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  1. So here's one for HT docs and veterans. On average, what percentage of transplanted hairs will have broken through the scalp at month 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 12 assuming that 100% is month 18? Similarly, what percentage of final individual hair density is achieved at months 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 12 assuming that 100% density is achieved at month 18. What does a transplanted hair look like when it initially grows? Up to what month can native hairs go into shock loss and by when are they expected to grow back? Months 1-4 are known as the panic months due to lack of growth. By when is it actually reasonable to start worrying if there is little or no growth? I'm sure we'll get many opinions and a lot of interest in this topic.
  2. Thanks for your input guys. Spot on, the injection was done across the entire forehead including the middle rather than isolating the two sides (I had the corners filled not the temples). I'll post some pics later today so you can compare the area pre and post op. I had discussed filling in the entire hair line with the doc rather than just the corners because there was a very minor weakness in the middle pre-op (see pic). What puzzles me is how relatively sparse that area now looks 3-4 months post op. In general, I would say that I'm struggling to see the difference that the 1000 FU have made in the corners and can categorically say that the middle is thinner. Now it's early days for the corners but I'm not too optimistic about the middle filling in. Do you guys think a small unshaven FUE could restore the desired density in the middle? If so, any particular doc you'd recommend for that type of procedure? I've experimented with nanogen and I must say that it's remarkably effective at concealing the transparency. On the other hand, I've also read that it's best used on the crown as it can be quite detectable at the hair line. What do you guys think? Either way, I'm left quite frustrated as I thought I had a minor issue to begin with which could be easily fixed by a top doc. Now I'm considering using hair fibres post-op and that really part of the program. Any thoughts on what to do or expect going forward? Thanks
  3. I've had a small FUE (1000 FU) a three months ago with a coalition member doc to fill in my corners. The op went well and I'm experiencing some decent growth in the recipient area but the middle of my hair line (where no hairs were implanted) seems to have become thinner since the op. Could this be a reaction to the surgery and is there any chance that this area will thicken again with time? Has anybody else had the same experience? I feel quite frustrated with the outcome as my problem was small and relatively easy to conceal but hiding a thinning spot in the middle of my hair line is a totally different ball game! Thanks