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  2. Please, can we stick to the original topic and not divert into side discussions, let us make this post helpful for others .
  3. Appreciate the replies so far, That what really makes this forum so valuable for all the baldies . I've seen Pat's post-ops , the end result is excellent, and this is exactly what my end result expectations are, I'm putting June as a month when I will reevaluate the progress again, hopefully by that time I can see a considerable amount of growth , otherwise I will be really , really disappointed.
  4. I managed to get a pre-op picture, I had a long hair back then Image1 I'm currently 27 , I used to be on Finasteride for one year, but it also didn't work in my case, I'm not sure, but it seems my baldness is genetic, so whatever medication I use, it sure is not slowing down my baldness, that what I have experienced from using both medications, Rogaine and Finasteride. Even though I'm on Rogaine now for 10 months,twice a day , I'm still losing hair especially to my hairline.
  5. Yes, it was FUE , there is improvement definitely, there is hair growing on my crown over the months after the surgery, though it is extremely slow. I'm just worried that i'm nearing my one year , and my crown has not still been covered with hair, I don't see how more hair will grow if I'm in my 8 month and I should expect a 70% result, that is all what worries me only, but as far as hair growth there is growth, but the density is not there. Some of you is suggesting that I should wait for 18 month, I would do it , but I really wanna hear that from someone who had a similar experience. I informed the patient care if they can send my pre-op pictures, let me see what they say about that.
  6. THanks for the replies so far. Prior to posting, I clearly knew the forum opinion about Armani work and his ethic, we can discuss this in detail , but I will leave that to a seperate discussion topic, for now I just wanted to know if the results are normal or matches to what other should expect by that time period, or I should start ringing the alarm bill. I think wihtout a comparison picture it wouldn't be fair, I will contact the patient care and see if they can provide me this information. The Dr is currently on medical leave, he has done a surgery as far as I was told, so I wouldn't know his feedback untill May.
  7. lool, that what happens when English is your second language, error from my part, sorry.
  8. I'm currently on my 8th month, based on the doctor calculations, I should be seeing 70% progress, I had 2500 grafts on my CROWN, I had an average, but very thin hair prior to the surgery ,so I wasn't completely bold, I'm putting my pictures and I'm asking for your feedback as far as the result , and if it is what I should be expecting. From my personal opinion, i'm really disappointed on how the results turned out to be ,I thought by now I would have a full covered hair, but what I've noticed is i'm still seeing gaps, keep in mind i'm on Rogain for almost 10 months, and it is obvious is doing nothing to grow my normal hair back, your feedback and comments will be really appreciated, and It will give me an insight on what to do next, unfortanately I tried to look for pictures prior to the suregry , but I can assure you I had a good amount of hair on my crown, I wouldn't compare it with the results now, but I don't see major improvement between then and now.
  9. I'm now 4 month into the surgery, and I noticed some hair growth , the hair from shock is loss is growing back, however I noticed some of the transplanted hair is falling out in a group like with the follicle, which got me worried, from the look of the fallen hair, it looks like it won't grow back again, Is that normal?.
  10. Wish I did retain some pictures for my pre op, I sent my pictures to my doctor and I'm waiting for his reply, will share it with you. Each time I look to the picture , I get a feeling that i'm a victim of a botched operation, I look like Zidane the football player, I hope I didn't make a bad decision
  11. It would be a bummer not to retain all the hair you had regardless on what state they are in. Your analysis make sense, though I understand whatever normal hair I have shed will be lost eventually, but had never thought it would be the result of this surgery. I'm already applying preventive measure to retain whatever I have left using Rogaine , but it seems to be useless since I almost lost all the natural hair in the crown area. From others exeperience , Is there any chance it can grow back if I stay on Rogaine?.
  12. I had my hair transplant using FUE method with Dr Armani using 2500 grafts on my crown. 4 weeks from the surgey I have noticed that I lost the grafted hair which is expected, but what makes me concerned is that I have lost a substantial number of normal hair around the grafted area. The bald area is much obvious than it was before the surgery and I really don't know if that is normal. The doctor had never mentioned that I may experience a shock loss and I hope the effect of this is not permenant. I'm currently using Rogaine 5% since I've done the surgery and been following the doctor instructions. One thing I may have to mention, 1 week after the surgery I passed a really stressful time with the work I'm in could that have a link?.