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  1. Info on me: Name: Jeremy Age: 32 Flew in from Maryland. Here are my BEFORE pics (taken day of surgery (6/6/2014) and the recent pics taken today (7/4/2015). On the recent pics, this is the longest I have let my hair grow since the day of surgery. Before then, I had kept it low at a 1 to give time for my implanted hair to grow. My last hair cut was 2 months ago. Every week since then, I have been getting more and more coverage.
  2. I had my FUE surgery done on June 6th, 2014 by Dr. John Diep. Before selecting Dr. Diep as my surgeon, I did extensive research for about a year on FUE procedures and looked at many before and after videos. After viewing some of Dr. Diep's videos on youtube, I was instantly intrigued. I liked how detailed his videos were and how he explained everything in all of his videos because each patient/case is unique. I also loved the fact that he was active on youtube and posting RECENT videos of his work. This made me even more comfortable. I knew then I had found my surgeon! I flew in from Maryland and arrived in San Jose on June 5th. When I arrived at his clinic on June 6th, we were greeted with his staff which they were pleasant. They also asked what type of lunch I wanted as it was going to be a long day for me! I met Dr. Diep shortly afterwards and he explained to me everything that was going to go down. He then outlined my hairline and areas where he was going to do my work. After seeing this, I was excited to get this process started. After the procedure, he gave me some instructions of what to do in the coming days/weeks/months. The after pics are were taken today (7/4/2015). This is the longest I have let my hair grow since the surgery. Before I kept my hair cut low (1) so everything could look even while I was waiting for my new hair to grow. After a year, I can honestly say the surgery was a success! I told Dr. Diep I stare at my rear view mirror sometimes looking at my hairline...lol. It just feels good to have a straight hairline once again! For more information on his work or to get a consultation, visit: http://www.mhtaclinic.com/ For Videos of his work, visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/hairtransplantmd
  3. You are welcome! And the area with the pimples have almost completely healed.
  4. 1) Doxycycline Hyclate 100 MG tablets (28 day supply) 2) Erthromycin Topical Gel 3)Before and After pics. My surgeon was Dr. Diep for 2300 grafts.
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