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    HT Harley Street Hair Clinic

    Pre and Post Op pics from Hair Transplant 11/12 June 2014 at Harley Street Hair Clinic. Dr Eibi Inieko.
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  6. Cheers Dutch and thanks again Johnboy. The recipient sites had this film-like coating in between the grafts. It's slowly falling away with each gentle wash. Some of these bits peel and flake with actual hair. It's weird...like my scalp was covered in fine clingfilm (no ointment or product was used so guess this is just my reaction to the grafts). I'm gently rubbing my hair with baby shampoo during daily washes, I'm using the palms of my hands and now on day 10 adding slight pressure with fingers. Is that too much at this stage?
  7. Cheers for the reply Jonhboy. Guess I'm just a nervous first timer. How far are you post op now - has it grown out nicely yet?
  8. Hey guys I'm now on day 10 post op. I've noticed since day 8 scabs are flaking off with hair in them, I'd say I've lost about 20-30 hairs like this. The Dr advised that shedding would start between 2nd/3rd week and I'm worried it's started too early. Also, yesterday, a couple of scabs fells off after gentle massage from washing that bled slightly. I've checked the graft sites, but they still have the hair poking out through them. Generally, I'm still slightly pink and some of the graft sites feel tender when washing. I had my head shaved and I'm disappointed that my crown area looks much thinner than it did before the shave. It just doesn't seem to be growing back as quick. I had 200 grafts placed there at last minute, so wonder if this is shock loss? Sorry to have a moan...think it's post op blues :-(
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    Me swede!
  10. Good job! How are you finding it 2 months in - have you had much shedding? Live long, happy and hairy :-)
  11. They placed 200 grafts in the crown. It was a last minute thing, as these were left over after finishing the hairline. I've been on Propecia for 14 months and it has definitely helped to halt further loss and thicken existing hair.
  12. Completely understand. As consumers, we must be critical and challenge things...that's the only way we can push service providers to do the right thing! I'm not endorsing them in anyway. These are my personal experiences. It could go either way...never any guarantees in life. If it fails, I will create mary hell and shout about it and warn everyone lol. But if it's good, then equally, I should share that too. I know when I was doing my research, there wasn't a lot about the clinic online so felt it useful to share this with people considering their options. Fingers crossed eh? Have you had surgery yet then?
  13. Thank you! I always had a high forehead, even when I had a full head of hair. It was important to make it look natural for my head and face shape. Too low and it would just look strange! Lets hope it all works out
  14. To be honest, I don't think it was as simple as ?4 per graft. The cost included all pre and post op medications (steroid/ antibiotics/ anti-acid tablets) and lunch. Bear in mind also the procedure was undertaken over 2 x days (8 hours each day = 16 hours total theatre time), which is how they operate as they believe this helps provide better results. The hairline was built with single hairs, then double hairs, then triple hair grafts in that order to add natural graduated density. I guess they could have extracted more triple or doubles etc depending on what was needed, but this depends on the individual. I know the press go on about Rooney's cost, but I'd expect he booked the entire clinic for privacy which would have increased the cost (they have 3 x theatre rooms). Another guy was having one done on the same day as me. Rooney also had to have 2 sessions - both of which were pre-planned at his initial consultation. So it wasn't the case that the first one 'failed' as it is was a step approach. I'm still not able to make a personal judgement on results - as well all know, this varies for everyone and I'm only day 1 post op! Lets see what happens at 3/ 6/ 12 months :-)
  15. Hi Redchilli I'm not sure how much per graft. I was quoted ?8,200 for 2,000 grafts. Grafts can yield between 1-4 hairs in each bundle. Total hair yield was around 3,600 hairs for 1850 grafts (I needed less grafts in the end). Not sure exactly what the breakdown is for costing...ie, whether there were separate costs for equipment/ theatre etc. They are coming back to me about potential refund, which may provide a breakdown. A friend of mine went for consult at same place and was quoted ?7,500. He isn't as bad as me though. They recommend long term finasteride and minoxidil to retain the 'native' hair behind the transplant as these are still susceptible to hairloss. I was already on both before treatment..I can re-start minoxidil 1 month post op
  16. Hey, Thought I would share my experience with this clinic as note there isn't much of a presence for them online. I underwent a 2 day FUE/FUT procedure at the Harley Street Hair Clinic on 11/12 June 2014. I'm currently having downtime from work.. I was quoted for 2,000 grafts, but only needed 1,850 grafts in the end which produced around 3,600 hairs. They are looking at refunding me some money back!:-) It is too early to comment on results, ultimately it is now a waiting game. I will refrain from being overly positive or overly negative at this stage. Forever the sceptic, I naturally lean to pessimism lol I can say that the team treated me well and were attentive and professional. They had thought of everything. From breaks, lunch (provided in private room) and post-operative pack, detailed and fully explained instructions, meds and even a lose fitted baseball cap to wear home. The procedure was 8 hours each day. They spread it over 2 days as the follicles survive for a short 6 hour window outside the body, so it is imperative to work diligently and prudently to ensure their survival. It was a little bit painful..not gonna lie. But the pain has subsided now and it just feels tight round the scalp. The thing that attracted me to this clinic over others was that it was based in UK, the before and after results were impressive compared to other clinics Ive been to. They offer some form of guarantee whereby if less that 90% of the newly implanted hairs grow back, then they will top up for free. The clinic has also been reviewed by the Quality Care Commission, which was positive - their report can be reviewed online. This is also the clinic that did Wayne Rooney's hair. I am not comparing his result to mine - each of us are different. My own opinion of Rooney's hair is that his donor area looked pretty weak and wispy, so think he was always going to be challenged on that front. Still, his overall result today is acceptable. The surgeon was Dr Eibi Inieko. Now it is just wait and see what happens. I hope to keep posted (good or bad) over next few months. You can see before and after pictures on my profile (Im not sure how to attach to the post). Regards - Gareth
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