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  1. Hi True, I don't want to "Hijack" this thread but Dr. Lorenzo has techs do the extractions and he does all the implantations. I had three surgeries with him and had great yields and complete faith in the techs after seeing the yield from my first surgery. Dr. Lorenzo only does FUE (I'm pretty sure) and it is manual FUE. They use a punch tool for the extractions and an implanter pen.
  2. Dr. Lorenzo is very busy and sometimes doesn't respond immediately unless it is urgent, sometimes only on the weekends. I am a patient of his and definitely would recommend him. When did you fill out the online consultation? I don't feel it is my place to give out Dr. Lorenzo's or Pilar's email if they haven't put them on their website but I would bet you will hear from them soon. I know sometimes they would be at a conference which would slow down their responses also.
  3. Thanks Pete! I am thrilled with my results! Dr. Lorenzo and his team brought me much further than what I thought was possible. I know I still have a few weaknesses (Dr. Lorenzo did say I still had donor left but if I do anything else it wont be for a little while) but from where I came from to where I am now I would have thought would be impossible.
  4. Thanks again Melvin. I have thought about changing my hairstyle. I think a good cut and possible a different style would help a lot. I will admit losing my hair has made me kinda weird in some ways (I always wear a hat) and I haven't had a professional cut in many years, my brother has been the one to cut my hair with a trimmer.
  5. I am posting my pics from before my first surgery to 10 months after my third surgery....this is under very bright lights with no flash....I again really needed a haircut but this gives you an idea, these bright lights are about as harsh as it can get for showing off any weaknesses. This is after a total of three surgeries and 8254 grafts total.
  6. Thanks Melvin! I had three surgeries all done with Dr. Lorenzo. The techs do the extractions (I have complete confidence in all the girls) and Dr. Lorenzo did all the implantations. I did meet Dr. Vila When I was at the clinic, she is very friendly and speaks very good English.
  7. 10 month pics after 3rd surgery
  8. Quick Update These are 10 month pics after my 3rd surgery 1). Before my Fue surgery 2). After my 1st & 2nd Fue Surgery (2751 grafts in the crown and 2802 grafts on top) 3). After my 3rd surgery 2701 grafts I have some other pics I will post later also
  9. farmcat

    Norwood 6 lost cause?

    SMP seems to work pretty well at disguising scars, or even transplanting hair into the scar so it's not so evident when you shave it down.
  10. I think Dr. Lorenzo said I still do have scalp donor left (i don't remember the number) and then of course beard hair......I wouldn't want ANYmore taken from my back, only my sides, but I am hoping I am done for good.....at my age (48 now) and considering where I came from as a NW6 I am lucky to be where I am at now.
  11. Thanks Magnum....It has been a LONG road......really want to put my hair loss and the effects it has had on me behind me....so glad I went for the transplant with Dr. Lorenzo.....I had a couple naysayers telling me I was crazy and to save my money but I am glad I followed through.
  12. Thanks JCS and Pete.....I am thrilled with Dr. Lorenzo and his staff.....they have surpassed what I thought was possible for me.....I have just passed 5 months and am seeing some pretty good growth. I will post pics in a couple months of my last surgery.
  13. Dr. Lorenzo told me during the second surgery that with the area covered it would be a low density result so I wasn't surprised .....the second to the last pics I posted I intentionally tried to show the worst areas because these were my pics I was sending to Dr. Lorenzo before my third surgery.....these pics are under bright lights and with flash. I will post my third surgery post op pics but don't have time right now because I have to leave for work......the donor is starting to look pretty good now after about two and a half months....I was a little worried as it did look pretty thin for awhile.....Dr. Lorenzo didn't remove the mid scalp plugs, just the ones in the hairline.