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  1. I'm sure about that. Internet is a great hole of knowledge but also of misunderstandings. Thanks
  2. I apreciatte your frankness, man. I've been very calm till a couple of weeks ago. Now I'll be pacient again waiting for growth.
  3. Thanks KO I had heard of this studio once I started to read about this topic, some weeks ago. Then I read some doctor opinion suggesting that too much caffeine can lead to a poor growth in the post op period and I thought maybe I started too soon with caffeine and beers (5 days). It really helps to come here and receive some support and advices to remember that I have to keep calm and have pacience. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your opinion Londo81. I'm probably freaking out but you know it can be hard go throw all the shedding and wait for the growth. The thing is latetly I've had some stress because of a new job and I'm rather sensitive to caffeine but i needed it . Then you go to the internet and read all kind of things about coffee, alcohol related with HT. I hope you're right here.
  5. I'm about my 9th week post op, going through the ugly duckling stage where all the hair transplanted have gone on shedding. I remember that i started drinking some beer and coke about 4-5 days after the procedure (and i've been out of it about 4 days before of it). Do you think is enough time? I haven't seen any bleeding after the surgery and my grafts started to shed only after 15 days, and specially after a month. This bigger amount of shedding (4-8 weeks after) coincide with a time where I started to drink quite amount of coffee (let's say 2-3 little cups per day) but not alcohol. Now I'm moderating caffeine because I'm scared of being contributing to a poor rate of future growth. Can caffeine a month after surgery ruin growth or accelerate shedding?
  6. Thanks again, Future_HT_Doc Maybe these hairs that haven't fall down (and they aren't growing in length either) are entering now in dormant phase and, if they actually don't fall in the next wees they will be pushed out for a new hair when anagen phase starts. I guess it's hard to go through these previous stages before growing comes in. Everything is in change and in decline. Thanks (By the way, I'm not very concerned about these spots. Don't seems nothing to be worried about).
  7. Hello everyone, Last week I posted about shaving 2-3 weeks post op (with an electric clipper). Now I have some other question/thread to share with you: We all know the rule is that in the first month after your HT you're going to shed most of the new implanted hairs as they entered in the telogeon phase. This is being true for me now I'm close to my 4th week post op. But! the remaining hairs that haven't fallen down don't seem to grow as fast as the non transplanted ones. I mean, some hairs are not falling but they aren't growing in length either. They just remain short. Is it normal or a matter of concern? What is expected to happen with them? At last, I have noticed two implanted follicles that have attached to the scalp a litle black point in the root. But I have not scabs at all as I've been showering properly since day 10th. Do you know what is this? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply. It does help. What scared me was this little pain and the fact of having applied heat in the area in contact. This is my first HT.
  9. Hello people. This is my thread: :confused: Is it safe for grafts survival to shave down with no guard (0) about 2-3 weeks post op? I did it yesterday (18th day) since my scalp is I would say almost completely healed and with no scabs at all. Being said that, I feel some part of the recipient area where maybe I put some strength or contact with the skin a little bit sensitive, like numbness. I was carefully, though. I'm afraid that the electric clipper may be rather hot (I mean, hot for a healing post op skin but not hot as hell. You know how this clippers overheat a little bit when using) in contact with skin at one point, although this time was minimum. Is this heat risky for grafts survival? I'm starting to shed but, beyond this, I think everything is going well. I mean, I don't have redness because of the haircut or swelling. It just freaked me out this little pain and the fact of reading about sunburnings (I mean, excesive hot directly to the scalp). Should I worry? On the other hand, I'm very surprised because when I was trying to read other similar experiences about shaving down soon after post op, I read that in beard (facial) transplants you are able to shave (with razor!) at day 9. I wonder if that is not too irritating and much worse that I did. Let's say that it calmed me dow thinking about that. Or is it different based on the sort of hair transplantation?
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