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  1. 12 months update: LINK. Feedback desired. As you can see, a little improvement over 7 months status, but the satisfactory density has not been reached. I think that a touch-up would achieve the desired (55/60 grafts/cm? ) density. Or what do you think? How many grafts would be necessary to fill the area? On some images I have "drawn" the hair back with the comb - important to me in order to show the transition to the left (seen from me) temple. The right temple is good for me. History: 7 months post OP: LINK 5 months post OP: LINK 3 months post OP: LINK 3 weeks post OP: LINK post OP: LINK pre OP: LINK
  2. 7 months post-op Update: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u58da41utiw3tmv/AABk5Angzwnhb5w2QRIGPaX8a?dl=0 Excuse me the bad picture quality. I am not as confident as the beginning ... concerning the density. :-/ Feel free to comment.
  3. 7 months post-op Update: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u58da41utiw3tmv/AABk5Angzwnhb5w2QRIGPaX8a?dl=0 Excuse me the bad picture quality. I am not as confident as the beginning ... concerning the density. :-/ Feel free to comment.
  4. Hey, stinger99 ... you did it! :-D Congratulation, my friend. Thank you for the report. I've had the same experience! :-) Bisanga and his team are great. I am looking forward to your pictures. Best regards and happy growth.
  5. Thanks folks! I hope the density will come ... the sooner the better. :-D @ stinger99: Indeed, you have your surgery in a few days. I've already told you: there's no reason to be nervous. Trust me. Bisanga and his team are great and Leandro is a perfect anesthetist. ;-)
  6. Yeah, stinger99 ... it should look very dense but this (and my important) target is far away ... Here is the Update - 5 months post-op: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mzc3dssbhofrgey/AAD_DaB98BEQwZkXSimfi6una?dl=0#/ Excuse me the bad picture quality. Comments are welcome.
  7. Thank you. The temples lower? No, the impression deceives. The center should grow a little bit more. *impatient* :-D Here is the timeline/progress *click me*
  8. Update - 3 months post-op: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v468glpyc881n3y/AAAwm26QttVQE-TkVVcw9YBHa?dl=0 Timeline: *just click me* (enormous link removed by moderator. It wasn't working for me. If you have a link that works, I'd be happy to roster it.) Feel free to comment! Thank you.
  9. Same issue here. I can not get into my message inbox and I can not reply to any messages. Please enable private messaging for me.
  10. 3 weeks post-op: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zkgpdlfrml11qfg/AABjwGJqXWSI_EUmEcuLtojia Note: created in direct sunlight through window. Some hairs already shed. To my mind it looks in live view even fuller.
  11. Hi, folks! I did it! I am 32 years old. Almost 6 weeks ago, I had my first HT at Dr. Bisanga in Brussels. A few weeks ago I was in the assumption that Dr. De Reys would be the doctor of choice - with regard to the balance of price and performance. However, I've read more and more negative reviews about Dr. De Reys and Dr. Bisanga's quality benefits were more important to me: - a well-established and very multi-cultural team of several people (Dr. De Reys has just his wife) - almost everyday treatments, thus a professional routine (Dr. De Reys has perhaps only one patient per week) ensures - internationally renowned (Top 5) and recommended by lots of users worldwide - constant very good results with super-hair lines (see this forum, see BHR forum and others) - the competence of Dr. Bisanga (collaboration with leading FUE incubators) All this relativized the price difference for me. A short detour: I think that you can not give much on an "independent" hair consultant. It's possibly ok in order to measure and assess the status but not necessary. If it comes to the advice and forwarding to a HT doctor, it turns most likely just about the money. So the consultant will recommend a doctor where he skims the thickest commission, but not one who makes the better (quality) work for the patient/consulter. Therefore, for myself I saw a hair consultant as unnecessary and made ​​my own opinion through (nationally and internationally) relevant patient images and reviews. I advise everyone not to be greedy. Don't judge only about the price - it could end in a disaster: you only have one magnificent head of hair, as it is considered to act wisely and not to run to the cheapest provider. Here comes the majority of doctors in Turkey into play. At a bargain price they offer mega fue-sessions in few hours - if the quality would be just such a screamer? :rolleyes: It's all about making a quick buck. Afterwards the patient takes journey home with a wrecked donor and determines few months later that a second HT (repair) is