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  1. your density looks very similar to mine after my 3200 grafts. I am in the process of deciding to go back to fill in the hair line. Im not sure how I would deal with going to work post operatively and if the results will be worth it. I hope it goes well for you.
  2. One of the things I will say about when I consulted with DrKoray is there wasn’t a lot of dialogue back and forth. My consultation took place in the waiting room with other patients and staff. I think a lot of it had to do with the language barrier but he basically walked in the room, looks at your scalp, says you need x amount of grafts and that’s pretty much it. The only thing I really said was I want a mature hairline, and would prefer a higher density rather than lowering my hairline too much. Afterwards he then uses a laser level type device to create a hairline and draws it on with a marker. Based on that, my assumption is that, given his expertise, that is the hairline and number of grafts required to give the illusion of a full head of hair.
  3. Also I had repair work with Konior and the results were really good. The area where he removed hair and scar tissue looked like normal forehead after the grafts were removed. It is expensive though.
  4. What about Fraxel. The tissue where you had implanted hairs is not like “normal” scalp after having hairs implanted. At least mine isn’t. There is scar tissue which is probably why that area of your scalp doesn’t tan and generally has a different appearance. Fraxel might be an option to reduce the scarring but it won’t kill the hair follicle.
  5. I just want to clarify, like I said in my initial post , I think the procedure was not a total failure. I do have increased density, but I think I expected to have a thicker hairline. I just don’t like not being able expose my hairline. I am contacting asmed to discuss the results and see what they think and how I should proceed. I think that with a touch up procedure to my hairline the results can be really good. I just hope I have sufficient grafts left!
  6. I have emailed Asmed basically just saying that I would like to discuss my results and the possibility of a follow up procedure because my results are not acceptable. However, I emailed their “customer service” email. In the past, emails never go to the doctor himself and you interact with some assistant. I went through a lot to have the original procedure. Flying to Turkey, taking time off from work, having to go months with a terrible looking hair line was draining. It’s depressing because I did a lot of research and genuinely thought I was going to one of, if not THE best clinic for fue in the world. That’s not to mention the money spent. All that to still be left with a pluggy hairline and a bad comb over....I have limited grafts left at this point. If I did go through this again I would want to know that asmed has their best working to ensure I have the best results possible. Asmed says they guarantee their results and it will be interesting to see what they say. Any thoughts on how many grafts placed at my hairline I would need to give an illusion of density?
  7. I think it is just the lighting, although I do think I have had some persistent pink discoloration ever since my first ht
  8. For clarification the photos with the “asmed” background(the last two) are pre op pics. The first three are post op from a few days ago
  9. He did move it down a little, but I wanted better density at my hairline. Like you said there is not much of a difference now compared to before. If I try and style my hair back the hairline looks extremely thin and unnatural. I’m forced to comb my hair forward.
  10. Hello, I had a FUE by Dr. Erdogan in February of 2017 and it has been nearly 20 months at this time and wanted to ask a few questions and see what people think. I am a little dissapointed in my results. That is not to say that my results are a total failure, but my main goal going into this procedure was to fix my hairline. I had a botched FUT in 2013 in Colorado. I then had a repair and small FUE with Dr. Konior in 2014. I then had 3200 graft FUE with Dr. Erdogan in 2/2017. I think if money was no object I would have gone with Konior for my last FUE but all the research I had done suggested that the best FUE results were coming out of turkey, in particular Dr. Erdogan. Also, when I had my FUE with Dr. Konior, extractions were done with a rotary tool, something like a power drill type device and I was lead to believe that manual punch extraction was in some way better. Regardless of my reasoning I am here now, and must move forward and deal with the situation. My problem is that I still have a very think hairline, and have to comb my hair in such a way as to cover my hairline. All I want is to be able to brush my hair back and not have a very odd, thin hairline. I have not contacted the clinic for follow up. At this point I would like other peoples thoughts on how to move forward. I do not think my hairline will thicken up enough to avoid needing another procedure. I am thinking of contacting Hasson and Wong or another person a little closer to home. Anyhow thoughts and suggestions are welcome. I posted a before and after pic and have many more pics I can post if people would like.
