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Your Hair Loss Story

Hi, I had an FUE procedure with Dr Camilo Diaz at the CC Kat Aesthetics Clinic in Birmingham, West Midlands, Birmingham, UK.

It was undertaken on the 24th October 2014, and this is a photo right after the transplant. I was told I had over 1700 grafts, less than 200 of which were single hairs, the majority being 2 and 3 hair grafts.

I want to know what you guys think.

Post op photo:


I was supposed to get cover on the crown and top, and front, ie the thinning areas. The photo you see here is the entire cover of the fue - the crown wasn't done. Dr Diaz said there was more thinning at the front than expected, when I asked after the area hadn't been covered.

The operation took from about 10:30am - 4pm, with a short lunch break, and was conducted by two hair technicians. They extracted the grafts and placed them in, Dr Diaz made the incisions and administered (incredibly painful) local anaesthetic.

The technicians informed me that the incisions were very close together, so the grafts were more likely to pop out in the few days after surgery. Some did, it was hard to tell how much was normal shedding and how many were grafts.

I have a few concerns but I would love to hear your feedback first guys. Thanks.



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