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  1. thanks for your answers. do you know how long is the grow period of each hair. i think because all grown hairs are transplanted at same day, then they will have simillar grow, rest and shed pattern. then at same time all of them going to shed and regrow. if this is true then it will look that frequently i loss all my hairs and gain again.
  2. HI I had HT around 8 month ago. till now around 60 percent of transplanted hairs are grown and they get thick and long. now when i wash my head or comb my hairs i saw that one or two of those long hairs are shedding. are these hairs fall due to normal rest and grow cycle of hair life? if i should be nervous about that or it is just ok? i myself think that this is normal procedure of one hair life cycle which hairs fall and regrow again? is it right or ...?
  3. hi i sent some pictures which i take two days ago. if you zoom you can see ther is fine hairs on my scalp. now it is 8 month after HT. these fine hairs are appeared about 5 month after HT on my scalp. are they going to grow and get thick. why after 3 month of their birth still they are fine and short. i should say all hairs on my scalp are transplanted and before HT i was totally bald. i mean even one hair was not on my head. is this failure after 8 month. please guide. is there new hairs to come?
  4. i had FUE and fut about 8 month ago. during this period, time to time i had some posts in this site. as i have explained at THOSE POSTS, all my translated hairs shed after about 1.5 month of procedure, except for about 20%. those 20 percent continued to grow and m=now are more than 5 or 6 centimeters. my main growth started from month 4.5 which i was able to see small and fine hairs on my scalp. at that time i was very happy because i thought by several month they are going to get thick and long. now after about 3.5 month, those fine hairs are growing very slowly. i think that just those first 20 percent are covering my scalp and rest of transplanted hairs don't have any visual effect. i was thinking that by 8 month the result will be more better than current situation. i am totally disappointed from final result. my friend at his 9 month has very good result. i should say i had norwood 6 pattern baldness and i don't know how many grafts are take. i am going to submit some photos as soon as possible.
  5. hi now it is 8 month after my hair transplant operation. my scar is healed well and i feel no thightness in back of my haed. recently i have decided to begin to gym. i am not professional athelete at all, i just want to have fitness and lose some weight.(my height is 180cm and my weight is 90kg). also i want to have strong stomach and arms. i am not sure which kind of exercises my coach will give to me. i am frightened that going to gym at this stage could have bad effect on my HT result? please guide me is it ok to go gym after 8 month of HT. i am not going to lift heavy weights or other pro exercises at all. i want ot rech to a fit body.
  6. i am now 6 month after HT both FUT and FUE at same day. after HT about 15 percent of my transplanted hair didn't shed and as you can see in my current pic they are well grown and thick now. my main growth started from 4.5 month after HT. those fine hairs you can see at following pic are those hairs which started to grow from 1.5 ago. so as i know from above comments it take something around a year they get fully grown. the thing that bother me that my new hairs start to grow very late(4.5month after HT) and now after 6 month they are fine. do you think that i am experiencing normal procedure. i should say that i had norwood type 6 or 7 and then i know that it will be some how sparse on my scalp.
  7. i know that new grown hair are fine and thin at first stage . how long after that these hair are come out, they get t their normal condition. i mean how long it takes they get thick and long . for example 2,3 ore more months?
  8. yes. the last pic is my before HT appearance. my doctor say just 20 percent of hairs are grown and final result atleast need 1.2 year. however i can say i am not bald at least. LOL.
  9. how long it take to new grown hairs be in their perfect state? i am in my 5 month after HT both FUE and FUT. i had my 15 percent of transplanted hairs which didn't shed after ht. those hairs in picture now are thick and long and i was complete bald (norwood 6 or 7) before ht. after 5 month finally the wait is over and i can see a lots of new fine hairs in my scalp. i put the progress pics please response to my questions. 1- as you can see there is alot of fine new hairs in my scalp. are all transplanted hairs are those are again new hairs will grow? i mean because now it is 5 month. 2- 5 month is not too long to start real new hair grow. can this affect final result? 3- when the final result will be happen . a year or more? 4- what is your idea about my over all progress and result till now? 5- which vitamins or other things you offer for next months. thanks alot.
  10. i really didn't ask how many grafts they transplanted. the doctor is my friend and he said i tried my best and as much as possible grafts i can i picked up. my big fault to not asking about the number of grafts. i should say that my hair less area was very vast and completly empty as my pics before of op shows.
  11. he picture with more quality is uploaded at following addresses: http://picthost.net/image.php?di=PN13 or
  12. thanks for your comments. as i said my doctor said it is just 15% of transplanted hairs. because it is 4 month after HT, a little bit i get concerned about the speed of my progress and final result. as offer of member of site, i took some close view pictures to find any new hair which i can not see in mirror! surprisingly in photos i found a lot of small hairs that i can not see in mirror. i want to share this photo with experts and other members. please cheek the photos. are the new hairs should look the way that are on my photos? please examine my photos and guide me. best regards
  13. I had FUE and FUT around 4 month ago. there is some progress that i want to share with you to know how satisfactory it is. i should say that my doctor examine my scalp last week and said this is only 20% percent of transplanted hairs and main change is begin from 5 to 8 month! i should say that right now i have very few plmples on my head(around one every two week). so what you think about my progress?
  14. thank for your comment. today i went to my doctor to check the situation. he said that there is a lot of small blonde thin hairs on my scalp which are going to get thicker during next months. and also there was around 10 hair under my skin which he brought out by a needle. i think i should wait to see changes on upcoming months. i have heard that there is a tool that can take image from scalp (something like x-ray or MRI) and show that if the root of hairs are healthy and growing or not? is there anything like that?
  15. no body has answer for my question? please let me know if you have similar experience or have information about that. thnx.