  11. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/176626-miserable-experience-terrible-results-cschi-colorado-surgical-center-hair-i.html
  12. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/176690-i-also-butchered-colorado-surgical-center-hair-institute.html
  13. currently in the "ugly duckling" phase. Shedded the new grafts and have had some of them start to grow already but mostly waiting for them to enter the growth phase. Otherwise head is completely healed up. I will say that I have very very minimal shock loss, perhaps not really any.
  14. Stay away from this clinic. I went there and as you can see from my avatar photo they left me with a huge "zipper" scar in the back of my head from the strip removal. It was supposed to be a trichophytic closure but the scar is nearly a cm or more wide. They only removed 1600 grafts so it wasnt even that large of a procedure. I have since consulted with 3 other IAHRS all of which have concluded that my scar is the results of an extremely unexperienced surgeon who did not perform the incisions correctly and put the sutures in so tightly that hair was killed off by restriction of blood flow. In addition many of the grafts did not survive and they used a tech who placed the incisions in the recipient area as well as the grafts in the recipient area. Nearly all the grafts were placed too deeply leaving pitting scars in the front of my head and a large ridge of scar tissue. The physicians they use are not surgeons at all. Gerald searle who performed my strip removal was indicted for running a large marijuana scheme, and James Boland was writing medical mariijuana prescriptions until he was nearly shut down as well. Their website mentions 20 years of experience but it is just not true. actually it is a flat out lie. STAY AWAY FROM COLORADO SURGICAL CENTER AND HAIR INSTITUTE. THEY ARE DECEPTIVE AND WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND BUTCHER YOUR HEAD.
  15. Im calling you out Rickibobbi. You are clearly Chris Mcyntire the office manager who runs or owns this place. When I called on 10/27 and identified myself you knew right away who I was based on the dialogue we have had in this thread , and even used the same term "stretchback scar". Coming on this forum and pretending to be a physician who went to CHI and had "great work" is deceptive practice at best. Like we discussed on the phone if you want to either refund my money or pay for a IAHRS physician to correct the damage done I will post that here and comment on how you did the right thing. Until then.... STAY AWAY FROM COLORADO SURGICAL CENTER AND HAIR INSTITUTE. THEY WILL BUTCHER YOUR HEAD AND LEAVE YOU PERMANENTLY WORSE OFF. Oh and I thought you were board certified in "ER surgery", now its emergency medicine? considering that ER surgery is not a specialty that exists, and no emergency medicine doctor would make that odd mistake of identifying themselves as an "ER surgery" doctor I again am calling you out as totally full of crap. But I bet that you think that makes you sound more credible. Anything to get people in the door eh Chris?
  16. I would look into SMP. My brother is a norwood 7 and consulted with a few top notch surgeons all who felt SMP would probably give adequate results and were not comfortable attempting surgery. AT MOST, I would consider a tiny FUE session to create a frontal hairline which could help accentuate the illusion of hair in combination with SMP. Dont jump into anything. The last thing you want to do is find someone willing to take your money, undergo a surgery that leaves you looking worse than before and in a situation where you cannot go back to shaving your head, but are not happy growing your hair out either. I used to shave my head due to a receding hairline (NW3-4), and I have a good shaped head and looked good with a shaved head. I wanted to grow my hair out though to cover an old scar from having cancer in my skull and ended up going to a terrible hair transplant center that left me way, way worse off than before I had the hair transplant. I couldnt shave my head because of the enormous FUT scar and tons of terribly placed pluggy grafts placed in my frontal hairline but growing my hair out looked ridiculous and like I had a really bad combover. I am extremely lucky that I had enough hair and stumbled into this forum and found an amazing surgeon (Dr. Konior) who was able to fix my head but you may not be so lucky. Like I said you dont want to end up worse than you are now, so just take your time and really research your options before doing anything. My brother is dead set that he wants something done, and like you he is a NW7. He flew out to Chicago just to consult with a well known SMP clinic there and is moving forward with SMP in the next two weeks.
