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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Dr. John Diep
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  1. Check out the links in my first post above for before pictures, hairline pulled back and much more. This update is just to show that everything is holding up 4 years down the road. Nostalgia hit out of nowhere so I decided to do an update. I'll try to be more detailed next time. Take care everyone!
  2. On August 3rd 2014, I underwent my first FUE hair transplant, performed by Doctor John Diep of Los Gatos, California. Dr. Diep transplanted a total of 2,460 grafts in the front half of my head. He recreated my hairline and added grafts further back to increase density. The result was fantastic (link: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/39774-2460-fue-hair-transplant-by-doctor-john-diep/), so I decided to quit using Minoxidil. I knew I'd pay for it, but decided that a second transplant to restore healthy hair in my problem area would be far better than taking Minoxidil for life. A quick side note; Minoxidil made my face puffy and caused deep creases/wrinkles to form on my forehead. On November 17th 2015, Dr. Diep transplanted an additional 2,220 grafts (link: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/43867-second-fue-ht-by-dr-diep-2220-grafts-to-improve-density-4700-grafts-total/). Enough said. Here is my update. Just 3 weeks shy from my 4 year hair transformation anniversary. Thank you so much Dr. Diep, you're truly a master and have made me a calmer and happier person.
  3. I just left my pimples alone. Eventually the inflammation subsides and you see hair pop out. Good luck!
  4. Genetics will do what it's programmed to do, but I hope that you'll be at peace and happy with your final hair restoration outcome!
  5. I had a little bit of work done in the top temple area to create a slightly narrower hairline. I didn't have much recession in the temple area to begin with, but it's likely because I started Finasteride before any significant recession occurred there.
  6. Thank you, HTsoon! I'm not sure about that. I'll make sure to ask Dr. Diep once I see him for my follow up appointment in January. My hair shaft diameter is naturally thinner than the average for sure. I have fine, at best medium fine hair. If my hair shafts were naturally thicker, I wouldn't have needed the same amount of grafts as I got to achieve the same result. Hopefully Dr. Diep will have an accurate figure for me. I'll make sure to share that with you in January. Hope you get the results you're looking for from your recent procedure. The waiting game sucks, but you're approaching the growth period any week now!
  7. Thank you, Hsrp. You've got a good eye. Dr. Diep mentioned to me that he did not measure my hairline height with a ruler. He saw where my original hairline was and placed the grafts precisely around that area. My hairline was naturally higher than average so I don't feel he took an aggressive approach by creating the hairline I have now. I think the height is 6cm give or take. I'll measure it when I have a chance to know for sure. My take on Dr. Diep's approach is that he aims for a youthful hairline, while at the same time not front-loading all of the donor grafts. The density at which he creates the hairline during the first procedure almost always looks thick in appearance and is placed at a height that looks like the person never experienced any hairline recession (and he does this while using a conservative amount of grafts (1500-2800 or so)). Whether it's because he gets amazing survival and growth rates on the donor grafts and/or because he designs his rows of transplants on the scalp so ideally, he produces great results.
  8. Here is the update I promised in my last post. All of these photos were taken under very bright bathroom light. I also do not have any styling products applied on my hair in these photos. Moreover, I purposely combed my hair straight back in the center (as opposed to combing it backwards, but to the side, which creates more of an illusion of density). Lastly, I took these photos from specific angles that normally reveal the true density of a hair transplant. This is what $30k buys you. Like I've said before, Diep is the King of FUE. Most doctors out there would not have achieved the same graft survival and growth rate on the 4,700 grafts Diep transplanted on my head by way of FUE. I was a Norwood 3 no doubt! He truly has changed my life. The best way I can describe my reaction to this amazing transformation is to say that I feel more at peace and have less worries in my day to day life. It feels truly freeing. However, I will always be a harsh critic in regards to my result because I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. This has led to my decision to undergo another (very small) procedure. I want to add an additional 300 grafts or so on the left side of my scalp (my left); starting at the hairline and back about an inch and a half. This area is where I start my part when I style my hair and it is the most exposed part of my hairline. I feel that it is currently not dense enough and could be substantially improved with a minor touch up. I want to be able to fully expose my hairline without any styling tricks so I want to thicken the area I mentioned so that it looks more solid/thick/full/naturally dense. My family hair loss pattern shows that I likely will not lose the crown potion of my hair. The only uncle I have that is "bald" stopped at Norwood 3 and everyone else has/had their hair recede no further than Norwood 2 or some light thinning at the frontal hairline. I probably have 2,500-3,000 grafts left in my donor so I feel that this minor third procedure in the frontal area will not stop me from fixing the back side of my head in the case I do lose hair further back. Anyway, for those who followed from my original thread, I hope my posts helped you on your own transplant decisions and recoveries. I'm always here if anyone has questions. For those of you who just started losing your hair, I hope you feel hopeful after seeing my transformation. I remember when I first realized I was balding. It was a horrific experience that led me to go through a minor meltdown. I researched solutions for years. And started a (seemingly) successful medicinal testament with Finasteride. But, most importantly, I made the best decision ever to trust Diep with my hair grafts. Have hope that there are doctors like him out there. But don't settle on a bargain because 9/10 you will regret it. Treat your donor grafts like they are more valuable than gold. Look at the result videos and photos that doctors and patients post. But weed out the results that show false density (it's easy to manipulate the appearance of a hair transplant result) because this will lead you to experience a false belief or hope in regards to what you can achieve if you went to the same Doctor. My advice is to ask patients to post photos with and without hair product because this is a way I know viewers will see a more realistic view of the result. Also, pay particular attention to the angle and lighting used in the photos and videos. Most of all, be realistic in what you can achieve. Use my level of hair loss as a benchmark for your standards (I've posted numerous pre op photos). What I've offered with my documentation on this forum is clear proof that you can bring a Norwood 3 back to a solid Norwood 1 with under 5,000 grafts via FUE! I wish everyone battling hair loss positive energy and hope you take control of your hair loss and bring back the amount of hair you will always feel comfortable with. Take care! image upload no compression
  9. The 12 month mark has finally come. I'm thrilled to say that my second procedure was a success. I included four photos that show what my hair looks like after I style it. The first photo shows what my hair looked like before my first hair transplant. Keep in mind, without any styling, my hair does not look perfect because the density is still not what it should be naturally. This is most evident at the frontal hairline when the hair is combed back (without styling). I'll try to post photos of what I mean soon. Overall, im very pleased with my outcome. In my case, 4700 grafts were used as optimally as they could have been given my level of hair loss. I might be getting another 500-750 more grafts in the hairline. I would rather have a very thick hairline and average density towards the back instead of average density all around because the hairline makes the biggest impact on our hair appearance. I will consult with Dr. Diep to see if that amount of grafts will make a significant difference. I'm assuming it will because my hair is already placed at a decently good density, so filling in various thinner spots should create more thickness with less grafts. Moreover, I've never concentrated that many grafts in one small area. Dr. Diep has been spreading my grafts all over my scalp minus the crown area. So 500-700 grafts in the hairline should put all of my few concerns regarding my hair to rest. image share post image