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  1. I'm just curious to know if anyone else is or has experienced the same issue I'm having? I had my hair restoration procedure done over a year ago (3500 grafts) and all in all I'm very pleased with the results. Definitely looks a hell of a lot better than it did. However, one side came in thicker and fuller than the other side. And now when I run my fingers through my hair I can feel stubble growth sticking through about 1/8" to 1/4" in length. Especially on the lesser filled in side. Here's my dilemma. Its been over 14 months since I had the procedure done and its been at least 8 months of feeling this same stubble length. It's as if it just doesn't seem to want to grow any longer than it is now. So my questions is… has anyone else experienced implanted grafts not necessarily falling out but also not necessarily growing past the stubble phase? If so, what would be some of the reasons for causing this? I've been taking the prescribed Propecia (finasteride) and every time a had a follow up with my physician he keep telling me "don't worry, this is new growth." And each time I keep try to explain to him "if its new growth then why does it feel like the same 1/8" to 1/4" stubble I've felt for the past 8 months?" Is there something I can do or try to somehow kick start this stubble to start growing again so my overall hair growth and results will look fuller and more even? Any suggestions, advise or reasons for this slowing growth would be greatly appreciated.