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  1. I recently read an information pack from Dr Feriduni about shock loss. I understand that permanent shock loss can occur "to hairs that have entered the miniaturization process (see information on page 3) but these hairs would have fallen out eventually anyway. This is why getting on medication such as Propecia (finasteride) is very important, to hopefully strengthen existing hairs and turn miniaturized hairs back into healthy hairs." By the time I have my FUE on my frontal 3rd, I will have been using regaine for 4 months My question is this: 1. having a look at the photo attached, since there is barely any hair left in the frontal 3rd to suffer from permanent shock loss, will permanent shock loss even be an issue?....or do you think more protective gains are possible using regaine? 2. Will using regaine for 4 months provide any protection against permanent shock loss?
  2. Hey nervous guy, Im one of those people looking to steer clear of finasteride as well and am also looking into getting a HT. The risk of suffering a side is low, and the risk of a permanent side effect is exponentially lower, but for me is not worth taking that risk. Theres also the questionable effects of finasteride on prostate cancer which is important for me given my family history. Can I run something past you all......Im looking at transplanting hair into an area with basically next to no native hairs left. Is shock loss now basically a non issue? Is it only the hairs in really close vicinity to the recipient area that experience shock loss?
  3. Thanks for getting back to me. If you don't mind can I ask : 1. What size hole punches you had? 2.how many grafts you had done? 3.can I clarify that if you shave to 1-2mm this is when you noticed the poor health appearance? 4.in your opinion what length do you think you'd have to have for it to look healthy again? Really appreciate it... Cheers
  4. hey, I was wondering whether anyone has had experience with buzz cutting their hair after having FUE done? Can you hide the scars? Was the result aesthetic? I plan on getting FUE done for generalised coverage on the frontal 2/3rds without going on fin. Then once/if I bald more I can go for the buzz cut look. thoughts? Cheers
  5. hey, I am almost fully committed to getting 4200-4600 FUE grafts with Dr Koray in Turkey (over two sessions). My only concern is the large number of FUE grafts in the one session. Is there any literature/evidence suggesting that a large number of grafts at once might result in less successful recipient grafts (possibly due to crowding??)? is it more wise to get the same amount of follicles transplanted over two procedures months apart? Also, i am interested in reading up on the FUE procedure. Can anyone recommend a current textbook? Does anyone have any experience with large FUE session (in particular with Dr Koray)? Thanks very much in advance for your help!!
  6. Thanks. Im in sydney so should be ok. I emailed a few clinics Im sure some will get back to me
  7. Hey guys, I'll eventually book in to see a HT surgeon overseas. But in the meantime I was hoping to get my donor density assessed in Australia so I can plan for the future and the operation. Do any Australians know of any good places to get this done? Cheers
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