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  1. I have been getting a few request for information emails regarding Demirsoy in Turkey. He is a fantastic doctor. Below is script of a message I wrote to a brother in need and though to share it. It may be helpful. Sorry for the poor grammer. "I believe it has been a few years since I had the procedure completed with Demirsoy. I would rate the procedurea big thumbs up if you're looking to do but I would advise against it. 2 Years after the procedure I decided to shave my head completely. The procedure works great but you still have to continue supporting your hair with rogaine and quite frankly it became annoying at least for me having to do the same crap day in and day out. After I shaved my head it was huge relieve in that (1) I didn't have to worry about it anymore (2) save on barber costs (3) im better off with ladies for some reason (4) maintenance is so much easier (5) i can focus my mental energy on other things in life as opposed to worrying about this petty thing all the time. Both of my brothers are who are years younger than me are going through the same issue. They want to perform the procedure early but I am highly advising them both against it and I never give advice i actually hate giving advice. The purpose of life and living is to be completely liberated in the mind so we are not trapped in our heads constantly worrying about things. Something as petty as hairloss consumes so much of our energy and believe I was in that boat for almost 8 years debating to do it or not. Shave your head Man. Start living life. Having said that he is an excellent doctor. My uncle had the operation performed right after me. He still continues supporting his growth. Me on the other hand I did not want to be a slave to this so I just shaved my head."
  2. Attached is the 2 month post op picture. My existing hairs are growing back. The donor area is fine. The recipient area is also fine, although I do experiencing occasional itching. My existing hairs in the recipient area regrowing. I dont any new hairs have started to grow yet, that's yet to come. Now I understand why people referred to this phase of the HT as the ugly duckling phase. I look like a new born baby duck. Anyways Ill keep posting. G LUK
  3. Yes, I attached a pre op picture. Here is the 10 day post op pic. No shedding yet. I took all the scabs off on day 8. The donor area is still sensitive to the touch and itches sometimes, but overall everything is good. My existing hairs are growing which is good redness is still prevalent both in donor and recipient area. I will update pictures as time goes on.Thanks
  4. Thanks I will post pre-op pictures soon. My apologies for all the grammatical mistakes, I was typing fast.
  5. Hello Everyone I just had my HT procedure done by Dr. Erkan Demirsoy in Istanbul Turkey. They were exceptional in their service and I was very happy. I feel like some of the other reviews about Dr. Demirsoy explain everything pretty well so I wont repeat the same you can just check other reviews about this doc. Hotel: We stayed at the Asia princess hotel its only a 5 min walk to the doctors office. Because we were in Istanbul for 6 days we stayed at a hotel closer to the city center for 3 days then moved to the doctors location. The hotel was clean I did not book through the doctors services. I handled all the hotel stuff and transportation myself. If you would like more details about this please dont hesitate to email me. The hotel was kindof expensive approx. $120/night for 3 days. Day 1: We had a short consultation in the morning prior to the surgery. All my questions/concerns were answered and the doctors assistant explained and translated everything extremely well. The doctor was really seemed really tired in the morning it seemed like he had a long day yesterday but never-the less he worked like a machine. I could tell that he knew his stuff. He asked me alot of questions about family genetic so it is very helpful if you bring a pictures of close family members (father, grandfather, mom, uncle) who are balding. This information will help the doc understand family genetics and predict any future balding. So then we agreed on a plan. The doctor then drew out some lines on my head took some pictures and we proceeded to the head shaving. Oh It is important that you have long hair before the surgery. Do not cut your hair short before the surgery. Then we shaved the head and used a razor to clean shave everything. What I realized from talking to the doctor was that my family genetics sucked when it came to hair. He also recommended that I take minoxidil and possibly finasteride to support the existing hair. It was made clear that these were recommendations and I would have to do my research and try them out. I will probably take minoxidil. Finasteride seems too risky as of right now. The thought of loosing my pee pee function is absolutely horrifying. I am not ruling it out but I still have a ton of research to do. After we shaved the head I layed on my side and the nurse proceeded with anesthesia. This was the most painful part of the whole procedure. Brace yourself for this. I sucked it up and acted like a tough guy but it hurt like hell. After the anesthesia i couldnt feel anything. They proceeded to take out the grafts all 3500 of them. This took about 4 hours. The most annoying part of me other than the anesthesia shots were laying on my side for long period of time. Because I am a bit muscular and I have big shoulders I was cramping up alot. If your a regular guy I guess you wouldnt have to worry about this but if your a big guy this part sucks. After we took out the graft we had lunch (30-45 min break). Muzaffer brings you your food. We then we proceeded to making tiny holes in my head for the grafts to fall in. The doctor strategically made these little