required - provided that the pleasure outweighs the frustration.:rolleyes: Back to topic: Slowly progressing hair loss for about 10 years. No finasterid until three weeks ago. Minoxidil tried sporadically years ago - brought minimal improvement, but not significant. Will start with Minoxidil again in 7 or 14 days. After initial assessment via mail I would be well served with 2500 grafts. So also from Stefan, the German patient advisor of BHR-clinic, with whom I had a really super correspondence (! until today) via mail. After many questions, detailed explanations, information and submission of a blood test, it was done: * * * DAY 1 * * * 7:00: Breakfast at the hotel according to the very clear pre-op instructions from Stefan/BHR 8:00: It's great that the recommended Hotel is only a stone's throw away from the BHR-clinic. A minute's walk and I was there. First of all: as the hotel staff saw me post-op without bandana, I noticed that they weren't shocked. :eek: When asked I was told quite bluntly that they are used to it, because very often patients from around the world check in. Very happy to here this. Leandro, the speci-anesthetist, caught me by the entrance door and led me to the area where even Dr. Bisanga sat and greeted me warmly and with a loose way. After filling out some forms I went with Dr. Bisanga into the next room to measure my donor density. Dr. Bisanga drew a hair line and asked me if I was satisfied with this. Yes - except for the receding hairline, minimally to high/strict. "No problem," replied Dr. Bisanga and corrected the hairline. He estimated from coarse and announced that it will be circa 2500-2700 grafts. I expressed my wish that he can take more quiet grafts and should, in order to ensure an even higher hairline density and safety/wealth. Directly following in another next room to get changed over and for the "photohoot" (dry and wet): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8ljdz487al0bv44/AAApbtS1wZtWJmUH75YhiAHHa 9:00: After the small flashbulbs I went into the operating room. The TV with desired music also was already running. Leandro introduced me to the nice assistant Naima. Very humorous and loose both. Leandro measured the blood pressure etc. and started the anesthesia of the donor. Without exaggerating: I endured the injections very well! For me the syringes and pain are harmless than that of a dentist. That speaks for Leandro's competence. It was injected so much until I felt no pain. That was the signal. I lay comfortably head over and Dr. Bisanga began with the punches, which weren't painful. Crazy but true: it had given me even a kind of joy to hear the hissing of the punches. Following Naima extracted the grafts - felt nothing, and if so, I got further anesthetic injections. Everything fine. After all that extraction Dr. Bisanga continued with the slits. about 13:00: Lunch. First I had made ​​a selection of some hot dishes and dessert. Subsequently, the grafts were placed by the hairline specialist. Dr. Bisanga came sometimes and looked over her shoulder. Again a pain-free job: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j4j7qmpjemico9l/AABlRaUDzhIQRBqkq6c2ma4ta about 19:00: Quitting time. Approximately 1400 grafts were transplanted. My head felt like a block but I could sleep well. In contrast to the antibiotic I didn't take the painkillers as it wasn't necessary. * * * DAY 2 * * * 11:00: With anticipation we went on to the second round of the spectacle. As on the previous day: Leandro initiated the anesthesia, Dr. Bisanga punched and Naima extracted. Slits again by Dr. Bisanga. Everything spic and span. Lunch break. about 14:30: The two sympathetic girls, Vero and Lori, now accompanied me for the rest of the day. Lori to the left, Vero to the right side - both fill the still bald recipient area in the routine flow. In TV ran the FIFA World Cup reports about the biter, Luis Suarez - we had a good laugh 22:00: Quitting time. Debriefing with Marianna (secretary, accounting) and also with Dr. Bisanga for a short time. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dvwdqt7gsolq7z1/AAApu8xnoVOytQlnUs0FIXzsa In the end: 3076 grafts with ... 1 hair: 638 2 hairs: 1427 3 hairs: 894 4 hairs: 117 average 2.16 hairs per graft. * * * DAY 3 * * * 9:15: Before I took my departure, Leandro even introduced me in the application of the utensils (ointment, salt spray, betadine). Well I arrived here. At the end of my review. Become slightly longer, but it's worth reading. For the great team who deserves it. My heartfelt thanks go to all of them, of course, Chris (Dr. Bisanga) and also my advisor Stefan - all for professional work, for his kind and warm reception and the family togetherness. The two or three days in the BHR-clinic felt more like a short holiday trip and I am looking forward to a reunion in a year at the latest. (for a photoshoot )