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  1. wow great hairline and placement, hoping the best for you!
  2. Paddy- thank you so much for a such detailed response. I have been following you and think you are amazing for the way you take so much care about others posts and journeys. I started loosing my hair when I was 22 and I am turning 30 this year and not a day goes by that it doesn't bother me. My father is a norwood 6/7 so I know thats in my future so its amazing seeing some the results from this clinic. I was at first set on H&W or Rahal but I am getting more confident in this clinic slowly when I hear first hand experiences from folks such as you. Thank you again for such a caring and detailed post while not even being associated financially from the clinic. I hope your hair continues to get better!
  3. Hello everyone. I have been researching transplants on this site for over 5 years and thought the best are H&W, Rahal and Koniar. However, more and more I am seeing so many results from Eugenix. Honestly at first, I really dismissed them as I never thought I would go get a procedure in India. But after seeing some NW6/7 get completely transformed and the special type of technique the doctors are using there, I just cant ignore them anymore. Does any else have insight about them? Is it just marketing or are they really world class surgeons over there? I actually have a lot of family in India so I could see myself getting a procedure there now but wanted to inquire more. What I am seeing though are some remarkable results, even really great placements and natural hairline designs. In the beginning, it was crazy to me that people were flying all the way from USA to India for them but I am not starting to see why.
  4. were you on meds at all? or is this completely natural?
  5. If going with FUT and focusing on hairlines, who would you suggest is better than Dr. Rahal honestly?
  6. Is Dr konair considered to be better than H&W? I am really interested in getting a great hairline. Cant pick!
  7. Even for hairlines? Its $1500 for the deposit Oliver. I am so torn and confused about this. I almost feel as though Rahal should refund me my deposit since they are phasing out FUT. I would want to go to the same clinic as I know I will need another procedure in the future since I am going towards a NW5/6 and now if I do go to Rahal for the first FUT, I probably cant go back to them for a second. I am really thinking about emailing the rep and asking for a refund based on the fact that they are phasing out FUT.
  8. This is crazy, I am in the EXACT same boat as you. I made a deposit with Rahal over two years ago and recently don't feel as confident anymore and saw the same posts you mentioned. I want to get the surgery done in the next few months but I am leaning now towards loosing my deposit and going with H&W but I am still not sure. Another reason is, the rep told me they are phasing out FUT which concerns me as I know I am going towards a NW 5/6 and I don't want to get FUE if that is going to disrupt my donor supply as I already have thin hair and need as much donor supply as possible for future treatments. I would feel more confident to go to a clinic that I know can perform FUT surgeries in the future as well. I really wanted to go to Rahal for the dense hairline but I am really starting to doubt myself and honestly pretty confused on what to do.
  9. Thank you all for your great insights! The reason I am preferring a FUT is because the extent of what I think my hair loss will be. My father is a norwood 6 and I am pretty sure I am going to be that. Yeah am already at a 3, approaching 4. Thus, based on my research, I wanted to do FUT for my first one so not disprupt my donor area as much as possible to have enough in the “tank” for a future procedure. I don’t think I can get my deposit back as Rahals reps said they are phasing out FUT but still offer it for people that had previous quotes. I wont lie, I was a bit turned off by the fact that the clinic was going this way and im now more inclined to Dr. Hasson as I know even in the future I would have the 2 options to chooses from. Also just based on what I am reading on the site, it seems H&W is just more consistent and overall a better doc than rahal. I don’t mind loosing my $1500 deposit as this is a life time and permanent decision and much more leaning towards Hasson. Who knows, maybe they will offer to cover the cost of my deposit to go with them over rahal :)
  10. If I am getting FUT, is Rahal still considered better than H&W? I made a deposit 3 years ago but wanted to see if it is worth letting go of the deposit and going with H&W.
  11. They are only slowly phasing it out. They said they would honour my previous quote. Would appreciate advice
  12. Hello All- so I started researching hair transplants almost 4 years ago. At that time, it seemed that Dr. Rahal came up as the best for FUT and in general. 3 years ago I put down a $1500 deposit for Dr.Rahal but due to somethings, I was not able to have the surgery. Now, after those 4 years, based on my research it seems Dr. Hasson is the best. I am really focused on getting a dense hairline and at first that was my reasoning to go with the “King of Hairlines.” But I am now very torn! Do I go back to Dr.Rahal or just forget about the deposit and choose Hasson. Am I being crazy or had Dr. Hasson really jumped over Dr. Rahal. Please help me decide!