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  1. Seems like a great approach Dr Bhatti. What are your thoughts on PRP/ ACell improving the survival rate of body hair? When you extract body hair / especially beard I've seen some clinics with motorized punches cause a fair bit of scarring on the chin so what is your protocol for extraction? All the best. JBL
  2. I had ACell PRP performed by a very respectable doctor on here. I wouldn't recommend. You're causing a lot of trauma to your scalp by doing it, and the rewards are minimal to non existent. The only positive stories I've ever seen on here are from doctors (Welsey, Cooley, Bisnaga). I've never seen a single patient who has had his life changed by PRP. I would go to Bisanga. Only use someone that uses a manual punch. I hate motorized FUE and have seen adjacent follicles traumatized. You don't want that on your face.
  3. I'm 100% on board with you hsrp and if you have any ideas moving forward to continue an unbiassed review of the industry, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or other veterans.
  4. Interesting, I've noticed that while I'm on it that's happened as well at times.
  5. You have stubble all around the scar that's a great sign man!
  6. I know the the Feller school of thought is that it does absolutely nothing, but Dr. Baubac has made the case that slight temperature increase can harm the follicles and cause some senescence.
  7. I know I've seen various laser topics on here, but wanted to make a thread where everyone has used them, gives some input on their experience. (If you have not used them please do not most that they are useless). I recently went through a fairly large shed that I believe was laser induced and the more research I'm doing the more I'm realizing that even though they may be a slight growth promoter, they may in fact cause some long term damage. As a veteran, I'm really interested in what others veterans have experienced. (New users as well.) I was using Overmachogrande's device. It did help with some redness but not once have I ever witnessed and new hair growth as a result from using the device.
  8. And really you do not need this done. We all have insecurities. Been the risk reward here I’m sorry to say is not in your favor.
  9. To be frank the ugraft is nothing special. Be careful with beard hair as well. The risk of white dotting all over your neck is very real. I’ve only had a 100 and they are noticeable.
  10. Hi Dr. Konior. Thanks for the through response. As it is an unusually aggressive case for your clinic can you give us some insight into what the pre op conversation was like: meds/ family history etc? I'm sure you're very selective of the types of cases you're willing to tackle with this design. And as a point of curiosity, did the grafts continue to mature from the 12-18 month period by your estimate?
  11. He’s had 10000 grafts removed. He can’t shave his head without something to conceal the scarring . This is a situation where an elite surgeon or amp clinic can make a real difference to his quality of life.
  12. Jesus man, you're in the wrong place. Please stop posting. To the OP. If you have a substation body hair, you might be able to go to one of the elites in the US or belgium an have them address the worst areas to at least make the donor appeal normal. SMP (tattooing) is an option as well. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I understand you may not feel comfortable shaving down because of the scars but it may be your best option.
  13. Heu spex. You've been around long enough I'm sure to have conserved the idea of Body hair into the donor. Did you ever give that serious consideration over pigmentation?
  14. Lasers have definitely helped with my severe inflammation and neuropathy in the donor area caused by an awful fue. Dr. Cooley even remarked how improved my condition was after a year of treatment. It can certainly help with healing or thickening, but have never seen any evidence of new regrowth.