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  1. Mic2010, after two procedures and long term consistent use of propecia / minoxidil what makes you suggest i would want/require future surgeries? Precise number of grafts / grafts remaining i will confirm when documenting my second procedure.
  2. Im have now secured a date and confirmed my smaller second procedure with Dr Reddy, almost 4 years to the day since my first procedure. This smaller procedure will be approx 1500 grafts to slightly close the temple angle and improve frontal density. I will post some pre and post op pics if anyone is interested in my exciting second journey with Dr Reddy Harry
  3. Mic2010 Yes i was on Fin to begin with for the first 18months post surgery. I then decided to come off it (for no reason whatsoever) I'm still unsure why i did. I guess i got complacent and my results lead me into a false sense of security that i had 'cured' my hair loss. I didn't notice any difference until around 6months of being off the fin, i then started to see some thinning in the area behind the transplant. (Scalp slightly visible in daylight etc..) I am now back on fin 1mg daily and have been for the last 5months, I'm happy to say i have already started to see that area thicken
  4. I thought i would come back to the forum and update my thread from my first procedure which was 3 years ago now! Time really does fly! Im still over the moon with my results and have been in regular contact with Dr Reddy over the last 3 years. Im now looking to book in for a smaller procedure that will concentrate on my temple angle closure. Something we planned for when we did the initial FUE. I will post further updates and share my experience once i secured dates with the Dr. Thanks
  5. 21 months post op. I have included a 'close up' as requested. As for people noticing? Not one person has even suspected, and even if they did or approached me and asked, i would tell them absolutely. There is nothing to be ashamed about? Im proud of my decision and for me you cannot put a price on happiness and confidence. Again full credit to Dr Reddy for the natural looking results.
  6. Hi All, pictures are a little later than 12months, here are am today at 21 months since the procedure with Dr Reddy. I cannot believe how time has flown by. There isn't a day now (especially windy ones) that I'm paranoid about my hair or hairline. I hope the pics are enough, and please let me know if you have any questions. Im not on any meds, in the early stages 4 weeks post op i used Regaine, i did use Propecia before during and immediately after. I haven't used anything now for the last 10months, and I'm kinda happy that way to be honest.
  7. Thanks all for your kind comments. I haven't logged in for quite a while now, but I'm about to have my 12month post op review with Dr Reddy. I will post some 12months post op pictures too. Thanks
  8. Sure. I have been taking Propecia (finasteride) 1mg daily since January this year. I also use Regaine Foam extra strength 5% twice daily. Started two-three weeks post surgery
  9. Thanks London81, good luck with the growth. The time goes pretty quick if you let it. Just relax and let the hair/meds do the work.
  10. Thanks Patrick. Yes im sure you have it all to come! The key thing throughout this process for me was a smile on my face, not worrying about it at all! Look forward to checking your updates if you plan to post your progress!
  11. Thanks for the positive feedback guys. Its really pleasing. All credit to Dr Reddy, he really has a talent in FUE! I couldn't recommend him highly enough! Considering FUE & TK - The cost averaged at ?4 per graft. (x2500) Not cheap, however I would be very concerned about anyone considering a HT looking for the cheapest option. Loags - I'm not sure I agree with you and I have attached some more pics taken today. You may change your opinion. I'm only just over the 6months mark too, so im sure i have more growing & development to come....
  12. Thanks Mikeey. Yes I started to take Propecia prior to surgery and remain on it and I have been using Minoxidil daily since around week 3 post op.
  13. Thanks for the positive comments. Yes only just over the 6 month mark so hopefully more growing! Try not to worry. I tried hard for the first one to two months not to look at my hair too much. Just relax and remember that everyday that passes means your closer to your end result! Good luck with your journey and I hope you see some nice growth in the coming months.
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