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  1. Another picture with shaved hair. @Curious with removed you mean transplanted to your head or literally just removed.
  2. Thanks for all the answers. I am aware of that table, the surprising fact is that the yield was pretty low while transsection rate wasn't that high on the other hand. Picture of my abdomen attached. Most of them are 2FU/ graft and I hope 1500 grafts are possible.
  3. Thanks for the answers. Head donor is maxed out, i dont want to touch my beard anymore and the chest hair is something I save for the front. thus abdominal hair is the only option left.
  4. Hello to all, I already had 2 transplants with a lot of amount of body hair (1800 grafts from beard, 1200 grafts from chest, 2500 grafts from head) but also had already some miniaturization in the recipient are due to donnor thinning. While I have a lot of hair left on my abdomen I think about transplanting them to my vertex in the manner I show in the attached pictures. my goal is to wear a buzzcut like I do know with the length varying between 3 to 5mms. As abdominal hair is different and a lot of doctors hesitate to work with it due to bigger transsection rates meaning they will not be able to do that big of a numbers I choose dr ayoub in ratingen which s relatively new and worked under feriduni before. It s still a risk. So far I am more than satisfied with the improvement the two previous HT‘s gave me and now I just want to stabilize the sides but leave the vertex open. I d like to have some input and like to know if I can loose anything except money and scarring on my abdomen. Thank you Edit: my hair looks better in the picture than in reality , the area in the red line is not cosmetically significant under normal light conditions.
  5. Hello to all, I hope you guys have some input - I had a fue with HLC Ankara 10 weeks ago. in the beginning i really did not lose that much of the transplanted hair (maybe 40%), but i am still shedding those hairs, and the haircount in comparison between week 7 and 10 is way lower now, even though i should be on the timeline of getting first growth. Is it usual to shed those hairs so late ? I thought all the hair which did not shed after 6-8 weeks is continuing to grow.. the tendency is quite bad. Any input ?
  6. Hey guys, does anyone have pictures which show approximately 20-25 FU/cm2 on a Guard 1 (3mm) Buzzcut and what it looks like ? Best,
  7. Hey guys, I am a norwood 7 and think about getting SMP done , but I'd rather have the illusion of my hair being at a length of 1mm (maybe even 2mm), and I saved some money. So I'll first do the low density hair transplant and then will do the SMP - but as my donor area is limited (already including beard hair) I'd like to know how you would plan the density... higher density in the front of course (higher means in this case 25 FU/cm2) and gradually lowering it to the back (around about 15FU/cm2) - so in your experience (especially to the SMP Artists) How long can the buzz cut be worn and which density is needed? Thank you all
  8. 23, not considering fin due to sides, took it 18 months after my 18th birthday... could not stopp me getting from nw 1 to nw 2.5. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/185893-combining-smp-fue-restoring-young-nw6.html#post2493949 Look at those pics, I ditched the idea of smp though. I'd be even happy if I could "keep" the spares hair on top I have right now, which meanas transplanting the hair in a way that lessens the contrast between my donor and top and distribut the hair in the same pattern it is right now...
  9. Thanks for your answer, I'd love to hear some other opinions. How many hairs do you think are needed to get at least some framing (40 Hairs /cm2) ? Or is even 30 enough ?
  10. Let's assume I am a full blown NW 7 with decent amount of Body hair, my donor gives just about 1000-1500 Grafts, beard donor about 1500 chest donor about 1500 and maybe taking in consideration Abdomen and leg hair with Dr Umar or Dr.A some other hair. Would a hair style like this be possible ? https://blog.bulletproof.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/tim_ferriss.jpg The area I had to cover would be roughly 260 cm2, I would not mind a not so dense crown (e.g. 10 FU/cm2 or nothing at all.) and this receded hair line.
  11. Hello all, Long Story short : NW6, 23 yo, started balding with 16, hopped on fin 2 years later, dropped after 2 years of suffering sides (still suffer them though) not that much hair on scalp, , low density donor. My aim: Transplant low density Body hair grafts over the whole scalp in a NW 2 manner, about 20 FU/cm2 and add smp for density. Due to the bad donor and my "amazing" Count of Body hair I am aiming for Body hair. I attached current Pictures of my head, I'd be happy to get as much hair on top as I have now with a Little bit widened front. (e.g 1.5cm of hair to every side of my frontal area) First step : Get first transplant in the next year and I want to get around 2000 Grafts in the frontal third to recreate the hairline and counterattack the loss. Half year after that Tricopgimentation (non permanent) and later on I will add another 1500-2000 Grafts for the second third and may add another 1500 for the crown. (not as important) Due to my Focus on Body hair I am choosing between the following docs, I definietly want experiences !! Dr ****** ****** Dr Ozgur Hairline Clinic Ankara. Dr sanusi umar is on the one Hand way to expensive and on the other he is working with a Micro Motor like device and his recipient Areas look like a slaughter field. Any other recommendations, I ' d prefer Ozgur, but he stopped replying even though they did get my intentions. ******s Response Team is not acting very clever and always writing their pre-written Terms. Best
  12. Hi all, I am narrowing down all the things to finally go for Tricopigmentation. Obviously everyone wants to have the best and so do I. But I am not sure who in Europe is the best artist in creating hairlines, because most of the hairlines I see online do not satisfy me. To sharp, to straight, I'd aim for a decent NW2 hairline. In my opinion the technique which was introduced by Milena Lardi seems great, though I am not sure if she or her brother is the best artist or is still taking enough time for everyone as her business got bigger. No offense in this way. I'd love to hear your opinions.
  13. Hello to all. This is my first post and I am gonna abuse it for a short introduction. If u don't want to read it, just start at the outlined part. I am 21 years old, hair loss sufferer myself since the age of 16, started directly with Minoxidil and added Finasteride with the age of 17.5, which only slowed down my loss. Took Finasteride for 18 months, and then got rid of it due to sides, which I am unfortunately still suffering. Finasteride gave me strong penile fibrosis and aptopsis of the smooth muscle in my penis, and therefore I am on HRT now with Testosteron and DHT to stimulate the androgen receptors in my penis and to help them bild back the smooth muscles. Therefore I have a severe sort of hair loss, although I just turned 21 I am a NW 4 with Vertex thinning. And the direction is clear - to a NW 7 as my dad is. So I am thinking about possible solutions, a hair transplant is not possible due to the bad donor, at least on my had, but I have some decent body hair, which may could help. At the moment I buzz my hair down every 7 days to 0.8 mm. I am fine with that, with that buzz look, I realized and accpeted that I will never get back my full head of hair. But I'd like to rock that buzz cut look with a decent hair line - so here SMP jumps in. After finishing my bachelors degree in about 7 months this would be the perfect time to do the procedure - and let's assume money does not play a role. ( I already saved some and could earn some more till then) So here you guys have to help me out - what could I do ? I think the best possibility would be to set a very, very low density hair line like a NW 2.5 and to do the SMP in this area as well, so I get some sort of 3d effect through the hair transplant if someone touches my head, and the illiusional effect through the SMP. Does this make sense ? I am open-minded for other solutions. Thanks for your patience while reading this text. Right now I think the better solution is to make a SMP ( I prefer temporary with my wanted hairline (picture attached) and to add BHG later when the other hair is gone ?