holes in my head for the grafts to fall in. Imagine that you are planting a tree. First you would dig a hole in the ground then you place the roots in that hole. Thats exactly what was happening. The doc was digging holes in my head, tiny little holes. I think this process took about 2 hours. So we started at 9:00 AM then we took out the grafts which took 4 hours that took us to about 1:00 PM, then another 2 hours which took us to 3:00PM. We then went on another 10-15 min water/bathroom break. The last part of the surgery was the actual placement of the grafts. The nurses placed the grafts in my head one by one. This was the home stretch and it took for ever. I was tired but atleast for this part I was laying on my back and watching TV. I think this lasted about 3 hours. So we ended around 6:00 or 7:00 PM. The entire surgery took about 10-11 hours. The doctor himself extracted the grafts, he also made the holes for the grafts to sit in and the nurses placed the grafts. The nurses were extremely qualified. They definitely knew what was going on. Overall very friendly staff. I wish there wasn't such a huge language barrier. I only spoke English and they only knew Turkish aside from the assistant Muzaffer. Communication was not a problem if I needed more anesthesia I simply said "pain" and the nurse would give me more to numb the area. Most of the time she would ask me if I needed more even before I said anything. I guess she could feel the swelling go down and then ask me if felt pain. Towards the end of the procedure I did something weird. I stopped asking for anesthesia. I guess I wanted to feel the pain a little. Sounds like a weird fetish of some sort but it felt kind of good haha. I do not recommend this. It was a long day and I wanted some pain to keep me awake.The pain got bad real quick so I asked for anesthesia. I guess my pain threshold was not as high as I thought. Muzaffer would come in every few minutes ask me how I was doing and give me a graft count down. Most of my grafts were 2's. If you have really good dense area you can have 3's and even 4's. He informed that most people have grafts that have only 1's so I was happy. The average was 1.5 and mine was a little higher so i was happy. Ok so after the grafts were planted they got the bleeding under control and proceeded with putting some creme in the donor area. Then they wrapped the donor with gaze and day 1 was done with. Muzaffer even gave me a ride to the hotel even though we did book transportation with his company. This was very nice of him. I did not mind walking because the hotel is very close but he insisted in giving me a ride so I was happy and very appreciative. Day 1 was over. They will give you instructions to sleep but I was so nervous about grafts falling out that I slept upright all night. I had a huge headache that night but it got better over the next few day. Day2: Hair Wash Day. I went to the clinic and Muzaffer gave me the breakdown on how to wash and take care of my hair. They gave me lotion, shampoo and antiseptic in case i developed pimples in the donor area. They took off the bandages and at this point my head looked like a freekin baloon. It was swolen big time. The bandages did a good job of containing the swelling. After the was I asked some more questions they answered we shook hands and I took off. I made the big mistake of stayin there an extra day. I should have booked my flight to return home the same day before the swelling started. The day after the hair wash my head was gigantic. It looked like a beachball or humpty dumpty. I highly recommend to return home same day after your first wash or 4-5 days after the hair wash. Believe me you do not want to deal with the swelling on the plane. It is annoying and security wont recognize you. I did not have any problems at security but one lady thought I was in an MMA fighter and I said " Yeah im a fighter". To be completely honest I absolutely dreaded the thought of returning home and having people stare at me at the airport. I bout hats and bandannas thinking that I was going to wear them and blend in. After I had my surgery I felt so relieved and I just stopped giving a crap about what people were thinking and I rocked my HT proudly. I looked like crap my face was swollen like I had just been in a fight with mike Tyson and lost badly on top of that my eyes were closed shut from swelling and my head was messed up from the transplant. People were starring big time but I didnt give a crap. One of the passport guys was bald too he looked me and smiled. I smiled back and told him to go see Erkan Demirsoy lol. Ok seriously though I didnt wear a hat because I knew they would ask me to remove it security and I didn't want to dislodge any grafts. I had just been through all this pain an 11 hour surgery just to throw some of it away by wearing a hat at the airport so people wouldn't look at me funny. Not happening. Dont wear a hat just rock it proudly and go about your business like BOSS. If you do wear a hat don't be surprised if you dislodge some grafts. The plane ride was terrible because I flew back home the day after surgery. The swelling had really taken off that's why I highly recommend going home the same day of hair wash or 3-4 days after. The swelling is annoying but not impossible to deal with. I did. Dont hesitate to message me if you have any questions. I asked alot of people questions and they all helped me out so I will do the same. Thanks everyone for the help! Overall Experience: A+ Highly recommended Doctor. For the price 1Euro/Graft and the quality of work I am a very happy customer.
  6. I am in the consultation process with Dr. Ekrem Civas. Does anyone have any experience with this doctor. I am unable to find any reviews about this doctor. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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