  17. Sorry for the long post guys. If you check out my posts or have been following my experience you likely know that I made the horrible mistake of having a 1600 graft FUT session at the colorado surgical center and hair institute that left me with a horrible FUT scar, along with a large ridge of scar tissue in the recipient area along with tons of pitting in the recipient area from placing grafts far too deep..... I opted to go to Dr. K for a consultation and correction, thanks to the information I found on this forum. Dr. Konior is extremely versed in both FUE and FUT. He carefully evaluates each patient and depending on what the patients goals are, donor characteristics, and norwood profile he determines the best approach. After seeing him for a consultation he determined that I would best be served wtih FUE. He felt that my scalp was so tight and the scar was so wide that it would be difficult to do a revision and harvest grafts. He felt FUE into my scar and into my recipient area was the best plan. That way I can shave my head in the future after having my scar repaired. He went above and beyond what needed to be done just during the FUE test. My recipient area had an enormous amount of scar tissue from my first FUT in colorado with pitting and a large ridge of scar tissue in my frontal hairline along with very pluggy looking grafts from 3 and 4 unit grafts being placed in my fontal hairline. Many if not most of the grafts placed in Colorado were placed far too deeply as well creating large divits or pits that were very noticeble. Anyhow, during the FUE test he decided to relocate around 40 of the pluggy frontal grafts and remove some of the scar tissue as well just to make sure I would heal properly ( in addition to testing 3 different donor zones in the back of my head). I can remember hearing his techs saying "your going to do more?" , and he just kept going. It was like a little baby FUE session. He had me come back the following morning to monitor my inflammatory response. I am also a physician and am about to start a new job November 1st and he was extremely sympathetic and understood how it would be difficult to appear professional with my head being so scarred with my previous scar from cancer and then all the damage done from my botched FUT. After some consideration he was extremely kind and offered to cancel part of his vacation to do my procedure October 6th so that I could go back to work with the procedure already done and appear fairly normal. (his first normal opening was middle of January 2015). I jumped on the opportunity to come back the 6th. The procedure was extremely clean. He initially recommended only 1000 graft FUE and also felt that my hairline needed to be revised from the previous FUT, and so he was going to remove 100-200 of the pluggy grafts in my frontal hairline and move those further back into my temples for density. He ended up doing around 1450 graft FUE and relocated around 100 of the worst looking frontal grafts and created a new hairline. All I can say is the results are amazing. The donor area is healing nicely, and the recipient area is classic Konior. Very little swelling, my new hairline is seriously amazing. I honestly cannot believe how he was able to get such great results with only 1450 grafts. He removed most of the pitting, he removed tons of scar tissue so my hairline basically looks normal again. When I first saw the results post op I was literally baffled. My brother picked me up from the airport and was so impressed he consulted with Dr. Konior the very same day. I think that Dr. K thinks that FUT overall is able to yield larger sessions and that he is skilled enough that he can usually leave a very minimal scar. If I could have I would have gone FUT but because of the damage done during my previous FUT I had developed a tight scalp that he felt was not amenable to another FUT or scar revision. The bottom line is Dr. Konior is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been doing hair transplants exclusively since the 90's. Each case is a reflection of his skill and he is not willing to compromise his perfect reputation or a persons head on any case. He actually told my brother that he is not willing to do either an FUE or FUT because my brother is too advanced. He will only do what is going to yield the very best results whether that be FUE or FUT. if you end up going FUE with him I can assuredly say you are in the very best hands. And I am in no way a rep for him, Im just a guy who had amazing results. If you have any other questions feel free to message me.
