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  1. I did take the generic stuff so that could be why I had a problem. Was taking the 1mg. I'm really considering advodart. I made an app today so I'm hoping to get it this week. What's ur feelings on advodart vs fin?
  2. I don't really. I actually use minox for Afew weeks, jumped off and now am experiencing a shed from hell. I'm 2 months removed and still shedding. Not the smartest thing I know. I would've held on to these hairs for another few years before I lost them so I'm pretty bummed out. Any advice would be appreciated. I considered going back on fin but fear the fog thing so idk what to do
  3. leo i have the same problem. i have (had) amazing coverage. Ive been loosing my hair very slowly over many years. someone who was really bald would kill for my hair. having said that , i used minox for 3 1/2 weeks. from end of may to middle of june. i was shedding so much that i quit. cold turkey. yes i know dont quit cold turkey but its too late for that. any way its been 2 months and my hair has thinned all over. im sick about it. have you read how long it takes? i cant find any advice other then people telling me to read directions.. or stop talking trash about minox.. or , you were going to lose that hair anyways.. yea maybe so but definitely not this quick.. thoughts?? because this shed is killing me. I also quit during initial shed so idk if that makes it worse.
  4. no problem. I didnt have any blood work before or after. It was just based off my experience. However i will tell you that fin works great. it thickened up my hair big time when i was on it. My concern is the brain fog that comes with it. Actually if you asked me previously to the last time i took it i would tell you that brain fog is just a figment of peoples imaginations. Since i personally experienced it i could tell you its very real and a very scary feeling. i suggest people try it and see how it works for them because the results could be a huge confidence booster. But if you feel like you are lost and detached then if you discontinue the drug you will snap out of it over time.
  5. ive had the same problem. ive been loosing my hair slowly for the past few years. jump on minox for 3 1/2 weeks. shed like crazy so i jumped off. Now its been a month and a half and im still continuing to lose. im just curious if i will get my hair that i shed back and how long before the shedding stops. Hoping to hear answers more then " you wouldve been that bald anyways by now" because that just simply isnt true. it wouldve taken 5 years to lose what ive lost in the last 2 months. any anwer would be greatly appreciated.
  6. If you found yourself here maybe you are going thru something similar to what i went thru. Im creating this thread to help others and let you know that brain fog is only a temporary problem. Ive taken propecia on and off several times in the past and never had any problems. This last time i took it i was on it for about 3 weeks or so when i had an over whelming feeling of brain fog, I felt like i couldn't function, couldn't focus, think, read or even do the dishes. I was horrified and it crept up on me almost over night. I felt like I was never going to be the same again. Needless to say i quit immediately and the symptoms remained. Every day was harder then the last i was beginning to feel like I lost myself. I was like this for several weeks. It may have even been a months time. I can assure you (from my personal experience) that this is temporary. There is nothing wrong with you and over time your body and mind will restore itself. You may feel like there is no chance of you recovering but just hang in there and just understand that I went thru it and today I am totally back to normal. You just have to give your body time to adjust and you will be okay. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask. Personally i see a lot of people post about their problems and when they solve them they dont share their experiences. Its good to post whats wrong but it is important to follow thru and post when the problem is fixed. good luck and i hope this post has helped in some way.
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