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  1. I definitely comb forward lol. I just did it backwards so you guys could see what my hair looks like. 1500 grafts. is dr gable a good option for this? Shapiro or who else? Gable seems the cheapest
  2. At this point what should I expect it to do? Hair regrowth in that area? Or just stop hairloss and keep it from getting worse?
  3. I was taking the 5 mg finestiride. But my semen became watery so stopped using it. Scared of long term effects tbh. I’m 31
  4. Why FUT instead of FUE? I usually get a zero low fade in the sides so wouldn’t my scar show if I did FUT?
  5. Here you go doctor. Looking forward to hearing from you and others here in the forum.
  6. Hi guys I have posted in the past and as I get older, it gets harder and harder to hide my receding temples. I can no longer hide it and it is super depressing. At this point I am looking solutions to my problem. I think I know that it will be tough to get any regrowth back since the only thing I use regularly is Rogaine. The only way to get regrowth seems to be surgery. So having said that, i am looking for a doctor that is super experienced in hairline transplants and I don't mind doing it here in the USA or traveling to another country. In fact, if there are doctors just as talented in other countries that will perform the procedure at a lower cost then that's something I wouldn't mind. Thank you guys and I look forward to hearing from your advice and recommendations.
  7. Hi guys , I’m looking to get a hairline transplant this year. I want it around my temple area but don’t know how aggressive I should get it. I want it to be fairly dense. i have attached pics showing where I want the hairline to end. Keeps in mind that I am 30 years of age.
  8. Thank you. What upsets me is that people say that I shouldn't get a hair transplant but there are professional superstars that get these at age of 24-25
  9. Thats beautiful. I dont know if I can pull that off because my hair is frizzy and wavy though. But this is the ideal look for me. lol. not sure if youre trolling me but on the off chance that youre not, thank you.
  10. Thanks man. I appreciate the advice Thank you for the advice. I guess you have a point. My only two options at this point were Dr Gabel and Dr Shapiro to see what they would say. They are the only two doctors I am considering.
  11. So you never got around to doing a hair transplant? Also, Harin, I know you say that its the thing that I should be avoiding but why is it that some people in their twenties get successful hair transplants?