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  1. I agree with you, I have two more consultations scheduled so we will see what they have to say, the next one is this Friday so I'll update this.
  2. He also said that I only need the front of my hairline done, and the rest of it will come back or be okay with Fin. http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d108/ZSTiForums/photo_zpse0f09eaa.jpg[/url] [/img]
  3. Hello, I need some help. I live in Colorado so figured I would check out HT places local then move out from here if I can't find what I need. I am 24, hairline started moving at 19 so I decided to just shave my head completely when I was 21 and I am loving the look. I do wish to have hair so I am considering a HT but just a little worried with some of the horror stories and scarring issues. I realize either way I will not be able to wear my hair extremely short but would like the surgery that allows the shortest possible hair. I went to Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute and spoke with Chris McTyre (Director) a while back. He recommended an FUT because I have a lot of hair on the back of the head and enough skin to use for the donor and he said they use a Trichophytic closure which would allow me to have my hair as short as a #1 clip guard in the back and the scar would not be visible. From what I am seeing on the forums, a 1 on the back will definitely show the scar no matter which type of surgery I choose but he assured me that it would definitely not be visible. From everything I have seen I guessed that I would need anywhere from 2000-2500 grafts and he stated that I would only need 2000, I asked if I could get more to make it more dense he said 2000 would be plenty. They do only charge $2 per graft which is great, yes I have heard the saying about getting what you pay for. I have found only 2 patients that are satisfied with results on the forums, but can't find anything else out about them. I would assume there would be tons of complaints if they were butchering their jobs but I would really like to speak with actual patients and see their results. If someone could please comment on here, or PM me and tell me what you think about this place. I asked who the doctor to perform the procedure would be and he said it will be Dr. James Boland but I can not find much information on him other than he was POSSIBLY previously involved in the MMJ industry, as well as Dr. Searle (who may no longer be here, I did see he was POSSIBLY convicted of some charges also in the MMJ industry). Please understand I am not taking them being involved in MMJ as a deciding factor of where to go, I could care less about this. I do care about their quality of work, and would like to find out some more about them. I haven't found one complaint, but also can only find two actual experiences who were with Dr Searle who would not be performing my procedure. They said they can get me in early July but I would like to do all my research first. Any help would be appreciated.
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