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  1. HI, did you go through with the surgery? I did, am curious to know how it went for you. Best, Mark
  2. I'm sad to hear this, a couple of us were thinking of approaching some official body to stop Dr Diaz from practising, would you be interested in joining us? Send me a DM if so.
  3. I'm so sorry I haven't replied to this thread in a long time. I would have one piece of advice for anyone thinking of going for an FUE operation with Dr Diaz - DON'T DO IT. I didn't get my second procedure as the first one was so bad. Because of his techniques almost all of the grafts fell out. There is scarring at the back of my head which is visible when I shave (scalp micro pigmentation helps). I was also contacted by other patients who had similar experiences. Dr Diaz does not care about the care of his patients as long as he is getting paid. Kat Aesthetics where we
  4. Hi there, No I definitely don't regret having it done. I know that all of the responses have been pretty much negative to my post op photos, as you can see for yourself. Dr Diaz has promised me, since the procedure, that he will fill in the gaps, free of charge. For that reason I am content that I will end up being satisfied after the second procedure. He has taken my concerns seriously, so if the second procedure goes ahead and is successful then I'll be satisfied and would recommend Dr Diaz. If you'd like to chat more just message me.
  5. It looked bad grown out, definitely better shaved. He was listed on the Birmingham Dermatology Clinic where I booked the service from and Kat Aesthetics where the FUE was undertaken. I searched for reviews and couldn't find anything bad about him. I agree that it must look somewhat denser when the follicles begin to grow and will probably keep it short.
  6. So this looks pretty much like it did pre op. It kind of makes me wonder why I was told 1700 grafts or 4-5,000 hairs would cover what I asked for - the front sides and the crown. The thing that gets me is I don't understand why the Doctor decided to transplant hairs in the area where I had hair - the front middle - and omit from transplanting to the areas we'd discussed before the op - crown/top. He also didn't manage to get the transplants symmetrical and straight at the front hairline at all, and when I went in for a check up he said, "ah it's not straight, good!" Like it was
  7. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Yes it does look messy, the surgeon didn't take pre op photographs after my head was shaved, but I've included some below. I did find the forum before I had the procedure, and was looking for reviews of Dr Diaz, but only found a little info on him here, nothing negative.
  8. Hi, I had an FUE procedure with Dr Camilo Diaz at the CC Kat Aesthetics Clinic in Birmingham, West Midlands, Birmingham, UK. It was undertaken on the 24th October 2014, and this is a photo right after the transplant. I was told I had just over 1700 grafts, less than 200 of which were single hairs, the majority being 2 and 3 hair grafts. I want to know what you guys think of the quality of the procedure. Post op photo: http://s29.postimg.org/wym2cxpyv/photo.jpg I was supposed to get cover on the crown and top, and front, ie the thinning areas. The photo you see here is the
  9. MarkJames

    Dr Camilo Diaz 1700 FUE

    Post op. Please let me know what you think.
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