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  1. Just came back from Argentina. Every single penny worth the trip! Chueco it's not a Lorenzo student, but his class mate. I definitely recomend everyone to visit him in Argentina. He's not just a great surgeon but a great person! I'll make my decision about the cirurgy date soon, and will let you know.
  2. Sounds like I'll be a guinea pig. Would save south american hair loss sufferers
  3. Thanks 1966kph and PupDaddy. My choice, in the end, will be affect on world experienced hair loss sufferers. That's why appreciate any comments, rather then surgeons who are sellers (anyways). I've been studying HT for years and HTN forum for months. Visited TOP physicians in Brazil. I would risk to say they are far professional then world top listed surgeons. I wouldn't recomend ANYone to visit my country for HT at all, for ANY price! Dont waste ur $$ and time, belive you in me! Here (Conselho federal de medicina) - (organization who fiscalize all medicine science) don't let any professional to post online/offline pictures from patients (before/after). For me as a lawayer, that's total ridiculous. Once patient allow his publicity, would be ok to prove for everyone if that surgeon is good or not. So here, if you want to find a good physician you got pay great amount of *reais*/dolars, visiting, in person, one by one. That's the only way the (shall) show you some before/after pictures. TRUELY SAD! There goes attached my pictures. Chueco told 1.600fues for redline and 1.800 for the blackone. I'll ask him to try 2.000fues to get somewhe in the midle lines. My goal it's to have a longhair so I'm worried about density then the hairline. Although I speak good english, writing it's not one of my best skills!
  4. I think this thread may be the answer for a cheap decent doctor for FUE - refered by Jose Lorenzo in Argentina - as a co-member of his company. How good "Jose Lorenzo" student can be? - Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients I'm going to give him a visit next week. Any comments or question you may have that you'ld like me to make to him... are all welcome!
  5. Got this answer from Lorenzo today: "Dr. Chueco is a friend, and great professional colleague I've worked with for 20 years. We follow the same surgical protocol and his surgical team work in Spain and Buenos Aires. A successful hair transplant is measured by survival of follicular units, naturally, density and conservation or good treatment of the donor site. They are rules that we follow rigorously at both clinics since both work as a team. You can see numerous cases of our results in the forums and in the videos. Best regards." His opinion just made me book the hole trip. Going next 25th nov. Maybe this would be a great alternative for those south/center americans or for those who want a top professional HT school system for less budget. Anyway... I'm just going for a consult. Some Chueco's video: Videos ‹ Injerto Capilar Argentina Comparing result with Lorenzo... What do you guys think? Waiting moderator let me free here to attach my pictures!
  6. Just got Lorenzo opinion about Dr. Chueco: "El Dr. Chueco es compa?ero, colega y gran profesional con el cual colaboro hace m?s de 20 a?os. Seguimos los mismos protocolos quir?rgicos y su equipo quir?rgico trabaja tanto en Espa?a como Buenos Aires. El ?xito de una cirug?a capilar se mide por la supervivencia de las unidades foliculares, la naturalidad, la cobertura y la conservaci?n o buen trato de la zona donante. Son preceptos que seguimos con rigurosidad en ambas cl?nicas dado que ambas funcionan como equipo. Puede ver numerosos casos de resultados nuestros en los foros y en los videos. Atentamente." Lorenzo 10.000 Euros for 2k Fues + Trip Chueco 5.200USD for 2k Fues + Trip. Based on Lorenzo answer, I'm booking Argentina flights and Hotel for next week. Will let you know next steps.
  7. fisher4man I will give Chueco a visit. Also, ask Lorenzo a difficult question, hope he answer soon: "What difference, even minimal, would I have from you then Chueco?" Will also ask Chueco's clinic if there is a chance Lorenzo come to Argentina, since they are both from the same company. wibbles180 Can't see why not. But since you're in Argentina, wouldnt be better go Lorenzo? My mistake: Lorenzo would cost me 14500usd total trip+HT Chueco - 6.500usd tomorrow will check Lorenzo availability. Chueco it's available for immediate cirurgy.
  8. Please let me send private messages. Thanks
  9. DanyB, I'm also from Brazil and I'm about to decide. Have been stydying a lot, your experience would be nice! "Please Administrator let me send private messages to him" Daniel por email - ricardo(arroba))notebooki7.com
  10. I live in Brazil. After contacting Jose Lorenzo via email got this answer: "Estimado Sr. Le remitimos a nuestra clinica de Buenos Aires." means "Dear Mr. We refer to our clinic in Buenos Aires." Since Buenos Aires in Argentina it's far closer then Spain... Doing my homework here about Doctor Alejandro Chueco in Argentina, just got this Thread: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/142985-help-hair-transplant-2-days-dont-know-what-do.html He work in the same name company Jose Lorenzo. Lorenzo: (link removed by moderator) Chueco: (link removed by moderator) Want Fue technic and very pleased about the use of "Lion Implanters". My case it's kinda simple, just like: http://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/images/vid-tn-men.jpg - sides stage 2/3 no vertex and good density in the front. A) Chueco would charge me 5.000 usd for 1.800 FUE's. Trip would cost me 600 usd - 5.600 total B) Lorenzo would cost me almost double. Question: if you were in my place... And could afford both. Where would you go? A, B, or maybe you have a C one?
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