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  1. Thank you! My 12 month review is June 11. Rawkerboi: I was quoted for 2,000 grafts, but only needed 1,850 grafts in the end which produced around 3,600 hairs. It was FUE over 2 x days.
  2. Attached (Top to Bottom) Before Day After 3 Months 5 Months 6 Months 8 Months 10 Months It was a roller coaster, especially when I had shock loss at crown and it took such a long time to grow back (it has all grown back now). The front left (my left) is still a little thin/ slightly transparent but overall it is 100% better that what it was. I actually still have a few spikey hairs still coming through, so who knows?!??
  3. Here's an update for 5 months/ 1 week. The left hand side still looks a bit thin :-/...what do you guys think? Anyone seen further growth beyond 5 months or is is just a case of thickening up with what you've got?
  4. Here's a photo at 5 months, 1 week. It still looks a bit thin at the left hand side.. What do you guys think? Is that it - only I cant see any more hairs coming through...
  5. cheers! I hope so. May just use some spray on hair in meantime! The procedure was ?8,000
  6. Thanks for honest feedback Johnboy. I had 200 grafts left over from hair line, so agreed to have them placed at crown for early thinning. I knew it wouldn't make a big difference, but my crown looks alittle worse than it did before. Jus looked at some pictures...old and new, and crown does look improved....but not near what I had before op.
  7. Thank you. Here's hoping to continued growth! How are you bearing up?
  8. Here are pictures for 4.5 month post op. I had 2000 grafts, 1800 at the hairline and 200 at the crown. It still looks transparent in places and Im still worried about the crown a bit as it still looks thin. Guess time will tell. Do many people see more growth past this stage? Note the photo on far right was before procedure. The other 3 are at 4.5 months.
  9. Really? It's hard to see progress when you see it every day. I had 2,000 grafts. FUE. Dr Ineiko at Harley Street hair clinic. I only had a few hundred at crown. Think it caused some shock loss as looks much thinner than before.
  10. Hi Guys Hope you are all well. I'm curious to received comments for where I am at 3 months/ 2 weeks. I see my hair everyday. I think the new grafts are beginning to grow, but unsure about my shockloss. What do you think? Pic Description: 1 & 2 - Before 3 & 4 - Day after Surgery 5 & 6 - 10 Days after surgery 7 - 1 Month after Surgery 8 - 2 Months after Surgery 9 - 3 Months after surgery
  11. Hello I thought I'd share my experience so far. Writing things down will help me a little too, as I'm definitely feeling the blues right now. My surgery was performed at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. Yep, the one that did Wayne Rooney's hair. That wasn't the deal breaker for me though. I'd looked at various clinics around and had consultations, but this clinic just 'felt' right to me some how. Only time will tell on that point though! I had 2,000 grafts (FUE), which yielded around 3,600 hairs. The majority were implanted at the hairline, as I was receding quite a bit. My hairloss started around 24yrs (I'm now 32yrs). Like termites, my hairline slowly eroded over the years. I did have 200 grafts placed at the crown for early thinning. Surgery was performed over 2 consecutive days. It was more painful the first day than the second. I bled quite a lot too and believe they used quite a lot of epinephrine to stem the blood. Everything initially progressed as expected: scabbing, minor swelling etc. At 3 weeks, I started losing the transplanted grafts. Then there was the spotty stage and itching. The pinkness to the scalp remains even to this day at 2.5 months post op, though it is slowly fading. Now, I know the 'Ugly Duckling' stage is called that for a reason, however, I'm immensely worried about the further loss of native hair around the recipient sites at the crown. What was a minimal problem, is now a big problem. I'm not sure if this diffuse loss is shock-loss? The clinic advise that the hair in the area was weak and will take longer to grow back and that I shouldn't worry. Yet I'm coming up to 3 months and I just don't see it coming back. I've attached some photos. I guess I just need to be patient and wait and see what happens. I fear that I'll end up with a great hairline and now a balding egg at the back of my head!
