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  1. I agree with you. I'm going to push the doc on this when I go for my washing in a few hours. I'm not worried about the procedure for the extra 150ish grafts or so, I'm more worried about it being closer to my flight, post op care etc. But how much swelling/care will be needed for a small 150 grafts? I'm not a doctor but I would imagine 150 grafts shouldn't cause me too much pain or inconvenience with anything or my flight.
  2. Thank you all for you insight, advice and guidance. I do feel more at ease with the feedback received. I definately can see how a little asymmetry can give a more natural appearance/result. No one has a perfectly straight hairline and we all have seen the unnatural looking results of those. But mine feels too asymmetrical to me. Right now with the head shaved the asymmetry is quite pronounced and noticeable, do you guys think that when the hair starts growing in 6 to 8 months it will just look more natural and not as pronounced? When the hair gets long on the on the right side will it give the illusion of being slightly lower? I'm on day 2 post OP now and flying back home in exactly two days. I'm a little uneasy about having more work done if its gonna be a huge ordeal as pkipling mentioned. I figure if I do decide to add the grafts it shouldn't take the doc too long and I probably don't need to go through everything that we did for the whole large procedure. Will adding 150 grafts to that small region be a big deal? I'll be flying a long haul flight back home of 14 hours and am gonna get this sorted before I leave.
  3. Thank you for the response. I really want to push for the doc to do this but at the same time don't want make things worse. Any other suggestions?
  4. Hi all, I have flew overseas and completed my procedure yesterday but when i came back to the hotel after the procedure, I noticed that the right side of my hairline is noticeably higher. I brought this up with the doc this morning and he advised that it is higher due to swelling and also that nothing can be at this point because more hairline work will increase the chances of swelling and bleeding. I am here for two more days until I fly back home, do you think I should push the doc to even out the right side? I don't want to run too much risk to the work thats already been done, but I would be thrilled to have this fixed and complete my journey for now. I figure it shouldn't be more than 100 to 150 grafts to the right side. I have attached pics, all advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi All, After many years of research I am finally having my procedure next week in India. I understand that my surgeon will play a large part in the success of my procedure, however I was wondering if there is anything I can do on my end to ensure the best result. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I've been losing hair since I was 20 years old starting at the temple points. I got on fin and min at 23 and stopped at 25 because I felt it wasn't working anymore. Big mistake! I recently got back on in October 2017.
  7. This is all good info. I've been quoted between 1,000 and 2,000 from different doctors. I was figuring I would be in the 1,500 range. Any other opinions would be appreciated.
  8. I would want it to be as dense as what I currently have up top. Ideally to blend in to the thicker parts of what I have already. I don't think I would want to go super dense to a point where the hair is extremely thick in the front as that wouldn't be a good look for future loss. Also I'll be turning 27 next week.
  9. Hi All, I have gone back and forth a few times in my hair loss journey on deciding to get an ht or not. 4 months ago I was really eager to get an ht and get on with life but I decided to hop back on fin and min and wait it out a few more months. I feel now i'm at a point where I truly need to get an ht done and move on for now. That being said I have attached some pictures of my current state (wet & dry hair). Based on these pictures how many fue grafts would you think i need? I do understand this doesn't replace the need for an in person consultation, but a range or idea would be helpful. All feedback is greatly appreciated!
  10. Currrently, I have taken for fin for 3 months (proscar 1.25 Mon/Wed/Fri) and have seen some growth and no sides. Would there be any advantages to increasing the dosage to 1.25/daily for a 6 month cycle to increase growth? After the 6 months I would go back to the 1.25 Mon/Wed/Fri schedule. What are your thoughts guys?
  11. Thanks for your help MayiraP0chu ! I am going to pick up my prescription this evening and get on fin asap. I am going to take a few days to make my decision on whether I should wait or get it done in mid December. An HT is something I have thought about for 5 years and I have been able to rationalize against it during those years. Through trying different medications and different hair styles I was able to argue against a hair transplant and say "its not so bad, I can live with this". Now its at a point where it is difficult to say that lol.
  12. That does make sense and it is definitely something to think about. I am just not sure if want to wait another year. Ideally I was planning on getting the procedure done in mid December and using the Christmas holidays as recovery time before going back to work in the new year. I have used both fin and minoxidil before for a couple of years but stopped due to feeling it just wasn't working anymore. Boy was I wrong! Do you think it is worth going forward with a December procedure if I hop on fin immediately. Thank you for understanding that I am at a point in my life where I just prefer not to wait any longer to take control of this situation.
  13. Thank you for all of the advice Shera! It has been one month since I have started minoxidil and I am planning to add oral or topical fin to my hair restoration regimine. In your opinion would it be okay to proceed with an ht while starting these medications or would you recommend waiting till these medications have yielded some results? Personally I do not want to wait for results from these medications as it will just add more time and stress in achieving a desired result. I would rather just get the ball rolling and have everything going simultaneously to achieve a desirable result within a decent time frame.
  14. Hi MayiraP0chu Thank you for your advice! I will be going the FUE route. That would be ideal if I can buzz it down to a level two and then take two weeks off to recover and look somewhat normal. I have attached some pictures from a month ago and I have sort drawn a draft hairline to display my expectations. I am not looking to lower my hairline much, but I am looking to fill in the temples and add some density to the frontal area. Again these pictures are from a month ago and I started minoxidil shortly after so I currently am a little thinner than in the pictures due to the initial shed from minoxidil. I have consulted quite a few doctors and the consensus is I would need between 1000 and 1500 grafts based on what I want to achieve. That is correct, cost is a factor for me. There are some amazing doctors in Canada who have proved some excellent results. However, due to cost I must go overseas. I understand that often lower prices are perceived as lower quality and that when making a decision like this cost should not be a deciding factor, however the price gap between Canada and overseas is huge. Also, there are many amazing results that I have seen performed by overseas docs. All that being said, I am considering Dr. Bhatti for my procedure but I am working out all the details on my end before confirming a date.
  15. Hi All, I am on my hair restoration journey and am looking for any advice that can be given. Any help is greatly appreciated! I have done tons of research and I am in the process of booking my first hair transplant. I am considering having the procedure done in India and wondering what I should consider when planning the trip over from Canada. How long should I plan on staying in India after the procedure? How many days should I estimate to travel and come back to Canada? How soon can I go back to work with minimal questions regarding my new shaved head lol? Is 10 days too soon to go back to work after the procedure? I thank you all for your help/feedback!