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  1. So I’m due to see my surgeon this coming Friday. What do you reckon to my chances of getting a refund? Took this picture earlier today, it’s really looking a bit of a mess
  2. Clinic are saying the usual - I have to wait for the one year visit (booked in for the 21st December) for them to assess. I’m disappointed with their aftercare, they have basically refused to see me until the 1 year stage. All of my correspondence has been with the patient advisor and I haven’t heard from the surgeon. Patient advisor said that they will “work with me” if the results aren’t optimal but their idea of optimal will undoubtedly be different to mine. I just have to wait and see, they might be really good and fix it for me but I’m just so gutted that £9,000 and one year later my hair is not really any different
  3. Thanks for your input, appreciated. I wasn’t given any info by my surgeon around the number of grafts per sq cm so that is something I can bring up with him at my 1 year review
  4. My surgeon is very conservative in hairline design which is fine and we agreed on the hairline position. However, does a conservative hairline also mean poor density? Not in my opinion and poor density wasn’t something that was discussed. It’s so frustrating that after over 5 years of research and considering a transplant I have ended up in this situation
  5. Thanks for sharing your picture and your feedback. What stage are you at now and do you know the number of hairs you had? Your hairline was lowered quite a lot at the front whereas mine was not lowered at all in that area just a bit of filling in. Most of the grafts went into the temple areas and I also didn’t have anything into the temple points as my hair is strong in that area. None of the images on my surgeons website show the lack of density in the temple areas that I have received For me, I think my transplant looks a bit of a mess. My right side is higher but thicker than the left side. It doesn’t really resemble the hairline shape that you see in that post-op picture. I think something must have gone wrong during my recovery as I can’t imagine it was designed to look the way it does Hope all turns out well with your transplant!
  6. Do you really think that few grafts have survived? I don’t have another £9,000 to get this done again. I’m due to become a Dad for the first time in May so telling the wife that I want to spend that amount of money on another HT probably won’t go down too well. Here’s hoping that the surgeon will help me out
  7. Once I’ve had my one year update meeting with my surgeon I will share details, I just think it’s fair to let him have a chance to have assess before I name him and potentially harm his reputation. Anyone can make a mistake and his results normally look amazing and I’ve yet to see any negative comments about him. Hope yours turns out well. 4 months is still very early as you know. Have you posted your progress on here?
  8. I’m a few weeks away from my one year anniversary. At this stage it looks like £9,000 down the toilet to be honest. Would any of you guys be happy with this result considering my starting position?
  9. The surgeon likes to describe himself as conservative so the hairline was designed higher than I would ideally like but he didn’t say anything about how sparse the density would be, I trusted his estimation for the number of grafts and that’s what we went with. I can’t imagine that he intended for it to look like it does, I’m thinking that maybe some of my grafts didn’t take and have died Frustrating that they haven’t offered any feedback and won’t see me until the full year has passed
  10. Hi, These pictures were all taken within a couple of weeks of surgery. To me the shape of the hairline in these pictures is a lot different to what I’ve ended up with
  11. Hi For anyone reading here are a few pictures of my current situation. Doesn’t seem to be getting any better to be honest Any feedback at all? I must say now that the one year mark is only a month away I’m feeling pretty gutted by the result
  12. Hi, sorry I’ve taken a while to respond to you I have been away. No, they didn’t show me any pictures where the density at the temples looks like mine. (I am now at just over 10 months). All of the pictures on their website show decent growth at the temples. They gave me the usual talk about how it’s not possible to recreate the density I once had etc and I understand all of that but at the minute I have noticeabley different density from one side to the other, which I can’t imagine is by design What is worrying me even more at the minute is that the hairline on the left seems to be at a sharper angle and therefore higher than my right hand side. It’s very noticeable and it’s not like I am expecting new hair to sprout on my left side and even out the hairline. I’m pretty concerned right now that I am going to have to go through another procedure
  13. Good luck with your growth and yes, if I have to go through the ball ache of shaving my head again then I will be pretty annoyed. It takes a good 4-5 months to grow back properly
  14. I only get to see my doctor again at the one year stage, which I am booked in for in a couple of months. At this point I liaise with his patient advisor, who is saying that he’s reserving judgment until he see’s me in person as he can’t tell much from pictures. He did say that the lack of density at the temples is by design to make it look natural, but I can’t imagine that it was designed to be as thin as it is, especially as the density at the left and right temples look completely different to each other. It seems so very sparse considering the majority of 1735 grafts went into these areas This transplant wasn’t done by a back alley doctor, he has a reputation as a top surgeon so I am hopeful that if the situation doesn’t improve he will fix it without charging me the earth. Having already spent close to £9,000 I don’t really want to cough up more money