm paying $150 a month for A&M but it doesn't seem To work anymore. If there are
  18. Hey guys. By looking at this link is this still an effective way to apply minoxidil? Thanks. Wayne.
  19. Hi guys. What is the correct way to apply minoxidil correctly. This video link above is the way that I apply minoxidil? Is this the correct way? Thanks. Wayne.
  20. Hi guys. In the video above, it is me showing an example of how I apply minoxidil with the dropper to my scalp. Do u think that is correct? I got told by the Ashley & Martin doctor not to massage it into my scalp, so I go over my scalp twice with the dropper, as shown in the video. By going over it twice, I feel the minoxidil goes more onto my scalp. Does this look correct? Will the process still be effective? Please excuse the bad quality of recording. Thanks. Wayne.
  21. lol just don't wanna risk mixing drugs. Yeah you're right Swooping. 2 weeks should be fine.
  22. Hey guys. I have been taking finasteride for the last 6 months. I'm currently under the weather with a bad cough and bad headache. I rarely get sick but unfortunately being winter I currently am. The doctor has prescribed me an antibiotic called amoxycillin at the moment to help with this. I have been taking this for almost a week now and just for safety reasons I have temporarily stopped taking my daily finasteride quarter of a tablet. Once I finish taking the amoxicillin in another week, I will go back to taking the finasteride. By temporarily not taking finasteride, will this maj
  23. Has anybody ever had PRP injections for hair loss? I heard it costs $450 per needle? How much did any of you pay? How much times did you have to visit the clinic per year? How much did it cost per year? Were there any long term after effects or any side effects? I really want to try PRP for my hair as opposed to finasteride & minoxidil because there are no side effects? Thanks.
  24. Hi there Ashley and Martin. But what are the side effects that some of your clients have suffered? I have already had a free consultation, and the salesperson at A&M went over everything with me however I am afraid of running the risk of having sex life side effects & the potential chance of depression in my early 20's.. I went and saw my doctor about this and she basically told me there is a good chance that Ashley and Martin or any other place that provides finasteride, etc for hair loss will give me a risk of side effects. I also read that 98% of people consume this without su
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