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  1. Zang's a great practitioner, he did a great job there. Tell him i said hello! -Matt
  2. scar 5 with all due respect, Abhimanyu is not my client, so i have no skin in the game to try and develop a "bs story" to calm his agitation. I am simply offering my opinion on his current situation. If you ask any SMP client that has had hairline work, they would tell you that the hairline they see immediately after treatment is harsher than what appears say a week later. The reason is, the redness and minor inflammation around the hairline highlights the line and can make it look a bit sharper than it really is. Once the redness and pigment settle into the skin and scab over, the hairline should appear softer, and less sharp- because the underlying skin has now healed. (that of course is if the practitioner did the right job). It could very well be that the provider he had in New Dehli did not do a good job - i do not know without photos. in sum Scar5, its not as simple as a "railway built in the sand". When you are dealing with pigment and skin it is important to understand how skin heals after minor trauma. Hope that helps answer your question. Matt
  3. Abhimanyu i would need to see a couple of photos to determine if its standard or if there is something wrong. sometimes hairlines can look a little harsh and sharp for a few days, but tend to settle within a week and soften. But that depends on how your practitioner designed and pigmented the hairline. There is quite a bit of skill needed to create a natural looking hairline.
  4. Hi gentlemen I wanted to share with you some photos of a client of mine who has just completed his 2nd session. But instead of sharing the usual final settled transformation, i wanted to show you a couple of detailed photos of what scalp micropigmentation SHOULD look like after 1 session, and what it looks like immediately after the 2nd session. These photos show the typical redness (which goes away in 2-3 days), but also how a client is able to make changes during his session, and what the process looks like from an SMP provider: The 1st picture shows my client after 1 completed session & immediately before we got started on the 2nd. You'll see he wished to nudge his hairline down a bit. You'll also notice that before his 2nd session there isnt as much density and the "dots" may appear more distinct. This is on purpose!. You'll see in the after 2nd session photo that the density is closed much more, creating a fuller look. You'll also notice redness and a small bit of inflammation around the follicle deposits. This is also normal and will die down quickly. The 2nd picture is similar to the first, but shows it from a profile angle. The same is true as youll see he wished to nudge forward the hairline and profile line. You'll see the 2nd session added further density...and youll notice redness well into his own existing hair, which demonstrates the blending which is so important. The final picture is a typical before and after showing what the treatment looks like immediately after his 2nd session. He chose a natural hairline with a bit of broken and softness. These pictures im showing arent the prettiest, and thats the point. They show redness, tiny scabbing, and a bit more distinct "dots" then what will heal to the final look 3-5 days post session. Hopefully this helps those considering SMP to understand why it is so important to follow a 2-3 session process. Each sessions adds density, allows for modifications, and keeps you in control! Best Matt
  5. trapps, yes it is something ive been offering here and there to clients wishing to fill in some patchiness in the beard, moustache, or sideburns. How do you like what you had done? -Matt
  6. Wibbles, Sorry for the late reply, i havent checked on here in a bit. From looking at your pictures i would recommend you sporting a short buzzed hair type look. You have a great amount of hair left, but appear to be starting thinning in the crown. If you kept your hair at that current length in the picture, SMP could marginally help create an illusion of thicker hair by eliminating some scalp color, but i think you would look fantastic with a short buzzed look. Because of the amount of hair you have left, adding a bit of smp through thin areas and cutting down to say a little less than 1mm would give you a cropped look that would work well. totally bald guys need t shave close to the skin, because you have even growth up top, you can get away with a touch more growth. id recommend you staying behind the hairline for now. -Matt
  7. Hi guys I posted this before/after in another popular forum, but wanted to share some results of a client of mine who wanted to cover his transplant scars, but also leave his hair a bit longer. Most clients are recommended to cut the hair shorter for ideal camouflage...but it is certainly possible to get a good concealment even at a longer hair length...check attached:
  8. Hey wibbles It is definitely possible to do SMP with longer hair. The reason sometimes its more difficult than others is depending on the density of the amount of hair remaining. Its easier to navigate a micro needle around thinner sparser hair, but in areas that are a bit more dense, it would be harder to navigate and also puncture the skin correctly. Having worked for HIS for a time, the idea behind their approach is to cut the hair a bit shorter and cover the whole scalp, this way you have an even appearance throuhgout. Sometimes when leaving the hair longer during and SMP session, the practitioner might not be able to see the "whole picture" and possibly miss some areas of the scalp due to remaining hair acting as a barrier. Hope that makes sense -Matt
  9. Hi Bizz during my time at HIS i worked alongside a gentlemen named John out of San Francisco clinic. He is capable of performing some great scar work. I have since moved on from HIS to my own clinic, but if hes still there you'll be in good hands. if you describe the characteristics of your scar a bit, or send over a photo, i can help assess for you. But i would definitely stop into the San Fran clinic and meet with John. -Matt
  10. no i did not, you can private message me with your questions and ill be happy to answer.
  11. Hey Cormack, what kind of questions do you have? Ill be happy to try and help. I have had the treatment on myself for almost 5 years and am also an SMP practitioner, so hopefully i can offer both perspectives... your mock up looks good by the way, its a naturally curved and broken hairline..
  12. Thanks a lot for the nice words Home, much appreciated. I think between Nicole and I, and the numerous SMP clients on here, there are some knowledgable voices that can help people thinking about SMP make an informed and educated decision! -Matt
  13. Hey KRX SMP can be a great solution for young guys starting to thin and lose their hair. I actually had my procedure when i was 22 (now 27). I had more hair at 22 so the smp acted as a thickener and added density, i was able to get away with a short buzzed "3d" look. As i lost more hair, it was an easy transition because i was able to fall back on the SMP that was already pigmented, meaning the only change was having to cut my hair a bit more frequently. If you are to do SMP, i'd recommend staying close to your existing hair line (you can modify it a bit) and then using the pigmentation to add density throughout the rest of the scalp. For now youll be able to get away with a bit more growth than say a NW7 would, and if mother nature decided to take more hair, well youll have that SMP as a security and itll be an easy transition. Photos will help, if you dont mind, share one of the front and top of head and ill be happy to take a look. -Matt