  12. Looking good Mr. Looks like you are on your way. At 2.5 months, I have some general thinning/ shockloss at the crown..I had 200 grafts put there due to initial stages of thinning (my main work was the hairline). Looking at your photos, there was a huge jump between 3rd and 4th month! I'm finding around week 3-4 in each month I seem to hair a growth spurt, then it slows again. Anyway, happy growing :-)
  13. Hey guys, I'm 2.5 months post op and have some general thinning throughout the scalp, although this is mainly in the recipient areas. The worst area is the crown - I had a very small number placed there at the last minute as I had some grafts left over during the op. People say they can see small black dots inbetween the hairs, so hope these are hairs beginning to come back! I can't see them myself and the camera doesn't pic them up.
  14. Hey Tercex At 15 days it is highly unlikely you would have dislodged a graft by merely brushing your hair. General consensus is that the graft is fully anchored by day 8-10. You're probably beginning to get some spots from all the scalp activity going on beneath the surface...I'm still getting the odd one now at 2.5 months. And hey, worst case scenario...if one did drop out (although unlikely) it wont impact the overall cosmetic result. All the best :-)
  15. I did see clinic. They said that they were careful not to place grafts in areas which could lead to shock loss. He advised that the crown takes longer to come through and where I was thinning, the hair will take longer to grow through as they were less healthy than the others. I guess I'm paranoid...I was completely prepared to lose the new grafts and expected to have my old hair back, but its not the case. I should have jus got a wig! Lol
  16. I'm coming up to 7 weeks post op. Majority of the new grafts have fallen out as expected, however, my native hair around the crown is just not coming back as thick or as full as before. It looks hideous. I only had 200 grafts there as had minor thinning, but it looks like Ive lost much more than what I have to begin with. Anyone have any ideas what is going on? I'm so depressed and feel like such a fool for being so vain and wasting so much money
  17. Thanks RG. It is hard to tell I guess...Ive looked at concealers and may order one to try out before Im back to work next week. Just need to put it on back burner for now..'a pan never boils when you watch it'. Will post update pic next week. Fingers crossed Thanks again
  18. Every clinic/ Dr has their own post-op protocol. Stick to the instructions, apply the natural weight of your fingers/ palms when washing (don't press hard). Just hang in there. We all heal differently and the difference for me between day 7 and now day 14 was immense. I thought the scabs would never go, but they pretty much all dropped off by day 10-11. :-)
  19. Hi Mika911 I'm 14 days post HT now. I went through exactly the same thing! I was losing scabs with hair from day 7 onwards. I thought shedding didn't start to week 2-3, so I was worried too. I've been assured by my Dr and fellow forum members that this is all normal. Some of the hairs break off sooner due to the scabbing, but the follicle remains intact underneath the skin. Don't worry Mr - happy growing :-)
  20. Hey damers84, I'm 14 day post op now. What does your post-op regime look like? I was instructed to started full head washing from day 6, gently increasing the pressure daily on my scalp to work the scabs off (fingers and palms only, never nails). I was still red and very scabby at 7 days...by day 10 I was doing much better. Hang in there.
  21. Think I've worked out how to attach them... 1. Crown before 2. Crown at 14 days 3. Crown and partial hairline at 14 days 4. Hairline at 14 days 5. Close up of crown at 14 days
  22. Hi Guys I'm 14 days post post-op. I have lost some of the transplanted hair, which is to be expected and no-doubt this will continue over next couple of weeks. However, I'm concerned about the overall slow re-growth of my 'native' hair as this doesn't seem to be coming back as quick - particularly around the crown. I had 200 grafts left over from the procedure and the Dr placed these around the crown area which showed early signs of thinning. I now look much worse than I did prior to my head being shaved. The hairline is fine, but it is the back that looks awful. I will try and attach pictures below. If this doesn't work, I have updated my photo album on my profile. I've done a close up of the crown and I can see a mix of long hairs, fine hairs and very short hairs. I'm worried whether this is shockloss or not, however, it does look as if the native hair is growing back - just at different rates. Has anyone else experienced this at the crown? 1. Crown before 2. Crown at 14 days 3. Crown and partial hairline at 14 days 4. Hairline at 14 days 5. Close up of crown at 14 days
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