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  2. I'm now 4 month into the surgery, and I noticed some hair growth , the hair from shock is loss is growing back, however I noticed some of the transplanted hair is falling out in a group like with the follicle, which got me worried, from the look of the fallen hair, it looks like it won't grow back again, Is that normal?.
  3. Wish I did retain some pictures for my pre op, I sent my pictures to my doctor and I'm waiting for his reply, will share it with you. Each time I look to the picture , I get a feeling that i'm a victim of a botched operation, I look like Zidane the football player, I hope I didn't make a bad decision
  4. It would be a bummer not to retain all the hair you had regardless on what state they are in. Your analysis make sense, though I understand whatever normal hair I have shed will be lost eventually, but had never thought it would be the result of this surgery. I'm already applying preventive measure to retain whatever I have left using Rogaine , but it seems to be useless since I almost lost all the natural hair in the crown area. From others exeperience , Is there any chance it can grow back if I stay on Rogaine?.
  5. I had my hair transplant using FUE method with Dr Armani using 2500 grafts on my crown. 4 weeks from the surgey I have noticed that I lost the grafted hair which is expected, but what makes me concerned is that I have lost a substantial number of normal hair around the grafted area. The bald area is much obvious than it was before the surgery and I really don't know if that is normal. The doctor had never mentioned that I may experience a shock loss and I hope the effect of this is not permenant. I'm currently using Rogaine 5% since I've done the surgery and been following the doctor instructions. One thing I may have to mention, 1 week after the surgery I passed a really stressful time with the work I'm in could that have a link?.