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  1. Hey all, I've been using a Propecia (Finasteride ) for a few years now, and no issues. *I'm from Austrailia. I would like to look at options of buying it online cheaper, does anybody have any reccommed stores? Thanks.....
  2. I'm from Australia too, yeah, traveling overseas is the way to go.
  3. 6+ months is the way to go
  4. lowlux88

    Cutting Finasteride

    I know alot of people cut Finasterdie 5mg into 4x1.25mg. My question is how often do you cut? (do you cut every 4 days? or do you cut up a supply for a few weeks?). I been told you should cut up every 4 days and use, if you cut up more Finasterdie than that you may loose its effectiveness What are people experiences with this?
  5. So if someone had a FUE and they wanted to color they hair. What would be classed as a safe period?
  6. I recommend using Aloe Ver gel, and lots of it (I used it twice a day). Only took 2 or so month and pretty much all redness was gone!
  7. Aloe Vera gel, and lots of it!
  8. lowlux88

    how do i send a pm?

    Hi Bill, can you allow me to send private messages? (if you think i'm a spammer your welcome to question me)
  9. lowlux88

    Is direct messaging disabled on this website?

    Hi Webmaster, can you allow me to send private messages? (if you think i'm a spammer your welcome to question me)
  10. How many post are need to send private messages?
  11. lowlux88

    Donor area

    Read below Dr. Hakan Doganay Hair Transplant Surgeon in Antalya, Turkey
  12. Agreed, thanks for the thread