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  1. Thanks Melvin. Yes I do use Minoxidil and I have been for years now. I used to use it only once a day but for the last 4 month I have been using it twice a day. I’m not familiar with Azelaic Acid or Lipogaine but will definitely check it out! Your hair loss pattern is similar to mine so I hope these treatments will work as well. Did u have PRP done and are u using LLT? Thanks again!
  2. I agree with you Spanker. I even tried taking it every other and even 3rd-4th day but still the same side effects ? I couldn’t see any other option other than having a hair transplant. I really hoped that I wont need the 3rd procedure or at least not very soon but Im not sure how this one will end up looking. Just have to hope for good I guess!
  3. I think its a mixture of both to be honest. I did have some growth but I also lost some of my native hairs. I think I had quite significant shock loss and these hairs never grew back. Dr Feriduni was kind enough to offer a repair procedure. So this is the second (repair) procedure. First one was over 2800 grafts I believe (cant recall exactly) and this one was around the same numbers! I agree about FIN, would’ve helped in my case particularly with diffuse thinning but I had all the side effects (reduced libido, erectyle dysfunction and so on). I tried it again recently - same problem. As I said before Im hopeful that this one would be better but given that I have no more growth in the front/mid section I’m becoming slightly disheartened. In the past I saw no real improvement beyond 5-6 month but at present I can feel some small hairs in my crown area but unfortunately nowhere else. What do you think?
  4. Thanks for a reply Gasthoerer. My case is slightly different in a way that I'm not ur usual Norwood pattern but Ludwick which is a female pattern baldness. Important to mention that this is my second procedure with Dr Feriduni. I have to say I didn't notice a great cosmetic improvement after my first one which was also in a region of 2500 grafts. I'm a bit apprehensive about this one as well. As you say the front looks a lot better (it always did). In fact when people look from the front they don't really appreciate that Im loosing hair(even before my first HT). It's the mid and the crown areas where I lack density. I do, however feel that this procedure/outcome should be a bit better as I already see some improvement. Saying that I don't see much new hairs anymore in the front area but there are still tiny hairs in the crown area which Im hoping will mature and give me more of a cosmetic look. P.S. tried Finasteride - couldn't tolerate side effects. Thanks!
  5. Would be grateful for feedback. Photos are pre op, 1 month, 2 month, 3 month and 4-4.5 month Many thanks
  6. Hi guys! I'm now at day 14. The redness has gone away around day 11-12. The back of the head still feels slightly numb but no more pain. At around day 8-10 I started losing scabs and with them what it felt like grafts. I have attached the photo. I was a bit concerned and emailed the doc. He said its a normal process. Have a look guys. Whats do you think? It feels like the majority of transplanted hairs have disappeared. I have a lot of native hair so its quite difficult to say for certain Thanks
  7. Thanks guys! Appreciate the support! It is the waiting game now! Hope to be an early grower ))
  8. Hi Guys! First of all I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who contributed to this site. It has definitely helped me a lot! So thank you again! I have literally just returned from Belgium where I had my op with Dr Feriduni. I chose Dr Feriduni after doing quite a bit of research on this site and I have to say from the word go he was absolutely terrific. Special thanks to Cristian and Spex as well! Not sure if you guys know but recently the clinic started offering their guest house, which by the way is awesome, for the patients to stay. It is much more private than the hotel and the stay is quite a bit cheaper as well. As you can see from my pictures I don't have a typical Norwood hair loss pattern. I was told by the doc that I have Ludwig hair loss pattern (Category 2). Many have said in the past that Dr Feriduni doesn't do his extractions during the procedure. I have to say that is not entirely true. In my case he did probably the majority of the extraction himself and he was closely monitoring the technicians to finish the job in the end. I was told by the doc that I had roughly 9000 grafts to play with in total. My initial consultation was over the internet and the suggestion was for 3000 grafts.This was pretty much an accurate suggestion as in the end I had 2959 grafts. Now the waiting game has begun. Wish me luck Happy to answer if you guys have any questions.
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