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  1. Hi All, I had been using Rogaine for 9 months and had gained a lot of hair in my crown area and was pretty happy about it. I missed 1 1/2 week of Rogaine due to a hospital visit .After this gap, I lost all the hair that I had gained. I restarted Rogaine after that and it has been a year now. I never got that lost hair back. I dont see even some small follicles here and there either. Has my scalp become unresponsive to it. Will it every respond again or am I just applying it for no reason now. ? Has anyone had such experience?
  2. HI, This thread seems to be 3 years old but just wanted to check if anyone else is facing thsi issue. I have been on and off on Minoxidil for the past 3 and a half years. I wasnt so particular about my looks at that time and dont remember seeing the dark circles. But I had a hair trasplant iin July 2014 and had started using Rogaine in around 1st week of July.In August, I started noticing dark eye circles. Now, my doctor had asked me to be atleast on Minoxidil. I dont use propecia. If I stop using Rogaine, will there be a lot of effect on my hair. Will my shock loss continue if I stop using it now? I just wanted to figure out if Rogaine is the culprit for my dark eye circles. It has been roughly 3.5 months since my surgery. Thanks
  3. Thanks Spanker. Sorry for the late reply. Didnt check the forum since sunday. I called Tom at this office and spoke to him this morning. He said he was about to call me. He told me he is going to schedule a in-person consultation with Dr Konior sometime this week. Thanks for contacting his office about me.
  4. Thanks hsrp10 and cant decide. I have been trying with Dr Konior but he seems to be too busy to answer my emails. I visited his office and was only able to talk to his consultant. He told me he will talk to the doctor and get back to me and hasnt yet. Anyway, in the mean time I researched other doctors and on this thread, Dr Feller seem to get more votes for FUE and Dr Shapiro after him. Dr Feller is charging $10 per graft for FUE(but his FUT-strip is a lot cheaper than Dr Konior. I am not sure about the quality though). Dr Shapiro is chaging $7 per graft for FUE. That is why I was asking if anyone suggests Dr Shapiro for FUE. But anyway, yesterday I read soem info on Dr Shapiro's website and it says FUE has some disadvantages and one of them is the amount of harvest. With FUE you will get almost half the harvest you can get with strip and the donor hair might be taken from non permanenet area aswell. So, I though of going with FUT-strip. In that case Dr Feller is cheaper in case of FUT-strip. I see impressive results on his website but wasn't sure if it there were done with FUE or strip. Does anyone have any idea how Dr Feller's strip method transplant is? I see most of them suggests him for FUE but I wanted to know how his strip method transplant is?
  5. Thanks Mickey85. I think the doctors you mentioned are great. But none of them are in the US I guess. There is no one I can trust on best hairline with FUE in the US?
  6. Hi Guys, Do you recommend Dr Ron Shapiro for FUE?. I see he has good hairline results on his website but wasn't sure if he can achieve the same with FUE aswell
  7. Hi Guys, Is Ron Shapiro recommended for FUE for hairline? I see good hairline results on his website but I just wasn't sure if he is good at FUT only or he can have a good hairline with FUE also
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