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  1. hi guys , I can see slow progress I am regaining slowly my hairline and density not much I will start using biotin 10000mcgs and priorin "recommended by ASMED" BTW most of the hair coverage on top is my pre exciting hair before surgery , I am not completely bold
  2. Don't worry the time will come when your ready financialy and mentally
  3. hi guys , as you can see I lost 90% of my transplanted hair it started to happen in the begining of the first month and still I am continusly losing hair ..my existing hair is helping to cover my bolding area .. under direct light its very thin right now ..worse than the pictures which I am trying to avoid as much as I can in my daily life based on my re-search most of ASMED patient cases start to see hair growth in between 3rd to 4th month post surgery...lets c what will happen my newyear holiday won't be cool this year feed back guys
  4. hi guys as you can see in the photos I lost some hair density in the recipient area but it doesn't bother me much because my exciting hair have grown back abit ... I am losing some hair and its growing back after few days... in some places the hair is lagging like the temples
  5. day 15 post surgery: I noticed the new hair is growing slowly compare to native hair ..I am happy with the density , the hair line is fantastic couldn't ask for more , people who knows me that I see from time to time give positive comments on my look I`ve prepared my self mentally for the shedding phase ..it will come but can't say when lol I have some aching feeling from time to time when I am out and sweating ...our weather in bahrain is mostly humid and hot ..also I am trying not to go out much in the sun ..right now using baby shampoo ..our water is a bit salty dunno if that will effect results or hair growth but till now everything going will..thanks guys feel free to ask me
  6. Yes exactly ! But i feel hes team is skilled .. also i had big screen in front of me showing the extraction process counting each grafts ..its an app specially designed for dr ardogan as they told me “graft counter app “
  7. thanks bro and I respect your opinion ...right now I need to be positive and wait for the results to come it was the best desion I made in my life lol seriously !
  8. forgot to post this important info my surgery statestics : total grafts 4651 ratio 1.99 hair/garft 1014 singles 2751 doubles 805 triple 80 quardruple 1 quintuple was devided this way : temporal 589 grafts @ 1.85 hair/graft parietal 1683 grafts @ 1.93 hair/graft occipital 2379 grafts. @ 2.07 hair/graft