  18. I actually had a procedure at the colorado surgical center. And they completely Fu$%#^d up my head. I went to TWO independant IAHRS who BOTH said my results are terrible and I got butchered. They BOTH said the results are outside of what can be expected or allowed. They BOTH said I should consider litigation and at least discuss having this clinic pay for a corrective procedure. The ONLY results posted by people on this forum show HORRIBLE results from this clinic. Then two people with essentially no history come on talking about how great this clinic is. What a freaking joke. Lets state the facts here. 1) They clearly lie on their website stating that "their surgeons have over 20 years experience" when they use some osteopath who doesnt even have 3 years experience with hair restoration surgery and isnt even a surgeon. He was writing marijuana scripts until he was nearly shut down but the state a few years ago. 2) previous "surgeon" Gerald Searle was indicted for a large medical marijuana scam... 3) The ONLY results independantly posted show horrendous results of people who were left worse off than when they started. Me being one of them. 4) NOBODY has EVER posted any results or positive experiences of this clinic..... You will have to excuse me if I think you are full of S%^$......And what exactly did you say your certification was in? ER surgery? Thats not a board certified specialty......Rickibobbi= FOS!!! Again STAY AWAY FROM THE COLORADO SURGICAL CENTER & HAIR INSTITUTE
  19. why would a double board certified surgeon be interested in going to a place with 2$ grafts? Im an internist and I make plenty of money to afford the best. I went to this chop shop when I was a broke medical resident and couldn't afford the best otherwise I would never have gone there in the first place.... Jim Boland was writing medical marijuana scripts and has been evaluated for questionable practices..... I dont know any doctor that would go to this place especially a surgeon who makes plenty of money when they could go to someone like Dr. Konior who is a trained surgeon with fellowship in plastics. A true surgeon would know and understand how much more capable a plastic surgeon would be at performing surgical procedures than some guy who was writing medical marijuana scripts until 2013......I am suspicious of you coming on to this forum and talking about how great this clinic is with no history, almost as if you are working for them. I will contact the Colorado surgical center and hair institute and discuss rectifying the situation as I mentioned in previous posts. If they are fair and want to pay for my zipper scar and ridiculous hair line to be fixed then I will post that here, but when they say their surgeons have "20 years experience" and they are using a Dr who has less than 2 years experience and are experimenting on peoples scalps to learn the trade that is wrong and people need to know about it....
  20. who is the surgeon? A scar revision takes a lot of skill and after they left me with an enormous, over 1cm wide, FUT strip scar after a "trichophytic closure", I am less than confident in their capacity to perform what is likely even more difficult of a procedure. I could end up worse.....I would be interested to see your pictures of your strip revision and also find out who performed your procedure. For me at this point, Im going to Dr. Konior. Tired of F*&^% around with my head and want the best, 1 time, and done.....
  21. please stay away from Colorado surgical center & hair institute. I had a FUT done there and was left with a large zipper like scar when I was told I was receiving a trichophytic closure. the scar is well over a cm wide with no hair growing through. Less than half the grafts survived, and my recipient area has been left with "pock mark" scarring along with permanent shock loss. They lied and told me that their surgeons have over 20 years experience when they were using a doc named Gerald Searle who had at best 1-2 years experience and was basically experimenting on patients heads to learn the trade. They use techs with very little experience to place the grafts. Just STAY THE HELL AWAY.... Gerald Searle was also indicted for running some large marijuana scheme and is no way invested in hair restoration medicine......
  22. Gaveitashot who removed your strip? I think by August Gerald Searle was already indicted and likely not practicing there any longer and they dont mention who they are using as their "surgeon" any longer. No way in hell they are using lateral slit technique. I supposedly had a trichophytic closure and my scar is over a cm wide with no hair growing through. It seems that the people that went to this place when they had just started using searle basically got experimented on so that he could learn what he was doing. Strata was likely one of the first strips harvested by this doc and I went there about 6 months later so even though my results arent as bad as Stratas they arent acceptable. I have consulted with other reputable hair restoration physicians who feel that my results are outside the realm of what can be expected or acceptable and I may be able to pursue litigation. Anyhow, I hope your results are better than mine. good luck.