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  1. It was FUE, I'll run it by my Doc to be sure. Thanks for your advice!
  2. I'm 4 months post op and I'm an avid hockey player. Haven't played due to the HT and wondering if it would be okay for me to put on a helmet now? I usually play once a week for about an hour with a helmet on.
  3. Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo is what was given to me
  4. Quick update at the three month mark. Native hair has grown back and looking like I'm starting to get out of the ugly duckling phase. Hoping for more hairs to sprout and thicken in the midscalp plus hairline in the next 3 months to come.
  5. 45 days post op. Def in the ugly duckling stage and have shed a lot of hair. Gonna buzz the hair down tom to even things out. Continuing on min and fin daily.
  6. I did end up using it with no issues. I just made sure to wash it out at the end of the day.
  7. Hi Guys, I want to thank you all for you feedback on this. I did end up getting this one side fixed before I left to go back home. The doc was very understanding when I approached him again and did the minor adjustment right away. See the pic below for before and the after pu the adjustment done. For those who are interested, you can follow my journey here:
  8. Hi all, I'm 25 days post op and I'm wondering when it would be safe to get a haircut? Right now my sides and back are thicker and longer than the transplanted area giving an uneven appearance. Is it okay to at least trim down the back and sides to even everything out? Should I not touch the transplanted area? Pics below.
  9. Some 3 week post op photos. All of the scabs came off on the 14th day. A fair number of hairs were also attached to the scabs. Dr. Bhatti assured me this was normal and that the hairs will regrow as they are still planted beneath the skin. I'm heading back to work soon and I'm thinking about using some toppik on the transplanted area to blend in with the rest of the scalp. Anybody think this is a bad idea?
  10. Hi Gasthoerer, The plan is to preserve and maintain the crown area as well as the conservative hairline constructed with regular use of fin/min. I purposely did not go too aggressive with the hairline and did not get any temple points done because I don't want to play catch up in the future. I didnt want to have to deal with potential patches in case the temples went back more or if the native hair on top completely thins. I feel I can maintain the crown/new hairline with meds and worst case i can go for another ht for added density on top to maintain this look. I did consult with a lot of Canadian and American clinics, but I couldn't justify spending 18-20k on a ht. It didnt make sense to me to spend that much money while knowing that a equally qualified Dr. Bhatti could do the same procedure for a more reasonable price. Secondly, my family is originally from India so I felt comfortable going there to have this procedure done. It didnt feel intimidating to go to India as it's a familiar place for me.
  11. Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my experience and give back to the community as the forums have helped me greatly over the years. I am 27 years old and have been gradually losing my hair since I was 20. Mainly the frontal area is where the loss has been the most. I have been on/off fin and min. I recently flew out from Vancouver, Canada to Chandigarh, India to have Dr. Bhatti address my frontal area with 1985 grafts. Everything was professional and went smoothly. I won't go into extreme detail and will let my progress/results do the talking. That being said, I am happy to answer any questions and will answer with as much detail as possible! I have attached pre, post, and 10 day post op photos.
  12. I agree with you. I'm going to push the doc on this when I go for my washing in a few hours. I'm not worried about the procedure for the extra 150ish grafts or so, I'm more worried about it being closer to my flight, post op care etc. But how much swelling/care will be needed for a small 150 grafts? I'm not a doctor but I would imagine 150 grafts shouldn't cause me too much pain or inconvenience with anything or my flight.
  13. Thank you all for you insight, advice and guidance. I do feel more at ease with the feedback received. I definately can see how a little asymmetry can give a more natural appearance/result. No one has a perfectly straight hairline and we all have seen the unnatural looking results of those. But mine feels too asymmetrical to me. Right now with the head shaved the asymmetry is quite pronounced and noticeable, do you guys think that when the hair starts growing in 6 to 8 months it will just look more natural and not as pronounced? When the hair gets long on the on the right side will it give the illusion of being slightly lower? I'm on day 2 post OP now and flying back home in exactly two days. I'm a little uneasy about having more work done if its gonna be a huge ordeal as pkipling mentioned. I figure if I do decide to add the grafts it shouldn't take the doc too long and I probably don't need to go through everything that we did for the whole large procedure. Will adding 150 grafts to that small region be a big deal? I'll be flying a long haul flight back home of 14 hours and am gonna get this sorted before I leave.
  14. Thank you for the response. I really want to push for the doc to do this but at the same time don't want make things worse. Any other suggestions?