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  1. Thanks everyone for having a look at my thread! I've been keeping my eyes peeled for alternatives to Bosley (had appointment and considering Beverly Hills for surgery if I can't find someone better). I've come across Dr. Feller however he's real far away and am looking for really great, reputable and experienced surgeons in California. I'm 23 and am looking to have about 1,000-1,400 grafts done (according to what I went over with Bosley) but have become hesitant to proceed as most people are leaving negative experiences with Bosley. So I wanted to please see if anyone can refer me to a surgeon they've had personal experience with here in California who are real happy with their results! Also what form of financing options did you use or are available? I wasn't approved for CareCredit but a bank is willing to pay half of my procedure with Bosley if I provide the other half myself. Hope to hear back, thanks again everyone!