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  1. your density looks very similar to mine after my 3200 grafts. I am in the process of deciding to go back to fill in the hair line. Im not sure how I would deal with going to work post operatively and if the results will be worth it. I hope it goes well for you.
  2. One of the things I will say about when I consulted with DrKoray is there wasn’t a lot of dialogue back and forth. My consultation took place in the waiting room with other patients and staff. I think a lot of it had to do with the language barrier but he basically walked in the room, looks at your scalp, says you need x amount of grafts and that’s pretty much it. The only thing I really said was I want a mature hairline, and would prefer a higher density rather than lowering my hairline too much. Afterwards he then uses a laser level type device to create a hairline and draws it on with a marker. Based on that, my assumption is that, given his expertise, that is the hairline and number of grafts required to give the illusion of a full head of hair.
  3. Also I had repair work with Konior and the results were really good. The area where he removed hair and scar tissue looked like normal forehead after the grafts were removed. It is expensive though.
  4. What about Fraxel. The tissue where you had implanted hairs is not like “normal” scalp after having hairs implanted. At least mine isn’t. There is scar tissue which is probably why that area of your scalp doesn’t tan and generally has a different appearance. Fraxel might be an option to reduce the scarring but it won’t kill the hair follicle.
  5. I just want to clarify, like I said in my initial post , I think the procedure was not a total failure. I do have increased density, but I think I expected to have a thicker hairline. I just don’t like not being able expose my hairline. I am contacting asmed to discuss the results and see what they think and how I should proceed. I think that with a touch up procedure to my hairline the results can be really good. I just hope I have sufficient grafts left!
  6. I have emailed Asmed basically just saying that I would like to discuss my results and the possibility of a follow up procedure because my results are not acceptable. However, I emailed their “customer service” email. In the past, emails never go to the doctor himself and you interact with some assistant. I went through a lot to have the original procedure. Flying to Turkey, taking time off from work, having to go months with a terrible looking hair line was draining. It’s depressing because I did a lot of research and genuinely thought I was going to one of, if not THE best clinic for fue in the world. That’s not to mention the money spent. All that to still be left with a pluggy hairline and a bad comb over....I have limited grafts left at this point. If I did go through this again I would want to know that asmed has their best working to ensure I have the best results possible. Asmed says they guarantee their results and it will be interesting to see what they say. Any thoughts on how many grafts placed at my hairline I would need to give an illusion of density?
  7. I think it is just the lighting, although I do think I have had some persistent pink discoloration ever since my first ht
  8. For clarification the photos with the “asmed” background(the last two) are pre op pics. The first three are post op from a few days ago
  9. He did move it down a little, but I wanted better density at my hairline. Like you said there is not much of a difference now compared to before. If I try and style my hair back the hairline looks extremely thin and unnatural. I’m forced to comb my hair forward.
  10. Hello, I had a FUE by Dr. Erdogan in February of 2017 and it has been nearly 20 months at this time and wanted to ask a few questions and see what people think. I am a little dissapointed in my results. That is not to say that my results are a total failure, but my main goal going into this procedure was to fix my hairline. I had a botched FUT in 2013 in Colorado. I then had a repair and small FUE with Dr. Konior in 2014. I then had 3200 graft FUE with Dr. Erdogan in 2/2017. I think if money was no object I would have gone with Konior for my last FUE but all the research I had done suggested that the best FUE results were coming out of turkey, in particular Dr. Erdogan. Also, when I had my FUE with Dr. Konior, extractions were done with a rotary tool, something like a power drill type device and I was lead to believe that manual punch extraction was in some way better. Regardless of my reasoning I am here now, and must move forward and deal with the situation. My problem is that I still have a very think hairline, and have to comb my hair in such a way as to cover my hairline. All I want is to be able to brush my hair back and not have a very odd, thin hairline. I have not contacted the clinic for follow up. At this point I would like other peoples thoughts on how to move forward. I do not think my hairline will thicken up enough to avoid needing another procedure. I am thinking of contacting Hasson and Wong or another person a little closer to home. Anyhow thoughts and suggestions are welcome. I posted a before and after pic and have many more pics I can post if people would like.
  11. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/176626-miserable-experience-terrible-results-cschi-colorado-surgical-center-hair-i.html
  12. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/176690-i-also-butchered-colorado-surgical-center-hair-institute.html